Landslides and Engineered Slopes. Experience, Theory and Practice contains the invited lectures and all papers presented at the 12th International Symposium on Landslides, (Naples, Italy, 12-19 June 2016). The book aims to emphasize the relationship between landslides and other natural hazards. Hence, three of the main sessions  focus on Volcanic-induced landslides, Earthquake-induced landslides and Weather-induced landslides respectively, while the fourth main session deals with Human-induced landslides. Some papers presented in a special session devoted to "Subareal and submarine landslide processes and hazard” and in a “Young Session” complete the books.

Landslides and Engineered Slopes. Experience, Theory and Practice underlines the importance of the classic approach of modern science, which moves from experience to theory, as the basic instrument to study landslides. Experience is the key to understand the natural phenomena focusing on all the factors that play a major role. Theory is the instrument to manage the data provided by experience following a mathematical approach; this allows not only to clarify the nature and the deep causes of phenomena but mostly, to predict future and, if required, manage similar events. Practical benefits from the results of theory to protect people and man-made works.

Landslides and Engineered Slopes. Experience, Theory and Practice  is useful to scientists and practitioners working in the areas of rock and soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and geology.

part 1|27 pages

Invited lectures JTC1 Heim lecture

chapter 1|25 pages

A review of landslide hazard and risk assessment methodology

ByOldrich Hungr

part 2|50 pages

Volcanic induced landslides Panel lectures

chapter 2|22 pages

Earthquake-induced displacement is insignificant in the reactivated Utiku landslide, New Zealand

ByC.I. Massey, E. Abbott, M. McSaveney, D.N. Petley, L. Richards

chapter 3|26 pages

Geotechnical analysis of instability phenomena at active volcanoes: Two case histories in Italy

ByP. Tommasi, T. Rotonda, L. Verrucci, A. Graziani, D. Boldini

part 3|12 pages

Earthquake induced landslides

chapter 4|10 pages

Threshold conditions and run-out displacements of the landslides induced by the Chi-Chi earthquake, Taiwan

ByMeei-Ling Lin, Ching-Ya Huang, Tseng-Chih Kao

part 3a|28 pages

Panel lectures

chapter 5|8 pages

Prediction of earthquake-induced landslides of pyroclastic fall deposits

ByM. Chigira, T. Suzuki

chapter 6|18 pages

Multi-level approach for zonation of seismic slope stability: Experiences and perspectives in Italy

ByF. Silvestri, G. Forte, M. Calvello

part 4|50 pages

Weather induced landslides

part 5|31 pages

Human induced landslides

chapter 10|29 pages

Human Induced Landslides

ByR. Fell

part 6|58 pages

Panel lectures

chapter 11|13 pages

Post-constructions landslides in the Panama Canal

ByM.A. De Puy

chapter 12|16 pages

Human-Induced Landslides: Toward the analysis of anthropogenic changes of the slope environment

ByM. Jaboyedoff, C. Michoud, M.-H. Derron, J. Voumard, G. Leibundgut, K. Sudmeier-Rieux, C. Michoud, F. Nadim, E. Leroi

chapter 13|26 pages

The long-term geologic hazards and consequent risk after the Wenchuan earthquake

ByRunqiu Huang, Bin Yu, Wei Hu, Weile Li, Xuanmei Fan, Chuan Tang, Qiang Xu

part 7|1888 pages

Lecture in memory of Prof. Arturo Pellegrino

chapter 14|18 pages

Professor Arturo Pellegrino, an inspiring researcher

ByS. Leroueil

chapter 15|9 pages

Development of a systematic approach to calibrate equivalent fluid runout models

ByJ. Aaron, O. Hungr, S. McDougall

chapter 17|8 pages

User requirements for an Earth Observation (EO)-based landslide information web service

