The introduction of combinatorial chemistry technology has increased the amount of compounds generated in a year from 50 to 2000. Conventional analytical approaches simply cannot keep up. These circumstances have caused drug discovery to take on the shape of a bottleneck, like traffic through a toll booth. In order to break the bottleneck, a corres

High-Throughput Sample Preparation Techniques and Their Application to Bioanalytical Protocols and Purification of Combinatorial Libraries. On-line Sample Extraction Coupled with Muliplexing Strategy to Improve Throughput. Optimizing LC/MS Equipment to Increase Throughput in Pharmaceutical Analysis. Throughput Improvement of Bioanalytical LC/MS/MS by Sharing Detector between HPLC Systems. High-Throughput Strategies for Metabolite Identification in Drug Discovery. Utilizing Microparallel Liquid Chromatography for High-Throughput Analyses in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Strategies and Techniques for Higher Throughput ADME/PK Assays. High-Throughput Analysis in Drug Metabolism During Early Drug Discovery. High-Throughput Analysis in Support of Process Chemistry and Formulation Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Online Solid Phase Extraction LC/MS/MS for High-Throughput Bioanalytical Analysis. Applications of High-Throughput Analysis in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. High-Throughput Quantitative Pharmaceutical Analysis in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Designing High-Throughput HPLC Assays for Small and Biological Molecules. Advances in Capillary and Nano HPLC Technology for Drug Discovery and Development. High-Throughput Analysis of Complex Protein Mixtures by Mass Spectrometry. Index