Emphasizes Centrality of the Ecosystem PerspectiveSustainable management of agroecosystems in the 21st century faces unprecedented challenges. Protecting the environment while feeding a burgeoning population that could reach nine billion by mid-century, preserving the world's biodiversity, and sustaining agriculture in an increasingly urban world i

Agroecosystem Management for the Twenty-First Century: Sustaining Ecosystems, Economies, and Communities in a Time of Global Change. BEN STINNER'S CONTRIBUTION TO AGROECOSYSTEM SCIENCE. Evolution of Agroecosystem Management in the Life of Benjamin R. Stinner: A Reflection on His Journey and Legacy. Ecological Integration of the Social and Natural Sciences in the Sugar Creek Method. UNIFYING CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES OF SUSTAINABLE AGROECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT. Rethinking the First Principles of Agroecology: Ecological, Social, and Economic. Potential for a New Generation of Biodiversity in Agroecosystems. The Necessity and Possibility of an Agriculture Where Nature Is the Measure. Energy and Human Population Growth: The Role of Agriculture. Beyond Systems Thinking in Agroecology: Holons, Intentionality, and Resonant Configurations. ECOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF AGROECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT. Ecology-Based Agriculture and the Next Green Revolution: Is Modern Agriculture Exempt from the Laws of Ecology? Agroecosystem Integrity and the Internal Cycling of Nutrients. The Role of Biodiversity in Agronomy and Agroecosystem Management in the Coming Century. Long-Term Consequences of Biological and Biogeochemical Changes in the Horseshoe Bend Long-Term Agroecosystem Project. MANAGING ACROECOSYSTEMS AND RESEARCH TO SUPPORT MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS AND OUTCOMES. Challenges and Benefits of Developing Multifunctional Agroecosystems. Conceptual Model for Integrating Ecological and Economic Sustainability in Agroecosystems: An Example from Subtropical Grazing Lands. Principles of Dynamic Integrated Agricultural Systems. Participatory Approaches and Stakeholder Involvement in Sustainable Agriculture Research. Retrofitting Suburban Landscapes with Sustainable Agroecosystems. Index.