ByF. Albrecht, D. Hölbling, E. Weinke, C. Eisank

chapter 18|8 pages

Material Point Method analysis of induced laboratory scaled landslide

ByM. Alvarado, A. Ruiz, N. Pinyol

chapter 19|8 pages

Back-analysis of a large earth-slide in stiff clays induced by intense rainfalls

ByM. Amanti, V. Chiessi, P.M. Guarino, D. Spizzichino, A. Troccoli, G. Vizzini, N.L. Fazio, P. Lollino, M. Parise, C. Vennari

chapter 20|8 pages

Stop-start landslides and the creep phenomena

ByM.G. Angeli, E. Bromhead, P. Gasparetto, F. Marabini, F. Pontoni

chapter 22|8 pages

Use of three-dimensional slope stability model and probabilistic method for landslides hazard analysis triggered by rainfall

ByG.F. Azevedo, N.M. Souza, M.T.M.G. Silva, H.E.M. Carvajal

chapter 23|6 pages

Rainfall and human interventions induced landslides in the north of Algeria

ByR. Bahar, L. Djerbal

chapter 24|7 pages

Landslide hazard zonation using the AHP model in Ayvashan dam watershed, Lorestan

ByS. Baharvand, J. Rahnamarad, S. Soori

chapter 25|8 pages

Ground surface deformations induced by tunneling under deep-seated landslides in the Northern Apennines of Italy imaged using advanced InSAR techniques

ByB. Bayer, L. Bertello, A. Simoni, M. Berti, D. Schmidt, M. Generali, M. Pizziolo

chapter 26|9 pages

Slope instabilities in Polish open-pit mines

ByZ. Bednarczyk

chapter 28|7 pages

Rockfall detection and volumetric characterisation using LiDAR

ByJ. Benjamin, N.J. Rosser, M.J. Brain

chapter 29|7 pages

Addition to the method of Mora & Vahrson for landslide susceptibility along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

ByB. Berov, P. Ivanov, N. Dobrev, M. Krastanov

chapter 30|5 pages

Landslide risk management at transport facilities

ByE. Bezuglova, S. Matsiy, V. Podtelkov

chapter 31|7 pages

A PSI-based analysis of landslides in the historic town of Volterra (Italy)

ByS. Bianchini, F. Pratesi, T. Nolesini, M. Del Soldato, N. Casagli

chapter 32|6 pages

Geotechnical in situ measures to improve landslides forecasting models: A case study in Tuscany (Central Italy)

ByG. Bicocchi, M. D’Ambrosio, G. Rossi, A. Rosi, C. Tacconi-Stefanelli, S. Segoni, M. Nocentini, P. Vannocci, V. Tofani, N. Casagli, F. Catani

chapter 33|8 pages

A case study of slope failure of a man-made reservoir

ByK.C. Birid, N.P. Shirode

chapter 34|9 pages

Passive composite anchors for landslide stabilization: An Italian-Polish research program

ByA. Bisson, S. Cola, P. Baran, T. Zydroń, A.T. Gruchot, R. Murzyn

chapter 35|7 pages

Using 2D InSAR, dGNSS and structural field data to understand the deformation mechanism of the unstable rock slope Gamanjunni 3, northern Norway

ByM. Böhme, H.S.S. Bunkholt, T. Oppikofer, J.F. Dehls, R.L. Hermanns, H.Ø. Eriksen, T.R. Lauknes, T. Eiken

chapter 37|6 pages

Long-term control of La Frasse Landslide: From theory to practice

ByCh. Bonnard, L. Laloui, L. Tacher, E. Prina Howald, G. Steinmann, G. Schaeren, Ch. Heubi, F. Geiser, C. Taruffi

chapter 38|8 pages

The role of the vineyards on shallow landslides

ByM. Bordoni, M.G. Persichillo, C. Meisina, S. Chersich, A. Vercesi, G.B. Bischetti, E.A. Chiaradia, A. Cislaghi, C. Vergani, R. Valentino, M. Bittelli, R. Comolli

chapter 39|8 pages

Monitoring of hydrological parameters for the identification of shallow landslides triggering: A case study from Northern Italy

ByM. Bordoni, C. Meisina, S. Chersich, M.G. Persichillo, R. Valentino, M. Bittelli

chapter 40|7 pages

Effects of modified irrigation procedures on the stability of cultivated slopes

ByG. Bosco, M. Dalpiaz, L. Simeoni

chapter 42|8 pages

Blasting induced landslides in sensitive clays

ByS. Bouchard, J.-S. L’Heureux, J. Johansson, S. Leroueil, D. LeBoeuf

chapter 44|6 pages

A new GIS-based multivariate statistical analysis for landslide susceptibility zoning

