This practical ‘How To’ guide talks the reader step-by-step through designing, conducting and disseminating primary care research, a growing discipline internationally. The vast majority of health care issues are experienced by people in community settings, who are not adequately represented by hospital-based research. There is therefore a great need to upskill family physicians and other primary care workers and academics to conduct community-based research to inform best practice. Aimed at emerging researchers, including those in developing countries, this book also addresses cutting edge and newly developing research methods, which will be of equal interest to more experienced researchers.

section II|82 pages

Innovative approaches to primary care research

section III|36 pages

Preliminary steps to doing primary care research

section IV|108 pages

Methods and techniques for doing primary care research

chapter 15|11 pages

Taking stock of existing research

Approach to conducting a systematic review

chapter 18|6 pages

Validation studies

Validating new tools and adapting old ones to new contexts

chapter 19|12 pages

Clinical and other diagnostic tests

Understanding their predictive value

chapter 22|6 pages

Grounded theory

chapter 25|8 pages

Case study

section V|27 pages

How to disseminate your research

section VI|34 pages

Building research capacity