This excellent book is long overdue. It will be of benefit to anyone with an interest in general practitioner education, and anyone considering applying for the post of course organiser should read the opening chapters to prepare them for interview. This is a thoughtful book, written in a clear and witty style and it deserves a wide readership. It provides an educational framework on which general practitioner teaching can be based.' British Journal of General Practice This book is excellent because it deals not only with the nuts and bolts' of being a course organizer, but also addresses the difficulties, frustrations and emotions involved in a witty and entertaining manner. Anyone with an interest in postgraduate medical education, at any level, would benefit from reading this book.' Update Paddy McEvoy's book has rapidly and deservedly established itself as invaluable to anyone responsible for any form of postgraduate medical education.' Education for General Practice 'As well as updating and revising the book throughout. Paddy McEvoy has managed to include sections about the wider context of training without making the book overly long or losing any of the delightful flavour of the first edition. I have no doubt that you will find it both useful and enjoyable.''