ByR. Bovolenta, B. Federici, R. Marzocchi, R. Berardi

chapter 45|6 pages

LAMP—LAndslide Monitoring and Predicting for the analysis of landslide susceptibility triggered by rainfall events

ByR. Bovolenta, R. Passalacqua, B. Federici, D. Sguerso

chapter 46|8 pages

Potential of satellite InSAR monitoring for landslide Failure Forecasting

ByF. Bozzano, P. Mazzanti, C. Esposito, S. Moretto, A. Rocca

chapter 47|6 pages

The Miramar Landslide at Herne Bay and the storm surge of 1953

ByE.N. Bromhead, M.-L. Ibsen, A.P. Dykes

chapter 51|8 pages

Laboratory simulation of a slow landslide mechanism

ByJ.M. Carey, M.J. McSaveney, B. Lyndsell, D.N. Petley

chapter 52|6 pages

The stability problems of a pile wall for containing a hill excavation in Asturias (Spain)

ByJ.L. Carrera, P. Sola, C.S. Oteo, J.A. Leira

chapter 53|8 pages

Innovative monitoring system for automated data acquisition and analysis

ByA. Carri, L. Spaggiari

chapter 56|9 pages

A web-based GIS system for landslide risk zonation: The case of Enna area (Italy)

ByF. Castelli, E. Castellano, F. Contino, V. Lentini

chapter 57|10 pages

The Betsiamites-Colombier slides along the St. Lawrence Estuary: Linking a 7250 years BP submarine slide to a 1663 coastal landslide

ByGeneviève Cauchon-Voyer, Jacques Locat, Serge Leroueil, Guillaume St-Onge, Denis Demers

chapter 59|6 pages

A landslide prediction method considering the depth ratio of the wetting zone

ByB.-G. Chae, J. Choi, H.-J. Park

chapter 61|7 pages

Influence of periodical rainfall on shallow slope failures based on finite element analysis

ByA. Chinkulkijniwat, S. Yubonchit

chapter 62|6 pages

Flume modelling of rigid barrier run-up mitigation measures

ByC.E. Choi, L.H.D. Liu, G. Goodwin, C.W.W. Ng

chapter 63|8 pages

Numerical analysis of debris flow hazards from case study

ByJ.H. Choi, B.G. Chae, K.F. Liu, Y.H. Wu

chapter 64|5 pages

A Landslide Susceptibility Map of the Messina Province (Sicily, Italy)

ByA. Ciampalini, F. Raspini, S. Bianchini, D. Lagomarsino, S. Moretti

chapter 65|8 pages

Considerations on the failure of the Cervinara slope

ByL. Comegna, E. Damiano, R. Greco, A. Guida, L. Olivares, L. Picarelli

chapter 66|7 pages

Modelling and mapping mass movements using statistic method and morphometric parameters

ByA.C. Corsi, O. Bitar, A.G. Siqueira, R.A. Stabile

chapter 67|5 pages

Toward a centralized data management center for integrated landslide monitoring in Emilia Romagna Region (Italy)

ByA. Corsini, F. Bonacini, G. Ciccarese, M. Mulas, F. Ronchetti, S. Nanni, G. Truffelli, G. Caputo, M. Pizziolo, S. Primerano, A. Monni

chapter 68|6 pages

A wireless crackmeters network for the analysis of rock falls at the Pietra di Bismantova natural heritage site (Northern Apennines, Italy)

ByA. Corsini, F. Bonacini, M. Deiana, R. Giusti, M. Russo, F. Ronchetti, C. Cantini, G. Truffelli, C. Iasio, M. Generali, L. Ascari, L. Chiesi, L. Venturi

chapter 69|8 pages

Slow landslides in urbanised clayey slopes: An emblematic case from the south of Italy

