Rock Dynamics – Experiments, Theories and Applications is a collection of scientific and technical papers presented at the Third International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications (RocDyn-3, Trondheim, Norway, 26-27 June 2018). The papers in the book reflect the recent developments in experiment and theory as well as engineering applications of rock dynamics. Rock dynamics studies the response of rock and rock masses under dynamic loading and during the state transition from static loading to kinetic movement. It also includes the study of engineering countermeasures to dynamic instability of rock and rock masses. The topics in the book include:

- Dynamic theories
- Numerical simulation
- Propagation of stress waves
- Dynamic tests of rock
- Stability of underground openings under dynamic loading
- Rockburst
- Seismic monitoring
- Dynamic rock support
- Blasting
- Earthquake-related rock structure damage, etc.

Applications, such as rockburst, dynamic rock support, seismic monitoring, blasting and earthquake-related rock structure damage, are paid special attention in Rock Dynamics – Experiments, Theories and Applications. The papers, from specialists both from mining and tunnelling branches, discuss commonly interested dynamic issues. Their experience and knowledge in the application of rock dynamics are extremely valuable for all academics, engineers and professionals who work with rock dynamics.

part 1|56 pages


chapter 2|11 pages

Dynamic and coupled static-dynamic loading theory and method in deep hard rock mining

ByX.B. Li, M. Tao, F.Q. Gong, D.Y. Li, T.B. Yin, Z.L. Zhou, K. Du, C.D. Ma, X.L. Liu

chapter 3|21 pages

A review of the development of better prediction equations for blast fragmentation

ByF. Ouchterlony, J.A. Sanchidrián

part 2|129 pages

Laboratory dynamic testing of rock

chapter 5|6 pages

Shear behavior of planar rock joints under Dynamic Normal Load (DNL) conditions

ByW. Dang, H. Konietzky, T. Frühwirt

chapter 6|7 pages

Experimental characterization of Himalayan limestone

ByS. Mishra, T. Chakraborty, V. Matsagar, D. Basu

chapter 7|4 pages

Effects of water-filled rock joints on ultrasonic P-wave propagation

ByH. Yang, H.F. Duan, J.B. Zhu

chapter 9|6 pages

Dynamic fracture behavior of dry and saturated sandstone

ByX. Cai, Z.L. Zhou, D. Ma, X.B. Li, G.Y. Zhao

chapter 10|7 pages

Two-ways dynamic shear testing of rock discontinuities

ByÖ. Aydan, N. Tokashiki, N.Z. Nasiry, N. Iwata, R. Kiyota

chapter 11|6 pages

Stress redistribution of dynamic loading incident through a pre-stressed cavity

ByM. Tao, H.T. Zhao, Z.W. Li, A. Ma, Z.X. Hong, S.F. Ren

chapter 12|5 pages

Dynamic tests of marble specimens with artificial defects under impact loading by SHPB

ByD.Y. Li, Z.Y. Han, X.B. Li, X.L. Sun, Y. Shi, T. Zhou

chapter 13|6 pages

Experimental study on the strength characteristics of coal specimens under static and dynamic loadings

ByW. Wang, H. Wang, H.Z. Zang, H.M. Li, D.Y. Li

chapter 14|6 pages

Deformation characteristics of Beishan granite under low-cyclic loading

ByL. Shi, X. Zhang, C.C. Li

chapter 15|6 pages

Dynamic mode II fracture toughness determination of rocks with short cores in compression method

ByS.W. Oh, G.J. Min, S.W. Park, S.H. Cho, Y.H. You

chapter 17|7 pages

Fracture characteristics of rock under coupled static pre-load and impact disturbance

ByF.Q. Gong, S. Luo, L. Zhang, D.H. Lu

chapter 18|8 pages

Dynamic characteristic of rock under in-situ stress and blast loading

ByC.L. He, J. Yang

chapter 19|5 pages

Mechanical characteristics of sandstone under both static pre-stress and cyclic loading

ByK. Du, R. Su, C.Z. Yang, M. Tao

chapter 20|6 pages

Study on rock breakage by disc cutter under coupled static and dynamic loads

ByQ.B. Lin, P. Cao, Y. Chen

chapter 21|6 pages

Development of impact loading test device for gas-containing coal

ByZ.Q. Yin, Z.D. Wei, Z. Zhang, J.C. Chang, C.M. Li, H.F. Ma, G.M. Zhao, X.Y. Zhang, W.B. Shi, M. Tu

chapter 22|6 pages

Dynamic increase factors of rock strength

ByK. Liu, Q.B. Zhang, J. Zhao

chapter 23|4 pages

A preliminary study of using high-speed Digital Image Correlation (DIC) to characterize the penetration on geomaterial

ByH.Z. Xing, G.L.N. Wu, S. Dehkhoda, Q.B. Zhang, J. Zhao

part 3|84 pages

Theoretical study and numerical modelling

chapter 25|6 pages

Sensitivity analysis of block stability under seismic loading

ByA. Bolin, R. Ghazal

chapter 27|6 pages

Study of the deformation property of rock under cyclic loading based on the sub-loading surface theory

