The present survey comprises today‘s knowledge of environmental pollution in particular of the atmosphere by PAH and of the biological effects of this class of substance, putting special emphasis on their carcinogenic activity. The research data and conclusions derived therefrom are meant to assist the government of the Federal Republic of Germany in determining an air quality standard.

chapter 2|34 pages


ByG. Grimmer

chapter 3|68 pages

Occurrence of PAH

ByGrimmer Gemot, Dr. Chem.

chapter 4|28 pages

Behavior of PAH in the Organism

ByGrimmer Gemot, Dr. Chem.

chapter 5|64 pages

Biological Activity

ByGrimmer Gemot, Dr. Chem.

chapter 6|16 pages


ByJ. Misfeld

chapter 7|10 pages

Extrapolation of Experimental Results to Man*

ByD. Schmähl, M. Habs

chapter 8|4 pages


ByS. Dobbertin