Micro- and Nanostructured Multiphase Polymer Blend Systems: Phase Morphology and Interfaces focuses on the formation of phase morphology in polymer blends and copolymers and considers various types of blends including thermosets, thermoplastics, thermoplastic vulcanizates, and structured copolymers. The book carefully debates the processing

chapter 1|42 pages

Micro- and Nanostructured Polymer Blends: State of the Art, Challenges, and Future Prospects

BySabu Thomas, Charef Harrats, Gabriel Groeninckx

chapter 2|48 pages

Theoretical Aspects of Phase Morphology Development

ByIvan Fortelný

chapter 3|42 pages

Cocontinuous Phase Morphologies: Predictions, Generation, and Practical Applications

ByCharef Harrats, Nafaa Mekhilef

chapter 7|36 pages

Phase Morphology and Solidification under Shear in Immiscible Polymer Blends

ByPhilippe Cassagnau, Yves Deyrail, René Fulchiron

chapter 9|36 pages

Phase Morphology of Dynamically Vulcanized Thermoplastic Vulcanizates

ByHans-Joachim Radusch

chapter 10|28 pages

Nanostructuring of In Situ Formed ABC Triblock Copolymers for Rubber Toughening of Thermoplastics

ByChristian Koulic, Robert Jérôme, Johannes G.P. Goossens

chapter 11|32 pages

Phase Morphology of Nanostructured Thermosetting Multiphase Blends

ByJean-Pierre Pascault, Roberto J.J. Williams

chapter 12|30 pages

Relationship between Phase Morphology, Crystallization, and Semicrystalline Structure in Immiscible Polymer Blends

ByR.T. Tol, V.B.F. Mathot, H. Reynaers, G. Groeninckx

chapter 13|20 pages

Rheology-Morphology Relationships in Immiscible Polymer Blends

ByPeter Van Puyvelde, Paula Moldenaers