Completely revised and expanded throughout, Mixed Surfactant Systems, Second Edition surveys the latest results, newest experimental perspectives, and theoretical investigations of properties, behavior, and techniques applicable to mixed surfactant systems.

This important book elucidates core theoretical notions while summarizing results of

Miscibility in Binary Mixtures of Surfactants. Micro-Phase Separation in Two-Dimensional Amphiphilic Systems. The Differential Conductivity Technique and Its Application to Mixed Surfactant Solutions for Determining Ionic Constants. Diffusion Processes in Mixed Surfactant Systems. Mixed Micellar Aggregates of Nonionic Surfactants with Short Hydrophobic Tails. The Effect of Mixed Counterions on the Micelle Structure of Perfluorinated Anionic Surfactants. Delayed Degradation of Drugs by Mixed Micellization with Biosurfactants. A Thermodynamic Study on Competitive or Selective Solubilization of 1:1 Mixed Solubilizate Systems: Solubilization of Different Sterols Mixtures by Bile Salt Micelles in Water. Phase Behavior and Microstructure in Aqueous Mixtures of Cationic and Anionic Surfactants. Phase Behavior and Microstructure of Liquid Crystals in Mixed Surfactant Systems. Sponge Structures of Amphiphiles in Solution. Surfactant Gels from Small Unilamellar Vesicles. Microscopic Phase Separation in Mixed Micellar Solutions. Dynamic Interfacial Properties of Mixed Surfactant Systems Containing Light-Sensitive Surfactants. Control of Molecular Aggregate Formation and Solubilization Using Electro-and Photoresponsive Surfactant Mixtures. Admicellization by Binary Surfactant Mixtures. Admicellization and Adsolubilization of Fluorocarbon-Hydrocarbon Mixed Chain Surfactant. Precipitation of Surfactant Mixtures. Surfactant-Polymer Interactions. Ultrasonic Relaxation Studies of Mixed Surfactant Systems. Photocatalysis at Solid/Liquid Interfaces.