First published two decades ago, the first edition of Handbook of Control Room Design and Ergonomics: A Perspective for the Future became a benchmark for the field. Current-day process control encompasses a new generation of computer systems with enormous capabilities, including new display technologies. These new and emerging technologies integrat

Introduction: Work in Control Rooms and Models of Control Room Work. Work in Control Rooms. Models in Process Control. Design of Information and Control Devices. Design of Conventional Information Devices. Design of Large and Complex Display Systems. Design of Controls. Design of Control Rooms and Their Environment. Control Room Layout and Design. Environmental Factors in the Control Room. Case Studies and Applications. Industrial Applications and Case Studies. Maritime Application of Control Systems. The Human Dimension in the Control Room. The Operator's Abilities and Limitations. Learning and Creativity at Work. Modelling and Simulation in the Pulp and Paper Industry: Current State and Future Perspectives. System Design: An Overview. Conclusions. Conclusions and Recommendations in Summary. Index.