This transformative textbook, first of its kind to incorporate engineering principles into medical education and practice, will be a useful tool for physicians, medical students, biomedical engineers, biomedical engineering students, and healthcare executives. The central approach of the proposed textbook is to provide principles of engineering as applied to medicine and guide the medical students and physicians in achieving the goal of solving medical problems by engineering principles and methodologies. For the medical students and physicians, this proposed textbook will train them to “think like an engineer and act as a physician”. The textbook contains a variety of teaching techniques including class lectures, small group discussions, group projects, and individual projects, with the goals of not just helping students and professionals to understand the principles and methods of engineering, but also guiding students and professionals to develop real-life solutions. For the biomedical engineers and biomedical engineering students, this proposed textbook will give them a large framework and global perspective of how engineering principles could positively impact real-life medicine. To the healthcare executives, the goal of this book is to provide them general guidance and specific examples of applying engineering principles in implementing solution-oriented methodology to their healthcare enterprises. Overall goals of this book are to help improve the overall quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery and outcomes.

chapter 6|9 pages

Economy of Engineering-Medicine Education

A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

chapter 8|5 pages

Design Optimization

chapter 9|7 pages


chapter 10|6 pages

Systems Integration

chapter 11|6 pages


chapter 12|23 pages


chapter 13|9 pages

Big Data Analytics

chapter 14|22 pages

Artificial Intelligence

chapter 15|13 pages

Quality Management

chapter 17|21 pages

Systems Biology

An Introduction

chapter 18|18 pages

Advanced Biotechnology

chapter 22|13 pages

Emerging Biomedical Imaging

Photoacoustic Imaging

chapter 23|19 pages

Emerging Biomedical Analysis

Mass Spectrometry

chapter 26|12 pages

Environmental Protection