Biological and chemical weapons are a growing terrorist threat to the United States and other nations and countermeasures continue to evolve as a national and global priority issue. To keep up with this rapidly changing and vital field we must establish the current state-of-the-science on countermeasures to form a platform from which to offer persp

State of the Science: Background, History, and Current Threats. Threats and Vulnerabilities Associated with Biological and Chemical Terrorism. Predicting and Characterizing Threat Transport. Assessment Strategies for Environmental Protection from Chemical and Biological Threats. Chemical Threat Agent-Induced Latent (Delayed) Neurodegeneration. Sensing Biological and Chemical Threat Agents.
Phage Display and Its Application for the Detection and Therapeutic Intervention of Biological Threat Agents. Personnel Protective Fabric Technologies for Chemical Countermeasures. Pathogenic and Toxic Effects of Select Biological Threat Agents. Conclusions and Research Needs for the Future. Glossary. Index.