ByY.Q. Zhou, Q. Sheng, N.N. Li, Y.B. Zhou

chapter 28|5 pages

General invariant representations of several kinematical identities

ByH. Zuo, S.C. Deng, Z.H. Huang, C.X. Xiao, X. Zheng, R. Luo, R. Zhao

chapter 30|5 pages

Analysis of elastic wave attenuation in different rock samples

ByX.L. Liu, G.Y. Zhao, J.H. Cui, X.B. Li, Q. Guo

chapter 32|5 pages

Dynamic rock slope stability analysis using UDEC software

ByB.H.V. Sekar, S.R. Naik

chapter 33|6 pages

DEM analysis of the effect of discontinuities on coal mass brittleness

ByO. Vardar, C. Zhang, F. Tahmasebinia, I. Canbulat, B. Hebblewhite

chapter 34|6 pages

Analysis of rock failure under dynamic loading based on a micromechanical damage model

ByM.H. Ahmadi, H. Molladavoodi

chapter 36|6 pages

A study on the dynamic feedback characteristics of slip body during sliding

ByL.G. Wang, G.C. Zhao, Y.H. Xi, Q. Chen

chapter 37|6 pages

Research on the dynamic behaviour of rock material: Rate dependency and pulverization

ByX.F. Li, H.B. Li, Q.B. Zhang, J. Zhao

part 4|169 pages

Rockburst and dynamic rock support

chapter 39|4 pages

Strain and energy parameters of burst-prone rocks: Study and analysis

ByN.N. Kuznetcov, I.V. Fedotova, A.K. Pak

chapter 40|6 pages

Determination of the specific rock failure energy at various structural-scale levels

ByA.V. Zemtcovskii, N.N. Kuznetcov, K.N. Konstantinov

chapter 42|5 pages

A numerical study of spalling under different dynamic loads using PNMM

ByX. Li, Q.B. Zhang, J. Zhao, J.C. Li

chapter 43|6 pages

Rockbursts characteristics on twin TBM tunnels in the lower himalayas

ByP. Dickson, M.H. Kizilbash, G.A. Rosario, G. Peach, B. Ashcroft

chapter 44|6 pages

Study on the influence of aircraft load on the tunnel under airport runway

ByR.L. Shan, Y.W. Song, C.H. Wang, X.X. Fan

chapter 45|6 pages

Effects of the joint density and joint dip angle on the fracture energy in coal mass

ByC. Zhang, F. Tahmasebinia, I. Canbulat, O. Vardar, S. Saydam

chapter 46|6 pages

Rock energy evolution under triaxial cyclic loading-unloading compression

ByM.W. Zhang, S.D. Liu, Q.B. Meng, D.Y. Qian, N. Zhang

chapter 47|7 pages

Towards improved design of rock reinforcement systems in burst-prone rock masses

ByW. Breure, D.J.M. Ngan-Tillard, C.C. Li

chapter |5 pages

Study on the interaction between shock waves and non-uniform stresses in the rock mass

ByS.M. Pang, W.J. Tao, X.Q. Tan, J.P. Chen, D. Zhang, Z.C. Nie

chapter |5 pages

Rock fracturing related to strain burst in quartzite rock mass

ByC. C. Li, D. Sandström, A. Nyström

chapter |5 pages

Practice of face-perpendicular preconditioning for safe remnant extraction

ByT. Zvarivadza, F. Sengani

chapter |6 pages

Behaviour of full grouted rock bolts subjected to repeated dynamic loading

ByQ. Wu, F. Zhao, Z.H. Zhou, Y. Li, S.P. Zhang

chapter |6 pages

Dynamic response of support systems during the excavation of underground openings

ByÖ. Aydan, F. Ito, T. Ito

chapter |6 pages

Relationship between energy per impulse and dynamic capacity of a rockbolt

ByK. Bosman, M. Cawood, A. Berghorst

chapter |6 pages

Application of the MD bolt in the Fosterville gold mine

ByA. Stiehl, B. Darlington, M. Rataj, P. Young

chapter |6 pages

Dynamic response of rock bolts to blasting vibrations

ByS.H. Chen, S.W. Hu

chapter |6 pages

Development of the MDX bolt and in-situ dynamic testing at Telfer Gold Mine

ByB. Darlington, M. Rataj, G. Balog, D. Barnett

chapter |8 pages

The need for additional dynamic testing methods for ground support elements

ByP.A. Mikula, B.M. Brown

part |75 pages

Seismicity and seismic monitoring in underground excavations

chapter |6 pages

Forecast the deformation of the surrounding rock using MS monitoring

ByN.W. Xu, F. Dai, T. Zhao, Z. Zhou, C. Sha

chapter |7 pages

Stress evolution and induced seismicity in mining: Lab test, observation and modeling

