New research-case histories and operating data-on every conceivable facet of today's big problem are detailed in the latest Purdue Book-with unparalleled appropriate, usable information and data for your current industrial waste problems from the May 1989 Conference.

part 1|96 pages

Site Remediation

chapter 1|10 pages

In-Situ Venting of Jet-Fuelrcontaminated Soil

ByMichael G. Elliott, David W. DePaoli

chapter 2|12 pages

Biological Treatment Of Groundwater, Soils, And Soil Vapors Contaminated With Petroleum Hydrocarbons

ByEdward G. Galaska, George J. Skfadany, Evan K. Nyer

chapter 3|10 pages

Predictive Models For Voc Partitions In Soils

ByJu-Chang Huang, Hossein Ganjidoost

chapter 4|16 pages

Background Concentrations Of Metals And Cyanide In Lower Michigan Soils

ByKimberly A. Kesler- -Arnold, Michael O’Hearn

chapter 5|12 pages

Bioremediation Of Former Manufactured Gas Plant Sites

ByVipul J. Srivastava, John J. Kilbane, Robert L. Kelley, W. Kennedy Gauger, Cavit Akin, Thomas D. Hayes, David G. Linz

chapter 7|10 pages

Intercept Trench Technology For Remediating Waste Oil Contaminated Soil And Groundwater

A Case Study
ByDavid A. Piotrowski, Karl W. Yost

chapter 9|8 pages

Development Of A Soil Washing System

BySteven B. Valine, Dennis D. Chilcote, Adolfo R. Zambrano

chapter 10|6 pages

Reclaiming Petroleum Contaminated Soil In Hot Mix Asphalt Facilities

ByKathryn O’C. Gunkel

part 2|28 pages

Toxic And Hazardous Wastes

chapter 11|8 pages

Engineering For Toxicity Removal: A New Set Of Design Rules

ByBruce W. Vigon, John D. Cooney, William H. Clement

chapter 12|6 pages

Tank Truck Washing Wastewater System

ByJohn Ball, Jonathan R. Bonner

chapter 13|14 pages

Quantitative Risk Assessment As A Decision Tool For Hazardous Waste Management

ByDaniel Kofi Asante-Duah

part 3|74 pages

Biological Systems - A. Aerobic

chapter 14|16 pages

Toxic Organic Shock Loading Of Rotating Biological Contactors And Sequencing Batch Reactors

BySuzanne L. Pisano, James C. O’Shaughnessy, Danielle LaMarre, Christine Gray, Steve Pederson, Mike Sykes

chapter 15|8 pages

The Effect Of Pentachlorophenol On Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal In Sbr Systems

ByLarry Benefield, Sung Kim, Clifford Randall

chapter 16|12 pages

Captor Design Considerations - Carbonaceous Bod Applications

ByCharles E. Tharp, Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Angela Safferman

chapter 17|-86 pages

Treatment Of An Organically Contaminated Soil In Activated Sludge Sequencing Batch Reactors

ByJames P. Carmichael, Janet Rickabaugh

chapter 18|8 pages

Image Analysis Of Biomass Immobilized On Micro-Carriers

ByP.R. Senthilnathan, Da-Hong Li, J. J. Ganczarczyk

chapter 19|4 pages

Kinetic Analysis Of Rotating Biological Contactors Treating High Strength Wastes

ByMohamed F. Hamoda, Francis Wilson

part 4|88 pages

Biological Systems -B. Anaerobic

chapter 21|10 pages

Anaerobic Filter Treatment Of Dairy Wastewater At Low Temperatures

ByT. Viraraghavan, S. R. Kikkeri

chapter 23|10 pages

Treatment Of Cane Sugar Mill Wastewater In Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Reactors

ByD. L. Manjunath, Indu Mehrotra, R. P. Mathur

chapter 24|10 pages

Fatty Acid Degradation As A Tool To Monitor Anaerobic Sludge Activity And Toxicity

ByWei-Min Wu, Robert F. Hickey, Lakshmi Bhatnagar, Mahendra K. Jain, J. Gregory Zeikus

chapter 25|12 pages

A Study Of Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors For The Treatment Of Soluble Wastes