ByF. Cotecchia, C. Vitone, R. Petti, I. Soriano, F. Santaloia, P. Lollino

chapter 70|8 pages

Risk mapping for landslides and erosion in the municipality of Ipojuca-PE—Rurópolis community

ByR.Q. Coutinho, H.M. Henrique, C.C. Duarte, D.M. Nascimento

chapter 71|8 pages

Geological causes of earthquake induced large landslide: Case study of Daguangbao landslide

ByS.H. Cui, R.Q. Huang, X.J. Pei

chapter 72|6 pages

Submarine landslides in the western margin of the Ulleung Basin, East Sea

ByD. Cukur, G.-S. Kong, J.-J. Bahk, Horozal Senay, Y. Yoon, J.-K. Kim, J.-G. Choi, S.P. Kim

chapter 73|8 pages

Spatially distributed analysis of soil erosion in a mountain catchment

ByS. Cuomo, M. Della Sala

chapter 74|6 pages

Simple shear and wetting tests on unsaturated pyroclastic soils

ByS. Cuomo, M. Moscariello, V. Foresta

chapter 75|8 pages

Analysis and monitoring of a tunnelling-induced deep landslide reactivation

ByM.E. D’Effremo, A. Desideri, M.F. García Martínez, G. Gottardi, G. Ricceri, A. Selleri, P. Simonini, P. Torsello

chapter 76|7 pages

Morphology of late Quaternary mass-transport complexes along the South-Western Adriatc Margin

ByG. Dalla Valle, E. Campiani, F. Foglini, F. Gamberi, V. Maselli, C. Pellegrini, F. Trincardi

chapter 77|8 pages

Impact of blocks on deformable layers: Influence of block rotation and size

ByG. Dattola, G.B. Crosta, C. di Prisco

chapter 78|6 pages

Extremely Energetic Rockfalls: Some preliminary estimates

ByFabio V. De Blasio, Giovanni B. Crosta

chapter 79|6 pages

2D Modelling of rockslide displacements by non-linear time dependent relationships

ByM. De Caro, G.B. Crosta, R. Castellanza, F. Agliardi, G. Volpi, S. Alberti

chapter 80|10 pages

Characterization of mass movements in the Italian Alps using regional seismic networks

ByF. De Santis, V. Coviello, A. Manconi, M. Picozzi, A. Godio

chapter 81|8 pages

Investigation about the Bouhlou’s landslide at the Soummam valley, Algeria

ByN. Debabi, A. Seghir, A. Tahakourt

chapter 82|7 pages

Using ambient noise to investigate slope instabilities induced by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake (Sichuan, China)

ByV. Del Gaudio, J. Wasowski, Y. Luo, R. Huang, Y. Wang

chapter 83|8 pages

Thickness model of pyroclastic soils along mountain slopes of Campania (southern Italy)

ByM. Del Soldato, S. Segoni, P. De Vita, V. Pazzi, V. Tofani, S. Moretti

chapter 84|8 pages

Multi-modelling for a slope-scale deformation evolving from mass rock creep to rock avalanche

ByM. Della Seta, C. Esposito, G.M. Marmoni, S. Martino, G. Scarascia Mugnozza, F. Troiani

chapter 85|8 pages

Pore fluid composition in a clayey landslide of marine origin and its influence on shear strength along the slip surface

ByC. Di Maio, G. Scaringi, R. Vassallo, E. Rizzo, A. Perrone

chapter 86|9 pages

Multi-level design approaches for slope-stabilizing piles

ByC. di Prisco, A. Galli, S. Aversa, R.M.S. Maiorano

chapter 87|6 pages

Landslides and morphological characterization in the Serra do Mar, Brazil

ByH.C. Dias, V.C. Dias, B.C. Vieira

chapter 88|5 pages

Numerical modeling of the effect of rainfall on Azazga landslide, Algeria

ByL. Djerbal, R. Bahar

chapter 89|8 pages

Geological risk overview of the Metropolitan Area of São Paulo, Brazil

ByL.F. dos Santos, T. Antonelli, A.F. Lazeretti, D. Pinho

chapter 91|7 pages

A new assessment of the Southwell Topple of 1734

ByA.P. Dykes, M.-L. Ibsen, E.N. Bromhead

chapter 94|8 pages

Investigation of a landslide area in the Betic Cordillera Region in Granada, Spain

