Here is your new handbook full of information and guidance necessary to understand and comply with the myriad and complex hazardous waste regulations. This handbook explains the regulations regarding identification and listing of hazardous wastes, walks the reader through the three determinations for all manufacturing firms, gives in-depth explanations of applicable standards, outlines the DOT standards applicable to shippers of hazardous wastes, presents a philosophical basis for corporate compliance, gives "how to" for actions and the paperwork necessary for such a program, and concludes with some practical information not commonly found in textbooks or regulations. This essential resource for personnel with waste management responsibilities at manufacturing firms should prove a valuable resource. This book will assist these practitioners in establishing or modifying regulatory compliance programs. This valuable new book helps you to reduce waste generation, segregate hazardous wastes, reuse on-site or off-site, recycle or reclaim, treat to reduce hazards, secure land disposal, follow regulatory standards, use best management practices, and establish or modify compliance programs.

section I|61 pages


chapter 3|5 pages

Conducting a Waste Inventory

Procedures and Considerations

chapter 4|4 pages

Hazardous Waste Determinations

Procedures and Considerations

section II|120 pages

Regulatory Standards and Responsibilities

section III|81 pages

Developing the Corporate Environmental Management Program

section IV|69 pages

Selected Considerations in Implementing the Environmental Management Program

part |42 pages


chapter Appendix A|3 pages

EPA Form 8700-12

Notification of Hazardous Waste Activity

chapter Appendix B|7 pages

State Hazardous Waste Management Agencies

chapter Appendix C|2 pages

EPA Regional Waste Management Offices

chapter Appendix D|4 pages

Commonly Used RCRA/CERCLA Acronyms

chapter Appendix E|5 pages

Definitions of Selected Regulatory Terms

chapter Appendix F|4 pages

EPA Form 7530-1

Notification for Underground Storage Tanks

chapter Appendix G|3 pages

Examples of Potentially Incompatible Wastes

chapter Appendix H|2 pages

Industrial Waste Exchanges in North America

chapter Appendix I|3 pages

Summaries of DOT Hazard Class Definitions

chapter Appendix J|1 pages

Useful Telephone Numbers