ByW. A. Sanchez, K. Kennedy, M. F. Hamoda, R. L. Droste

chapter 26|10 pages

Hydrogen And Carbon Monoxide As Early Warning Indicators Of Toxic Upsets In Anaerobic Digestion

ByEugenio Giraldo, Kajsa Norgren, Michael S. Switzenbaum, Robert F. Hickey

chapter 27|8 pages

Anaerobic Trickling Filters: A New Treatment Potential

ByCraig D. Adams, Ross E. McKinney

chapter 28|6 pages

Sulfide Inhibition Of Propionate Utilization In Anaerobic Treatment Of Lactate And Acetate

ByD. M. McCartney, T. Marstaller, D. M. Heinrichs, J. A. Oleszkiewicz

chapter 29|8 pages

Supplemented Kraft Condensate Treatment In High Rate Anaerobic Processes

ByH. M. Poggi, R. Hernandez, N. Rinderknecht, J. F. Calzada

chapter 30|8 pages

Treating Electroplating Wastewater Using An Anaerobic Filter

ByM. J. Gundry, J. G. Henry, D. Prasad

part 3|26 pages

Biological Systems C. Aerobic/Anaerobic

chapter 31|8 pages

Case History

Anaerobic/Aerobic Pretreatment Of A Confectionery Waste
ByA. A. Cocci, R. C. Landine, M. Leodolter, S. Beuttel

chapter 32|4 pages

Fate And Effect Of Azo Dye On An Anaerobic-Aerobic System

BySanjoy K. Bhattacharya, Suli Wang, Rao V. R. Angara, Takehiko Kawai, Dolloff F. Bishop

chapter 33|8 pages

Biological Treatment Of Manganese From Mining Seepage-Pilot Plant Studies

ByJohn A. Gordon, Nai-Syun Nai-Syun

chapter 34|6 pages

Techniques For Treating Prewashed Denim Laundry Wastewaters

ByKevin S. Young

part 4|30 pages

Processes—A. Sorption

chapter 35|12 pages

Selecting Activated Carbon For Adsorption Treatment

ByWei-chi Ying, Michael E. Tucker

chapter 36|10 pages

Comparison Of Carbon Columns And The Pact® Process For Priority Pollutant Removal

ByG. J. O’Brien, R. A. Reich, L. M. Szabo, M. H. Feibes, C. N. McManus, H. W. Heath

chapter 37|8 pages

Meeting Stringent Metals Removal Requirements With Iron Adsorption/Coprecipitation

ByMark A. Manzione, Douglas T. Merrill, Mary McLearn, Winston Chow

part 4|16 pages

Processes—B. Membrane

part 4|34 pages

Processes—C. Physical/Chemical

chapter 40|6 pages

Reverse Osmosis Treatment For Nitrate Removals in High Solids Wastewater

ByRiley N. Kinman, David L. Nutini

chapter 41|8 pages

Comparison of Pact Process to Coupled Physical/Chemical Biological Treatment

ByAlan W. Obayashi, Enos L. Stover, James A. Thomas, Jose A. Pereira

chapter 42|12 pages

Electrochemical Fluoride Removal in Semiconductor Wastewater

BySusan L. Cook, Kevin D. Uhrich

chapter 43|8 pages

Dewatering Dissolved-Air-Flotation Skimmings using Thermal Enhancement

ByG. E. (Edd) Valentine, James L. Walsh

part 4|42 pages


chapter 44|12 pages

Comparison of Respirometric Methods for Determination of Biokinetic Constants for Toxic and Nontoxic Wastes

ByAnthony F. Gaudy, H. Rodney Sharp, Anand Ekambaram, Alan F. Rozich, Richard J. Colvin

chapter 46|10 pages

Gas Transfer Limitations in Environmental Respirometry

ByRicardo B. Jacquez, Fernando Cadena, Somavarapu Prabhakar, Martha I. Beach

part 4|30 pages


chapter 47|18 pages

Study of High Water Temperature Effects on Air Stripping of Volatile and Slightly Volatile Organics From Water