ByL.A. Nazarova, V.N. Zakharov, L.A. Nazarov, V.L. Shkuratnik, M.I. Protasov, P.V. Nikolenko

chapter |6 pages

Monitoring of mining-induced seismicity in the Khibiny rock massif

ByA.A. Kozyrev, E.V. Kasparyan, I.V. Fedotova

chapter |6 pages

A numerical modeling methodology for assessing rock failure stabilities

ByZ. Khademian, U. Ozbay

chapter |6 pages

Microseismic monitoring in twin TBM tunnels in the lower himalayas

ByA.K. Khan, G. Peach, G. A. Rosario, H.-S. Xiong, X.-T. Feng, B. Chen, Y. Xiao, G. Feng

chapter |6 pages

Comparison of microseismic monitoring and actual rockbursts in twin TBM tunnels in the Lower Himalayas

ByG. Peach, G. A. Rosario, H.-S. Xiong, X.-T. Feng

chapter |7 pages

Seismic characteristics of field measurements and numerical analyses of an underground quarry in Oya

ByT. Seiki, T.K.M. Dintwe, R. Yamaguchi, S. Noguchi, T. Ohmura

chapter |7 pages

Multi-factor pattern recognition method of rockburst in coal mines

ByH. W. Zhang, Y.P. Li, X.Z. Zhao, J.Q. Chen, L. Ma

part |86 pages

Earthquake-induced damages to engineering structures

chapter |7 pages

Damage to rock engineering structures induced by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes

ByÖ. Aydan, J. Tomiyama, H. Matsubara, N. Tokashiki, N. Iwata

chapter |7 pages

Dynamic response and stability of some historical masonry structures subjected to ground shaking

ByN. Tokashiki, Ö. Aydan, N.Z. Nasiry, T. Ito, M. Geniş

chapter |7 pages

Simulation of strong motions and surface rupture of the 2014 Northern Nagano Earthquake

ByN. Iwata, R. Kiyota, K. Adachi, Y. Takahashi, Ö. Aydan, F. Miura, T. Ito

chapter |7 pages

Dynamic stability of rock slopes and the effect of reinforcement against planar sliding

ByY. Takahashi, N. Iwata, R. Kiyota, K. Adachi, Ö. Aydan, N. Tokashiki

chapter |6 pages

Stick-slip behavior of rock discontinuities by difference in rock types

ByR. Kiyota, N. Iwata, Y. Takahashi, K. Adachi, Ömer Aydan

chapter |6 pages

Experimental study on seismic stability of foundation rocks under critical facilities

ByM. Ishimaru, A. Sekiguchi, T. Okada, K. Hiraga, K. Ozawa

chapter |6 pages

Status of rock dynamics study in horonobe underground research laboratory, Japan

ByT. Sato, K. Aoyagi, Y. Matsuzaki, N. Miyara, K. Miyakawa

chapter |6 pages

Collapse experiment and numerical simulation of a slope under strong earthquake

ByX.F. Liu, N. Zhao, W.B. An

part |32 pages


chapter |6 pages

Application of a new mining method to slightly inclined thin orebodies at depth

ByC. D. Ma, Y.-S. Wang, Y.-N. Zhou, C.-Z. Guo, Z.-L. Liu

chapter |6 pages

An experimental investigation on dynamic responses of granite blocks under blast loading

ByL. Chi, A. Aalberg, Z.X. Zhang, C.C. Li, J. Yang

chapter |6 pages

A case study on one shot raise driving using multi-spherical charges in an open pit mine

ByQ.Y. Li, D.Y. Luo, W.H. Wang, Z.Y. Wu, D.H. Sun

part |66 pages

Other relevant topics

chapter |4 pages

The effect of water saturation on P-wave velocity for igneous rocks

ByS. Kahraman, M. Fener

chapter |4 pages

Estimation of the strength of Konya pyroclastic rocks from P-wave velocity

ByS. Kahraman, T.K. Gun, B. Gunes, I. Ince

chapter |6 pages

Experimental protocol for stress corrosion cracking for full-size cable bolts

ByS. Wu, H.L. Ramandi, P.C. Hagan, S. Saydam, B. Hebblewhite

chapter |6 pages

Shear behavior and acoustic emission characteristics of regular dentate joints

ByC.D. Su, H.Z. Zang, J.Q. Guo, Y.N. Sun, C.S. Song, W. Wang

chapter |5 pages

Simple rock cutting testing

ByS. Yasar

chapter |6 pages

Tensile failure analysis of double-cracked flat mortar specimens

ByZ.H. Huang, S.C. Deng, H.B. Li

chapter |6 pages

Support mechanism of 4D force-transferring block set

ByZ.G. Ma, N. Cui, P. Gong

chapter |6 pages

An experimental study on mechanical behavior of joint specimens

ByF. Wang, P. Cao, Q.P. Gao, Z. Wang