The present book deals with the biology of a wide range of coccidia of numerous genera including Emeria, Isospora, Sarcocystis, Toxoplasma, Caryospora, and Cryptosporidium. The book will be valuable for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, research workers, and teachers in biology, especially useful for parasitologists teaching the subject and essential for coccidiologists doing research on coccidia. The book has also an appeal for physicians, veterinarians, and zoologists needing an update of information in the general field of coccidiosis

chapter 1|16 pages

Taxonomy and Life Cycles

ByW. L. Current, Steve J. Upton, Peter L. Long

chapter 2|26 pages

Structure and Ultrastructure

ByS. J. Ball, Robert Michael Pittilo

chapter 3|20 pages

Host Specificity of the Coccidia

ByMichael H. Kogut

chapter 4|14 pages

Eimeria: Infections of the Intestine

ByMary Agnes Fernando

chapter 5|14 pages

Isospora: Infections of Intestine: Biology

ByDavid S. Lindsay

chapter 6|30 pages

Sarcocystis: Infection and Disease of Humans, Livestock, Wildlife, and other Hosts

ByRichard J. Cawthorn, C. A. Speer

chapter 7|34 pages

Toxoplasma: Biology, Pathology, Immunology, and Treatment

ByAlan M. Johnson

chapter 8|32 pages

Cryptosporidium: Infections in Man and Domesticated Animals

ByW. L. Current, Byron L. Blagburn

chapter 9|18 pages

Caryospora: Biology

BySteve J. Upton, Christine A. Sundermann

chapter 10|16 pages

Genetics of Coccidia and Genetic Manipulations

ByMartin W. Shirley, Thomas K. Jeffers

chapter 11|14 pages

Recent Advances in the in Vitro Cultivation of the Coccidia

ByRichard G. Strout, Dennis M. Schmatz

chapter 12|28 pages

Pathology of Coccidial Infections

ByMartin W. Gregory

chapter 13|18 pages


ByMichael D. Ruff, Patricia C. Allen

chapter 14|26 pages

Immunity to Coccidiosis

ByD. Wakelin, M. Elaine Rose

chapter 15|14 pages

Control of Coccidiosis: Chemotherapy

ByLarry R. McDougald

chapter 16|22 pages

Control of Coccidiosis in Chickens: Immunization with Live Vaccines

ByMartin W. Shirley, Peter L. Long

chapter 17|6 pages

Control of Coccidiosis: Prospects for Subunit Vaccines

ByHarry D. Danforth, Patricia C. Augustine