ByNecip Fazıl Fidan, Cem Akgüner, Rachid El Hamdouni Jenoui

chapter 95|8 pages

Debris flow hazard and susceptibility zonation in small watersheds in Itaoca municipality, São Paulo state, Brazil

ByC.J. Ferreira, D. Rossini-Penteado, M.J. Brollo, J.L. Picanço, M.C. da Silva, B.M. Guimarães

chapter 96|8 pages

Slope stability analysis of La Marogna slope: Combined survey and modeling approaches for a global assessment of past and future events

ByA.M. Ferrero, A. Filipello, G. Mandrone, G. Umili, F. Vagnon

chapter 98|8 pages

Integrated seismic monitoring system in a major aqueduct infrastructure

ByM. Fiorucci, R. Iannucci, S. Martino, A. Prestininzi, S. Rivellino, L. Lenti, A. Paciello

chapter 101|8 pages

Rainfall thresholds for triggering shallow landslides in Vara Valley (Liguria, Italy)

ByY. Galanti, R. Giannecchini, G. D. Amato Avanzi

chapter 103|9 pages

Simplified numerical analysis of rock block-anchor interaction

ByA. Galli, L. Flessati

chapter 106|8 pages

Experimental study on rockfall fragmentation: In situ test design and first results

ByJ.A. Gili, R. Ruiz, G. Matas, J. Corominas, N. Lantada, M.A. Núñez, F. Buill, J. Moya, A. Prades, S. Moreno

chapter 113|8 pages

The Montaguto earth flow: Nine years of observation and analyses

ByL. Guerriero, P. Revellino, G. Grelle, N. Diodato, F.M. Guadagno, J.A. Coe

chapter 116|8 pages

Numerical back analysis to optimize the laboratory scale model

ByF. Hamrouni, M. Jamei, H. Trabelsi, L. Elghezal

chapter 117|5 pages

A new approach of diffuse rockfall hazard

ByD. Hantz, Q. Ventroux, J.P. Rossetti, F. Berger

chapter 118|7 pages

Effectiveness of Dual Capillary Barrier as slope protection

ByF.R. Harnas, H. Rahardjo, A. Satyanaga, E.C. Leong

chapter 119|6 pages

Evaluation of seismic response characteristics of terrace slope based on array measurement of microtremor

ByY. Hata, T. Yoshikawa, F. Minato, K. Tokida, A. Murata, M. Miyajima, M. Yamada, K. Hada

chapter 120|7 pages

Temporary earthquake observation with very high density at residential valley-filling sites in Yokohama City, Japan

ByY. Hata, T. Yoshida, K. Tokida, Y. Fukushima, T. Ikeda

chapter 121|7 pages

Case-study of a quick clay landslide that caused the partial collapse of Mofjellbekken bridges in Norway

ByS.B. Haugen, L.A. Henderson, Å.M.W. Amdal

chapter 122|8 pages

Study of slope instabilities under effect of weathering and hydrothermal alteration in southern Brazil

ByM. Heidemann, L.A. Bressani, J.A. Flores, M. Porto

chapter 123|8 pages

Rock slope instabilities in Norway: First systematic hazard and risk classification of 22 unstable rock slopes from northern, western and southern Norway

ByR.L. Hermanns, T. Oppikofer, M. Böhme, J.F. Dehls, F.X. Yugsi Molina, I.M. Penna

chapter |8 pages

A review of landslide risk acceptability practices in various countries

ByOldrich Hungr, John Clague, N.R. Morgenstern, Doug VanDine, Darren Stadel

chapter 126|8 pages

Susceptibility assessment of rainfall-triggered flows and slides in the central-eastern Pyrenees

ByM. Hürlimann, N. Lantada, M. González, J. Pinyol

chapter 127|6 pages

Development of an innovative 3D position monitoring system for emergency applications based on wireless sensor network technology

