This sensible book draws on evidence-based data, provides updated evidence focusing on the impact of pregnancy complications on long-term morbidity of both mother and child and aims to give a clear and comprehensive set of tools for general practitioners counseling women in different stages of their lives. Chapters are contributed by a multidisciplinary team of obstetricians, oncologists, pediatricians, internal medicine specialists, and psychiatrists. The book may serve as a valuable resource for a broad spectrum of clinicians and healthcare professionals. Medical and nursing students as well as residents in family medicine, obstetrics, and pediatrics may derive great benefit from it in various stages of their training.

Maternal Future Health: Preeclampsia and long-term maternal atherosclerotic and cardiovascular disease. Gestational diabetes mellitus: definition, pregnancy complications, and long-term maternal complications. Placental syndrome and long-term maternal complications. Pregnancy complications and long-term oncological morbidity of the mother. Recurrent pregnancy loss: Overview and impact on future maternal health. Preterm parturition and long term maternal morbidity. Renal function tests during pregnancy and long-term risk for maternal atherosclerotic morbidity. Pregnancy and depression: The tip of the iceberg?. Pregnancy and thromboembolic morbidity. Cholestasis and long-term maternal morbidity. Fertility treatment and maternal cardiovascular risk. Pregnancy as an opportunity for weight-control and smoking cessation. Fetal Future Health: Preeclampsia and long-term risk for the offspring. Life-course outcomes for the child of the diabetic mother. Intrauterine growth restriction and long term disease of the offspring. Long-term effects of premature birth. The long-term health outcomes for children born as a result of in vitro fertilization treatment. Long term impact of antidepressant exposure in pregnancy: A window into developmental outcomes in the child.