Cancer Therapy with Radiolabeled Antibodies explores the most current experimental and clinical advances in the newly emerging field of cancer radioimmunotherapy (RAIT). Providing a multidisciplinary and international context, some of the world's leading experts examine the problems and prospects of RAIT from radiation, immunological, chemical, physical, physiological, and clinical perspectives with both overviews and original research.
Discussions cover the up-to-date clinical results in the RAIT of ovarian, breast, colorectal, and brain cancers, as well as the current status of RAIT in the management of B cell lymphomas. Radiobiology, dosimetry, radiochemistry, targeting biology in experimental models, clinical experiences in hematopoietic and solid tumors, and new approaches to improve cancer radioimmunotherapy are also discussed. In addition, new dosimetry concepts, new labeling methods, new concepts of antibody pharmacokinetics, and new methods to enhance selective cancer radioimmunotherapy are included.

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Clinical Radioimmunotherapy

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New Strategies