Advances in Gear Design and Manufacture deals with gears, gear transmissions, and advanced methods of gear production.The book is focused on discussion of the latest discoveries and accomplishments in gear design and production, with chapters written by international experts in the field. Topics are aligned to meet the requirements of the modern scientific theory of gearing, providing readers precise knowledge and recommendations on how perfect gears and gear transmissions can be designed and produced, and how they work. It explains how gears and gear transmissions can be designed to reach high a “power-to-weight” ratio, and how to design and produce compact, high-capacity gearboxes.

chapter 1|34 pages

Fundamentals of Transmission of Rotary Motion by Means of Perfect Gears

ByStephen P. Radzevich

chapter 2|30 pages

Optimization of Geometrical Engagement Parameters for Gear Honing

ByMichael Storchak

chapter 3|55 pages

Design and Generation of Straight Bevel Gears

ByAlfonso Fuentes-Aznar

chapter 5|14 pages

Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication of Conformal Gears

ByR. W. Snidle, H. P. Evans

chapter 6|78 pages

Gear Drive Engineering

ByBoris M. Klebanov

chapter 7|48 pages

Adaptive Gear Variators (CVTs)

ByKonstantin S. Ivanov

chapter 8|37 pages

Kinematic and Power Analysis of Multi-Carrier Planetary Change-Gears through the Torque Method

ByDimitar Karaivanov, Kiril Arnaudov

chapter 9|34 pages

Powder Metal Gear Technology

ByAnders Flodin

chapter 10|53 pages

Induction Heat Treatment of Gears and Gear-Like Components

ByValery Rudnev