Featuring contributions by an international team of the world’s experts in urology and gynecology, this fourth edition reinforces its status as the classic comprehensive resource on female urology and urogynecology and an essential clinical reference in the field.

part I|96 pages

Background Issues

chapter 1|10 pages

History of Urogynecology and Female Urology

ByJane A. Schulz, Harold P. Drutz, Jack R. Robertson

chapter 2|10 pages

Epidemiology: United States

ByAnanias C. Diokno, Scott E. Kalinowski, Benjamin J. Girdler

chapter 3|5 pages

Epidemiology: South America

ByPaulo C. R. Palma, Miriam Dambros, Fábio Lorenzetti, Fabio Thadeu Ferreira

chapter 4|8 pages

Epidemiology: Europe

ByIan Milsom, Maria Gyhagen

chapter 5|4 pages

Epidemiology: Australia

ByChristopher Benness

chapter 6|13 pages

Epidemiology: Asia

ByS.S. Vasan, Reena Mallesh

chapter 7|6 pages

Epidemiology of Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Africa

ByStephen Jeffery, Peter de Jong

chapter 8|6 pages

Tackling the Stigma of Incontinence

ByDiane K. Newman

chapter 9|15 pages

Natural History and Prevention of Urinary Incontinence and Urogenital Prolapse

ByC.K. Madhu, R. Trochez, Robert M. Freeman

chapter 10|18 pages

Medical Error and Patient Safety in Surgery

ByRoxane Gardner

part II|100 pages

Role of Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Health Economics

chapter 12|9 pages

Patient-Reported Outcomes: From Development to Utilization

ByKarin Coyne, Chris Sexton

chapter 13|16 pages

Patient-Reported Outcome Questionnaires to Assess Health-Related Quality of Life and Symptom Impact

ByCornelius J. Kelleher, Ramandeep Basra, Alexandra E. Ridout

chapter 15|8 pages

Questionnaires to Assess Sexual Function

ByClaudine Domoney, Tara Symonds

chapter 16|6 pages

Questionnaires to Assess Bowel Function

BySaid Mohamed, David Chatoor, Andrew Williams

chapter 17|10 pages

International Consultation on Incontinence Modular Questionnaire

ByNikki Cotterill, Paul Abrams

chapter 18|11 pages

Electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire Pelvic Floor

ByStephen Radley, Deepa Gopinath

chapter 19|9 pages

Questionnaires to Assess Pelvic Organ Prolapse

ByAlex Digesu

chapter 20|16 pages

Economic Aspects of Urinary Incontinence

ByKate H. Moore

part III|92 pages

Structure and Function of the Lower Urinary and Anorectal Tracts in Women

chapter 21|17 pages


ByJohn O. L. Delancey

chapter 22|17 pages

Embryology of the Female Urogenital System and Clinical Applications

ByDana Weiss, Stephen A. Zderic

chapter 23|15 pages

Physiology of Micturition

ByShachi Tyagi, Pradeep Tyagi, Naoki Yoshimura, Michael B. Chancellor

chapter 24|19 pages

Pharmacology of the Bladder

ByKarl-Erik Andersson

chapter 25|4 pages

Uropathogens and the Lower Urinary Tract

ByLeslie Rickey

chapter 26|9 pages

Classification Of Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction In The Female Patient

ByDavid Staskin, Alan J. Wein

chapter 27|10 pages

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine for the Female Genitourinary System