ByPat Kittikul, John N. Veenstra, Adenike Akolade, M. Anne Weinert

chapter 48|12 pages

Evaluation of VOC Emissions From Landfarming Operations

ByFernando Cadena, Donald J. Fingleton, Robert W. Peters

part 4|20 pages

Processes—F. Nitrification/Denitrification

chapter 49|10 pages

The Effect of Inhibitory Compounds on Biological Nitrification

ByLisa Pantea-Kiser, Ronald F. Wukasch, James E. Alleman

chapter 50|10 pages

A Comparison of Coupled Upflow and Coupled Downflow Fluid Bed Reactors Treating Synfuel Wastewater

ByCharles D. Turner, Michael J. Koehmstedt, John R. Gallagher

part 4|28 pages

Processes—G. Product Development

chapter 51|8 pages

Facility and Process Design For Large Scale Activated Sludge Industrial Wastewater Plant

ByC. Calvert Churn, Dewey W. Johnson, Blaine F. Severin

part 4|14 pages

Processes—H. Sludge Conditioning

chapter 55|8 pages

The Use of a High-Rate Combined Reactor/Clarifier/Thickener For The Treatment Of Industrial Wastewaters

ByMarek K. Mierzejewski, Jean-Marie Rovel, Larry W. VandeVenter

part 5|28 pages

Landfills - A. General

chapter 56|10 pages

Analysis of 20-Year-Old Refuse from the Mallard North Landfill in Chicago, Illinois

ByRiley N. Kinman, Janet Rickabaugh, Gerald Berg, David L. Nutini, William Rathje

chapter 57|8 pages

Land Application of Water Plant Sludges

ByBrian A. Dempsey, James DeWolfe, Douglas Hamilton, Yuanjyh Lee, Roni Liebowitz, Herschel A. Elliott

chapter 58|10 pages

The Effect of Capillarity on Moisture Profiles in Landfills

ByJames J. Noble, Girish M. Nair

part 5|48 pages

Landfills - B. Leachate

chapter 59|10 pages

Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Biologically Active Carbon Adsorbers

ByMassoud Pirbazari, Badri N. Badriyha, Varadarajan Ravindran, Sung-Hyun Kim

chapter 60|8 pages

Biological Treatment of Landfill Leachate

ByAndrew Lugowski, Don Haycock, Robert Poisson, Stephen Beszedits

chapter 61|8 pages

Treatment of Leachate from a Hazardous Waste Landfill

ByShin Joh Kang, Christopher J. Englert, Timothy J. Astfalk, Mark A. Young

chapter 63|12 pages

Characterization and Extraction of Metals from Waste Residues

ByAudrey D. Levine, Michael E. Bain, Kent D. Bienlien

part 6|72 pages

Industrial Wastes — A. Metal Finishing Wastes

chapter 64|6 pages

Oil and Grease Removal from a Concentrated Source in the Metal Finishing Industry

ByMark A. Westra, Bryan L. Rose

chapter 65|8 pages

Evaluation of Noncyanide Metal Strippers

ByStuart K. Janikowski, Peter A. Pryfogle

chapter 66|8 pages

Sodium Sulfide/Ferrous Sulfate Metals Treatment for Hazardous Waste Minimization

ByCharles Carpenter, Dan Suciu, Penny Wikoff

chapter 67|6 pages

High Density Solids from Acid Wastewater Treatment

ByJames B. Pfeiffer

chapter 68|6 pages

Role of Solid-Liquid Separation in the Removal of Zinc by Chemical Precipitation

ByIrvine W. Wei, Somnath Basu

chapter 69|6 pages

An Abbreviated TCLP for Stabilization Studies

ByMackenzie L. Davis, Nancy Tomboulian, Douglas H. Wachter, Dennis J. Bush

chapter 70|6 pages

Treatment of Wastes Containing Arsenic, Selenium, Thallium, and Mercury Compounds

ByEdwin F. Rissmann, Stephen M. Schwartz

chapter 73|8 pages

Treatment of Storm Runoff by Oil-Water Separation, Flotation, Filtration, and Adsorption. Part B: Waste Sludge Management

