Containing 45 papers written by outstanding international authors from 14 countries, this three-volume compendium brings together the elements needed to understand the factors which influence the utilization of amino acids. The wide-ranging topics include descriptions of metabolic pathways and mechanisms of the biological utilization of amino acids, as well as factors that influence amino acid bioavailability in enteral and parenteral nutrition. The use of amino acids to improve the quality and safety of the diet is presented. Also discussed are amino acid precursors of biogenic amines and the role of amino acids in atherosclerosis, cancer, and immunity. Scientists from many disciplines will benefit from this broad overview.

chapter 1|24 pages

Biological Utilization of Basic Amino Acids and Cations

ByJ. Lougnon, T. Kiener

chapter 3|18 pages

Lysine-Carnitine Conversion in Rat and Man

ByL. Khan-Siddiqui

chapter 4|12 pages

Leucine-Tryptophan-Niacin Interrelationship

ByChisae Umezawa

chapter 7|20 pages

Amino Acid Derivates as a Source of Amino Acids in Parenteral Nutrition

ByMonika Neuhäuser-Berthold

chapter 8|16 pages

Methionine Derivatives and a Nutritional Source of Methionine

ByMendel Friedman, Michael R. Gumbmann

chapter 9|14 pages

Enzyme Digestion and Biological Utilization of Poly-l-Methionyl Proteins

ByH. F. Gaertner, P. Brachet, A. J. Puigserver

chapter 11|18 pages

Species and Isomeric Variation in The Utilization Of Amino Acids

ByB. S. Borg, R. C. Wahlstrom

chapter 12|18 pages

Dietary Significance of d-Amino Acids

ByMendel Friedman, Michael R. Gumbmann

chapter 13|28 pages

Effect of Dietary Protein Value on Lactation

ByG. Richard Jansen

chapter 14|15 pages

Influence of Protein Type in Nutritionally Adequate Diets on The Development of Immunity

ByGustavo Bounous, Patricia A. L. Kongshavn

chapter 15|11 pages

Dietary Protein and Atherosclerosis

ByDavid Kritchevsky

chapter 16|27 pages

Dietary Protein Modulation of Serum Cholesterol: The Amino Acid Connection

ByAlbert Sanchez, Richard W. Hubbard