Despite enormous advances made in the development of external effector prosthetics over the last quarter century, significant questions remain, especially those concerning signal degradation that occurs with chronically implanted neuroelectrodes.
Offering contributions from pioneering researchers in neuroprosthetics and tissue repair, Indwel

Overview of Wound Healing in Different Tissue Types. Considerations for Chronically Implanted Electrodes for Brain Interfacing. Thermal Considerations for the Design of an Implanted Cortical Brain-Machine Interface. In Vitro Models for Neuroelectrodes: A Paradigm for Studying Tissue-Materials Interactions in the Brain. In Vivo Solute Diffusivity in Brain Tissue Surrounding Indwelling Neural Implants. A Molecular Perspective on Understanding and Modulating the Performance of Chronic Central Nervous System (CNS) Recording Electrodes. Soft, Fuzzy, and Bioactive Conducting Polymers for Improving the Chronic Performance of Neural Prosthetic Devices. Strategies for Regeneration and Repair in the Injured Central Nervous System.