In industrial vinegar production, there are three main types of methods involved; the slow, handcrafted, traditional method ("Orleans" or "French" method), and the rapid submerged and generator methods. The current trend is to fuse traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technologies, and a variety of approaches have been developed to increase fermentation efficiency and reduce cost and fermentation time. This book reports on all the recent innovations in vinegar production, and compares them to the traditional submerged fermentation systems. The new trends on raw materials, substrate pretreatment strategies, alcoholic fermentation, and acetitification systems are also reviewed.

chapter 1|17 pages

History and Current Issues of Vinegar

BySeng Joe Lim, Chin Wai Ho, Azwan Mat Lazim, Shazrul Fazry

chapter 2|10 pages

Types of Vinegars

ByAzwan Mat Lazim, Seng Joe Lim, Chin Wai Ho, Shazrul Fazry

chapter 3|10 pages

The Biochemistry of Vinegar Production

ByChin Wai Ho, Shazrul Fazry, Azwan Mat Lazim, Seng Joe Lim

chapter 4|16 pages

Advances in Enumeration and Identification of Vinegar Cultures

ByAlbert Mas, M. Jesús Torija

chapter 5|28 pages

Raw Materials and Pretreatment Methods for Vinegar Production

BySofia Maina, Aikaterini Papadaki, Vasiliki Kachrimanidou, Effimia Eriotou, Nikolaos Kopsahelis

chapter 7|23 pages

Advances in Immobilized Biocatalyst Technologies for Vinegar Production

ByArgyro Bekatorou

chapter 8|14 pages

Solid-State Fermentation Systems for Vinegar Production

ByMenglei Xia, Yu Zheng, Xianglong Zhang, Sankuan Xie, Yanfang Wu, Ting Xia, Min Wang

chapter 9|16 pages

Current Trends in Balsamic/Aged Vinegar Production and Research

ByAntonia Terpou, Ioanna Mantzourani, Argyro Bekatorou, Athanasios Alexopoulos, Stavros Plessas

chapter 10|38 pages

Vinegar Production in China

ByHanlan Tang, Jiankun Song, Lixin Luo

chapter 11|23 pages

Current Aspects of Wine/Raisin Vinegar Production and Fields of Improvement

ByMaría José Valera, Albert Mas, María Jesús Torija

chapter 12|15 pages

Cider Vinegar Production

ByPanagiota Tsafrakidou

chapter 13|16 pages

Vinegars Made with Kefir

ByAntonia Terpou, Ioanna Mantzourani

chapter 14|33 pages

Innovative Vinegar Products

ByPanagiotis Kandylis

chapter 15|27 pages

Modeling and Optimization of Acetic Acid Fermentation

ByIsidoro García-García, Jorge E. Jiménez-Hornero, Inés María Santos-Dueñas, Zoilo González-Granados, Ana María Cañete-Rodríguez

chapter 16|12 pages

Post-Fermentation Treatments of Vinegars

ByFrancisco López

chapter 17|39 pages

Vinegar Aroma Profile and Analysis

ByCristina Úbeda, Rocío Ríos-Reina, María del Pilar Segura-Borrego, Raquel María Callejón, María Lourdes Morales

chapter 18|30 pages

Health Benefits of Vinegars

ByJin Wei Alvin Ling, Sue Lian Mun, Shazrul Fazry, Azwan Mat Lazim, Seng Joe Lim

chapter 19|12 pages

Dilution Water in the Vinegar Industry

ByHrissi K. Karapanagioti

chapter 20|20 pages

Rapid Detection Methods for Online Monitoring of Vinegar Fermentations

ByDespina Kalogianni

chapter 21|27 pages

Fraud, Quality, and Methods for Characterization and Authentication of Vinegars

ByRocío Ríos-Reina, María del Pilar Segura-Borrego, Cristina Úbeda, María Lourdes Morales, Raquel María Callejón

chapter 22|22 pages

Life Cycle Assessment in the Vinegar Sector

ByFrancesco Fantozzi, Pietro Bartocci, Paolo Fantozzi