ByE. Intrieri, G. Gigli, M. Nocentini, L. Lombardi, N. Casagli, L. Mucchi, F. Trippi, R. Schina, E. Carnevale, A. Fornaciai, L. Nannipieri, M. Favalli, J. Marturia, G. Bertolini, M. Pizziolo

chapter 128|9 pages

Stability analysis of deep cut slopes in anisotropic rocks with low quality

ByB. Janevski, A. Janevska

chapter 129|5 pages

Numerical modelling of seismic site effects and their impact on slope stability in Wellington, New Zealand

ByL. Janku, M. Villeneuve, C. Massey, A. Kaiser

chapter 130|9 pages

Landslide mapping for susceptibility and hazard assessment: North York Moors, UK

ByH. Jordan, D. Boon, C. Dashwood, T. Dijkstra, K. Freeborough, P. Hobbs, G. Jenkins, K. Lee, C. Pennington, H. Reeves

chapter 131|8 pages

Investigation of rock slope stability for an abandoned limestone quarry in Konya (Turkey)

ByV. Kalpakci, S. Ozturk, T. Topal, N. Huvaj

chapter 132|5 pages

Long term ground displacements due to a large landslide in western Greece

ByK. Kavoura, N. Sabatakakis, G. Tsiambaos

chapter 133|5 pages

Risk assessment of debris flow on expressway in Korea using GIS

ByB.-J. Kim, C.-Y. Yune, K.-S. Kim, S.-D. Lee

chapter 134|6 pages

Historical views and current perspective of debris flow disaster management in Brazil

ByM. Kobiyama, G.P. Michel, R.F. Goerl

chapter 135|9 pages

Optimizing the parameterization of mass flow models

ByJ. Krenn, M. Mergili, J.T. Fischer, P. Frattini, S.P. Pudasaini

chapter 137|7 pages

Rock slope pre-failure deformation database for improved transportation corridor risk management

ByR.A. Kromer, D.J. Hutchinson, M.J. Lato, A. Abellán

chapter 138|9 pages

Recent advances in landslide risk management measures in Hong Kong

ByJ.S.H. Kwan, H.W. Sun, C. Lam, R.C.H. Koo, K.K.S. Ho

chapter 139|8 pages

Investigation of distress of a reinforced earth wall in Hong Kong

ByHarris W.K. Lam, Dominic O.K. Lo, Jane Cunningham

chapter 140|8 pages

Effects of deflection wall on run-up height of debris flow

ByT.M.H. Le, S.O. Christensen, A. Watn, L.F. Christiansen, A. Emdal, H. Norem

chapter 141|6 pages

Stability evolution of deep-seated rock slides in the surroundings of large dam reservoirs

ByH. Lechner, A. Preh, A. Strauss, C. Zangerl

chapter 143|8 pages

Seismic response of the Güevéjar landslide (S Spain)

ByL. Lenti, S. Martino, J. Delgado, J.J. Galiana, C. López-Casado, J. Garrido, C. Sanz de Galdeano, J.A. Peláez, F.J. García-Tortosa

chapter 145|6 pages

Modelling study on rainfall infiltration and drainage effect of Badu landslide

ByT.B. Li, X. Wang, D.M. Xue, C.C. Ma

chapter 146|6 pages

Ancient landslides and contributions to Qiaojia basin’s deposits

ByT.T. Li, X.J. Pei, R.Q. Huang, S. Wang

chapter 147|8 pages

Spatially distributed modeling of landslide triggering: An approach based on principles of unsaturated soil plasticity

ByJ.J. Lizárraga, G. Buscarnera, P. Frattini, G.B. Crosta

chapter 148|9 pages

Spreads in Canadian sensitive clays

ByA. Locat, D. Demers, S. Leroueil

chapter 149|8 pages

Tsunamigenic landslides in Québec

ByJacques Locat, Dominique Turmel, Jonathan Leblanc, Denis Demers

chapter 150|9 pages

Analysis of the propagation of a large earthflow by SPH technique application

ByP. Lollino, D. Giordan, P. Allasia, M. Pastor

chapter 151|10 pages

The surface rupture system induced by fault activity—a case study in strong deformation zone of Wangjiapo

