The purpose of this two-volume work is to make available both to the investigator and user, on a crop by crop basis, the latest information on the use of chemicals to regulate plant growth and development. Emphasis is given to the major crops and to those which the most success has been achieved.

chapter 1|34 pages

Tropical Fruit and Beverage Crops

ByD. P. Bartholomew, R. A. Criley

chapter 2|44 pages

Growth Regulators and Conifers: Their Physiology and Potential Uses in Forestry

ByS. D. Ross, R. P. Pharis, W. D. Binder

chapter 3|19 pages

Paraquat-Induced Lightwood Formation in Pine

ByOtto J. Schwarz

chapter 4|14 pages

Growth Regulators in Soybean Production*

ByCharles A. Stutte, Martha D. Davis

chapter 5|18 pages

Growth Regulating Chemicals for Turf and Other Grasses

ByDonald M. Elkins

chapter 6|7 pages


ByEdward S. Oplinger

chapter 7|9 pages

Peanuts* **

ByDarold L. Ketring

chapter 8|12 pages

Plant Growth Regulators in Rice

ByE. Ford Eastin

chapter 9|16 pages

Application of Plant Growth Regulators to Potatoes, Production, and Research

ByGilbert F. Stallknecht

chapter 10|15 pages

Preservation of Cut Flowers

ByJames E. Baker

chapter 11|20 pages

Herbicide Antidotes — A New Era in Selective Chemical Weed Control

ByG. R. Stephenson, G. Ezra

chapter 12|19 pages


ByS. H. Wittwer