ByManish Patel, Anthony Atala

part IV|168 pages

Diagnostic Evaluation of Incontinence and Urogenital Prolapse

chapter 28|10 pages

History and Examination

ByVik Khullar, Rhiannon Bray

chapter 29|6 pages

Bladder Diary and Symptom Scores

ByAlan Uren, Nikki Cotterill

chapter 30|9 pages

Pad Tests

ByMarie-Andrée Harvey

chapter 31|11 pages

Basic Urodynamic Tests: Uroflowmetry

ByMatthias Oelke

chapter 32|12 pages

Basic Urodynamic Tests: Filling and Voiding Cystometry

ByHashim Hashim, Paul Abrams

chapter 33|17 pages

Tests of Urethral Function

ByKristi L. Hebert, Barry G. Hallner, Ryan M. Krlin, J. Christian Winters

chapter 34|8 pages

Special Urodynamic Tests: Videourodynamics

ByIlias Giarenis, Marcus J. Drake

chapter 35|11 pages

Special Urodynamic Test: Ambulatory Urodynamics

ByKevin L. J. Rademakers, Gommert A. van Koeveringe

chapter 36|18 pages

Basic Neurological Evaluation and Referral

ByDavid B. Vodušek, Jalesh N. Panicker

chapter 37|22 pages

Imaging of the Upper and Lower Urinary Tract: Radiology and Ultrasound

ByAndrea Tubaro, Kirsten Kluivers, Federica Puccini, Antonio Carbone

chapter 38|8 pages

Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Urogynecology

ByElisabetta Costantini, Marcus J. Drake

chapter 39|31 pages


ByMusaab Sarmad Yassin, John Michael Henderson, Francis Xavier Keeley

chapter 40|4 pages


ByF.M.E. Wagenlehner, Ganesh Thiagamoorthy

part V|126 pages

Conservative and Minimally Invasive Therapies

chapter 41|10 pages

The Role of the Continence Nurse

ByAngie Rantell

chapter 42|9 pages

Behavioral Therapies and Management of Urinary Incontinence in Women

ByKathryn L. Burgio

chapter 43|16 pages

Physiotherapy for Urinary Incontinence

ByBary Berghmans

chapter 45|15 pages

Catheters, Pads, and Pants

ByLynette E. Franklin

chapter 46|36 pages

Drug Treatment of Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction in Women

ByAriana L. Smith, Alan J. Wein

chapter 47|8 pages

Peripheral Neuromodulation

ByJohn Heesakkers, Jetske van Breda

chapter 49|8 pages

Injectable Bulking Agents in the Treatment of Female Stress Urinary Incontinence

ByBrian J. Linder, Philip Wanzek, Deborah J. Lightner

chapter 50|9 pages

Use of Botulinum Toxins in the Management of Female Voiding Dysfunction

ByDavid Ginsberg, Ellen Goldmark

part VI|194 pages

Associated Disorders

chapter 51|10 pages

The Overactive Bladder

ByMarcus J. Drake

chapter 52|17 pages

Neurological Disorders

ByRicardo R. Gonzalez, Edward J. Sanchez, David Goldfarb, Renuka Tyagi, Alexis E. Te

chapter 53|14 pages

Nonneurogenic Voiding Dysfunction and Urinary Retention

ByBernard T. Haylen

chapter 54|8 pages

Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Chronic Pelvic Pain

ByUrsula Wesselmann

chapter 55|10 pages

Bladder Pain Syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis

ByAmina Douglas, Matthew Parsons, Philip Toozs-Hobson

chapter 56|19 pages

Bacterial Cystitis in Urogynecology: An Update

ByNèVine I.D. te West, Kate H. Moore

chapter 57|10 pages


ByJ.D. Sobel

chapter 58|15 pages

Pregnancy and Childbirth and the Effect on the Pelvic Floor

ByPhilip Toozs-Hobson, Aneta Obloza, Sara Webb

chapter 59|12 pages

Problems Associated With Sexual Activity

BySwati Jha

chapter 60|14 pages


ByTimothy C. Hillard

chapter 61|5 pages

Sports and Fitness Activities

ByKari Bø

chapter 62|11 pages

Anal Incontinence

ByTony Mak, Simon Radley

chapter 63|16 pages


ByKaori Futaba, Yvette Perston, Tony Mak, Simon Radley

chapter 64|18 pages

Female Sexual Dysfunction

BySeth D. Cohen, Irwin Goldstein

chapter 65|6 pages

Multidisciplinary Team

ByKaori Futaba, Simon Radley, Matthew Parsons

chapter 66|4 pages

Multidisciplinary Clinic: Urology and Urogynecology

ByPallavi Latthe

chapter 67|6 pages

Multidisciplinary Clinics: Specific Considerations for Elderly Care

ByClaire Sutton, Philip Toozs-Hobson

part VII|140 pages

Surgery for Urinary Incontinence

chapter 68|7 pages

How and Why Incontinence Surgery Works

ByMauricio Plata, Nicolas Fernandez, David James Osborn, Roger R. Dmochowski

chapter 69|12 pages

Peri- and Postoperative Care

BySushma Srikrishna, Linda Cardozo

chapter 70|25 pages

Traditional Surgery and Other Historical Procedures for Stress Incontinence

ByMalcolm Lucas, Elizabeth Timbrook Brown, Roger R. Dmochowski

chapter 71|11 pages

Retropubic Urethropexy

ByDudley Robinson, Linda Cardozo

chapter 72|8 pages

Fascial Slings

ByAaron Brothers, David James Osborn, Melissa R. Kaufman, W. Stuart Reynolds, Roger R. Dmochowski

chapter 74|12 pages

Transobturator Tape for Surgical Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence: Outside-In Technique

ByEmmanuel Delorme, Jean-François Hermieu

chapter 75|5 pages

Single-Incision Minislings

ByMickey Karram, Radhika Sharma

chapter 76|13 pages

Readjustable Slings: Safyre and Remeex

ByPaulo C. R. Palma, Cassio Riccetto

chapter 78|10 pages

Artificial Urinary Sphincter for Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women

ByDavid Castro-Diaz, David Staskin, Roger R. Dmochowski

chapter 79|11 pages

Diagnosis and Treatment of Obstruction Following Incontinence Surgery: Urethrolysis and Other Techniques

