This new volume, Green Consumerism: The Behavior of New Age Consumer, provides a holistic understanding the importance of promoting green products and discusses consumers’ buying intentions and decisions. The chapters consider consumer behavior theory in the context of green or ecologically friendly products from both the academic and business perspectives. The chapters present the latest empirical and analytical research in the field of green marketing and provide an abundance of information about profitable and sustainable ways and strategies to deal with environmental problems.

The volume considers how consumers are taking responsibility and becoming more aware, driving change in the marketplace. In response, companies are integrating appropriate green strategies into their operational activities, product development processes, and marketing activities to achieve a competitive advantage in saturated markets. This helps companies gain market share and minimize their production costs. Topics discussed in the volume include green pricing, green consumer behavior, various dimensions of consumer purchase intention, sustainable marketing, innovation techniques used to go green, eco-awareness, and other ongoing developments in this rapidly expanding area.


Key features:

• Discusses research on the latest trends in the field of green marketing, green practices, green products, eco-literacy, environment awareness, protection, management etc.

• Provides insight about current consumer behavior, consumers’ eco-literacy levels, and their desires to go green

• Covers a multitude of topics, including green pricing, green consumer behavior, sustainable marketing, innovation techniques used to go green, eco-awareness, and more

Green Marketing: The Next Marketing Revolution. Green Pricing the Journey Until Now and the Road Ahead. A Green Consumerism Study of Academic Publications in Scientific Journals Indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus. Green Consumer Behavior. Green Practices for Green(er) Living: The Road Ahead. Determinants of Consumer Purchase Intention for Solar Products. Environmentally Conscious Consumer Behavior and Green Marketing: An Analytical Study from the Indian Market. Empirically Examining Green Brand Associations to Gain Green Competitive Advantage through Green Purchasing Intentions. Sustainable Green Marketing: A Trend of Consumerism. Analyzing Long-Term Benefits in the Face of Higher Upfront Costs of Green Affordable Housing: A Study of Ghaziabad, UP (India). Innovation in Green Practices: A Tool for Environment Sustainability and Competitive Advantage. Communicating Sustainability and Green Marketing: An Emotional Appeal. Eco-Awareness: Imbibing Environmental Values in Consumers. Environmental Marketing and Education. Going Green: Toward Organic Farming and a Plastic-Free Eco-Friendly Lifestyle. Effective Utilization of Renewable Biomaterials for the Production of Bio-Ethanol as Green Biofuel: A Concept for the Development of Sustainable Green Technology.