Addressing critical aspects of computational modeling in photochemistry, Molecular Methods in Photochemistry is designed to familiarize researchers and practitioners with state-of-the-art computational methods to predict the reactivity of excited molecules. It provides practical guidelines and examples for the modeling of excited states and describ

Some Theoretical Applications in Organic Photochemistry. Excited State and Open Shell Examples. Computational Investigation of Photochemical Reaction Mechanisms. Spin-Orbit Coupling. Photochemistry from First Principles and Direct Dynamics. The Study of Nitrenes by Theoretical Methods. Semiempirical MR-CI Calculations for Organic Photoreactions. Natural Bond Orbital Analysis of Photochemical Excitation, with Illustrative Applications to Vinoxy Radical. A Theoretical Approach to Solid State Organic Photochemistry; Mechanistic and Exploratory Organic Photochemistry.