ByStephen Mock, Melissa R. Kaufman, W. Stuart Reynolds, Roger R. Dmochowski

chapter 80|8 pages

Complications of Stress Urinary Incontinence Surgery

ByVéronique Phé, Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler

part VIII|162 pages

Surgery for Urogenital Prolapse

chapter 81|9 pages

Classification and Epidemiology of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

BySteven E. Swift

chapter 82|15 pages

Anterior Vaginal Wall Prolapse

ByMark D. Walters, Matthew D. Barber

chapter 83|12 pages


ByKaven Baessler

chapter 84|16 pages

Rectocele: Anatomic and Functional Repair

ByAudra J. Hill, Marie Fidela R. Paraiso

chapter 85|16 pages

Vaginal Approach to Fixation of Vaginal Apex

ByMay Alarab, Salomon Zebede, Harold P. Drutz

chapter 86|7 pages

Open Abdominal Approach to Supporting the Vaginal Apex

ByKristina Cvach, Peter Dwyer

chapter 87|11 pages

Laparoscopic and Robotic Approaches to Apical and Vaginal Vault Suspension

ByVaneesha Vallabh-Patel, Patrick J. Culligan

chapter 88|12 pages

Uterine Prolapse

ByMiriam Seitz, Roger P. Goldberg

chapter 89|8 pages

Biological Grafts in Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

ByAlexis M. Tran, Peter K. Sand

chapter 90|13 pages

Synthetic Grafts in Pelvic Surgery

ByWilliam Barone, Pamela Moalli

chapter 91|10 pages

Complications of Synthetic Mesh Used to Repair Pelvic Organ Prolapse

ByMickey Karram, John B. Gebhart

chapter 92|8 pages

Episiotomy and Perineal Repair

ByRanee Thakar, Christine Kettle

chapter 93|10 pages

Primary Repair of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries

ByAbdul H. Sultan

chapter 94|9 pages

Surgery for Fecal Incontinence

ByJulie Ann M. Van Koughnett, Steven D. Wexner

chapter 95|5 pages

Rectal Prolapse and Other Causes of Fecal Obstruction

BySusanne D. Otto, Kaven Baessler, Jörn Gröne

part IX|82 pages

Laparoscopy and Robotics

chapter 96|2 pages

Section Introduction: The Role Of Laparoscopic Surgery In Urogynecology

ByAnthony R. B. Smith

chapter 97|5 pages

Pelvic Anatomy Through the Laparoscope

ByFiona Reid

chapter 98|4 pages

Training and Accreditation in Laparoscopic and Robotic Pelvic Floor Surgery

ByKarl Jallad, Marie Fidela R. Paraiso, Alfred Cutner

chapter 99|14 pages

Laparoscopic Colposuspension and Paravaginal Repair

ByArvind Vashisht, Alfred Cutner

chapter 100|11 pages

Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy

ByMarcus P. Carey

chapter 101|7 pages

Laparoscopic Sacrohysteropexy

ByHelen Jefferis, Natalia Price, Simon Jackson

chapter 103|10 pages

The Role of Robotic Surgery

ByOrfhlaith E. O'Sullivan, Barry A. O'Reilly

chapter 104|11 pages


ByPhilippe Grange, Chrysanthos Kouriefs

part X|150 pages

Complex Problems

chapter 106|11 pages

Diagnosis of Urogenital Fistula

ByEkene A. Enemchukwu, Benjamin M. Brucker

chapter 107|9 pages

Transvaginal Repair of Urogenital Fistula

ByBarry G. Hallner, Kristi L. Hebert, J. Christian Winters

chapter 108|7 pages

Transabdominal Vesicovaginal and Vesicouterine Fistula Repair

ByHoward Goldman, Christopher Tenggardjaja

chapter 109|13 pages

Management Of Obstetric Urogenital Fistula

ByAndrew Browning

chapter 110|20 pages

Urethral Diverticulum and Fistula

ByKathleen C. Kobashi

chapter 111|9 pages

Diagnosis and Management of Female Urethral Stricture Disease

ByVictor W. Nitti, Aqsa Khan

chapter 112|115 pages

Ureteral and Bladder Reconstruction

ByNadir I. Osman, Altaf Mangera, Christopher R. Chapple

chapter 113|10 pages

Gynecological Developmental Abnormalities

ByMelissa C. Davies, Sarah M. Creighton

chapter 114|15 pages

Pediatric Urogynecology

ByAngela M. Arlen, Howard M. Snyder, Andrew J. Kirsch

chapter 116|20 pages

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

ByRobert D. Moore, John R. Miklos

chapter 117|8 pages

Urological Complications of Gynecological Surgery

ByMonica L. Richardson, Craig V. Comiter