ByLawrence K. Wang, Mu Hao S. Wang, William J. Mahoney

part 6|44 pages

Industrial Wastes — B. Refinery Wastes

chapter 74|10 pages

Cyanide Control in Petroleum Refineries

ByJoseph M. Wong, Patrick M. Maroney

chapter 76|8 pages

Application of Oxygen Uptake Rate in Managing an Activated Sludge Process for Treating Refinery Wastewater

Edited ByMao-Yuan Tur, Ling-Ling Tseng, Ming-Shean Chou, Hung-Yuan Fang, John Hsia

chapter 77|8 pages

Liquid/Solids Biotreatment of Pressure Filtered Refinery Waste Sludge

Edited ByCarole L. Engelder, Colin G. Grieves, John M. Weber

part 6|42 pages

Industrial Wastes - C. Pulp and Paper Mill Wastes

chapter 79|8 pages

Joint Treatment of Liquid Wastes of Wet Process Hardboard and Formica Plant

Edited ByVeysel Eroglu, Hasan AH San, Hasan Z. Sarikaya

chapter 80|12 pages

Biological Treatment of Bctmp Wastewaters

Edited ByPrakash R. Bathija

chapter 81|8 pages

Anoxic Selector for Filamentous Bulking Control, Bod Removal, and Nitrification of Paper Mill Wastewater

Edited ByAllan J. DeLorme, Shin Joh Kang, Christopher J. Englert, Charles D. Fifield

chapter 82|8 pages

Characterization And Biological Treatment of Bleach Plant Effluent

Edited ByCai-Fang Yin, Thomas W. Joyce, H. M. Chang

chapter 83|6 pages

Toxicity Evaluation of Ctmp Effluent Biotreated by A Pilot-Scale Carrousel Oxidation Ditch System

Edited ByH. Bennett David, C. Michael Falter, Alton G. Campbell, David M. Reeser, William H. Johnson

part 6|46 pages

Industrial Wastes —D. Food and Beverage Wastes

chapter 84|8 pages

Anaerobic and Aerobic Options in Treating Food Industry Wastewater

Edited ByJ. A. Oleszkiewicz, J. E. Hutchison

chapter 85|8 pages

Pilot and Full Scale Treatability Studies on Wastewaters From an Edible Oil Refining Industry

Edited ByIzzet Ozturk, Hasan Ali San, Veysel Eroglu

chapter 86|10 pages

Treatment of Soft Drink Syrup and Bottling Wastewater Using Anaerobic Upflow Packed Bed Reactors

Edited ByDamian J. Capobianco, Frederic C. Blanc

chapter 87|8 pages

Removal of Color From Distillery Wastewater

Edited ByA. V. S. Prabhakara Rao, J. Karthikeyan, Leela Iyengar

chapter 88|12 pages

Batch Reactor Treatment Of Dairy Wastewaters: A Case History

Edited ByMervyn C. Goronszy

part 6|28 pages

Industrial Wastes-E. Meatpacking Wastes

chapter 90|10 pages

Treatment of Pork Processing Wastewater in a Covered Anaerobic Lagoon With Gas Recovery

ByRichard R Dague, Robert F. Urell, Eugene R. Krieger

chapter 91|10 pages

Operating Experience

Anaerobic Treatment At Packerland Packing
ByTerry W. Stebor, Craig L. Berndt, Stephen Marman, Richard Gabriel

part 7|38 pages

Laws, Regulations, and Training

chapter 92|4 pages

Recent Trends in Environmental Legislation Affecting Industrial Property Transfers

ByElizabeth M. Donley, John W. Donley

chapter 93|4 pages

How to Write Sampling Plans for Regulatory Compliance

ByJohn W. Donley

chapter 94|14 pages

Sara Section 313 Reporting

Better the Second Time Around?
ByJohn A. Lytle, Katherine E. Imbrock

chapter 96|6 pages

Leak Prevention, Detection, and Regulations for Underground Storage Tanks

ByChristine G. Caravano

chapter 97|6 pages

Creative Training Concepts for Industrial Waste Personnel

ByRonald F. Layton, Minerva Flores, Frank Kiolbassa

part 8|14 pages

Keynote Address

chapter 98|14 pages

The Environmental Engineer as an Expert in Litigation

ByMitchell L. Lathrop