ByJ. Luo, X.J. Pei, R.Q. Huang, M. Liu, P. Xu

chapter 152|6 pages

A procedure to evaluate the susceptibility of rapid flowslides in Southern Italy

ByM.C. Mandaglio, N. Moraci, D. Gioffrè, A. Pitasi

chapter 154|8 pages

TRENT2D, a quasi-two-phase numerical code to simulate debris flow dynamics

ByM. Marchelli, M. Pirulli, C. Scavia, G. Rosatti

chapter 155|6 pages

Coupling field and satellite data for an event-based landslide inventory

ByM. Marjanović, N. Vulović, U. Đurić, B. Božanić

chapter 156|8 pages

Experimental and numerical modeling of anchors under seismic conditions

ByI.K. Markov, A.E. Totsev

chapter 157|8 pages

Integrated engineering-geological and numerical approach applied to the large Büyükçekmece (Turkey) landslide for evaluating earthquake-induced effects

ByS. Martino, P. Bigarrè, S. Coccia, C. Bourdeau, L. Lenti, O. Ozel, E. Yalcinkaya

chapter 158|6 pages

Critical thresholds for landslides in Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil

ByT.F. Martins, M. Ehrlich, W.A. Lacerda, R.N. D’Orsi

chapter 159|4 pages

Assessment of Lidar-derived DTMs for landslide susceptibility mapping: Application in the Brazilian subtropical forest

ByT.D. Martins, C. Oka-Fiori, B.C. Vieira, D.R. Montgomery

chapter 164|8 pages

Validation of a hybrid empirical-numerical model for simulating landslide-generated waves

ByG. Miller, S. McDougall, S. Liu, M. Porter, A. Watson

chapter 166|4 pages

Experimental analysis of velocity effect on residual shear strength

ByL. Mongiovi, A. Pasquato

chapter 167|7 pages

The physical environment and landslides in the Colombian Andean tropics

ByJuan Montero-Olarte

chapter 169|8 pages

The impacts of landslides on global society: Planning for change

ByRoger Moore, Robin McInnes

chapter 171|8 pages

East Cliff, Lyme Regis, UK: Balancing the needs of coastal protection, landslide prevention and the environment

ByRoger Moore, Matthew Stannard, Geoff Davis

chapter 172|8 pages

Comparison between deterministic and probabilistic stability analysis

ByA.T. Isabela Moreira Queiroz

chapter 173|8 pages

Analogue and numerical modeling of the Stromboli hot avalanches

ByS. Morelli, T. Salvatici, T. Nolesini, F. Di Traglia, C. Del Ventisette, N. Casagli, A. Di Roberto, M. Bisson, M. Pompilio, A. Bertagnini

chapter 176|5 pages

Bishop simplified applied to geotechnical mapping and local calculation of stability

ByV. Müller, M. Espíndola, R. Sbroglia, R. Higashi, J. Flores

chapter 178|5 pages

Using point clouds as topography input for 3D rockfall modeling

ByF. Noël, C. Cloutier, D. Turmel, J. Locat

chapter 179|8 pages

Quantification of casualties from potential rock-slope failures in Norway

ByT. Oppikofer, R.L. Hermanns, G. Sandøy, M. Böhme, M. Jaboyedoff, P. Horton, N.J. Roberts, H. Fuchs

chapter 181|9 pages

Landslide damage assessment at the intermediate to small scale

ByF. Palmisano, C. Vitone, F. Cotecchia

chapter 182|8 pages

The effect of land use change on landslide risk in Thailand

ByW. Pantanahiran

chapter 183|7 pages

Quantification of landslide hazards: Example from Hong Kong

ByS. Parry

chapter 184|7 pages

An integrated approach for landslide characterization in a historic centre

ByD. Peduto, L. Borrelli, L. Antronico, G. Gullà, G. Fornaro

chapter 185|8 pages

Deformation propagation and identification of an impending disaster of a retained high embankment based on monitoring of minor deformation

ByX.J. Pei, S. Zhang, R.Q. Huang, K.H. Wei, F.Z. Liu, Y.X. Duan

chapter 186|7 pages

The large Montescaglioso landslide of December 2013 after prolonged and severe seasonal climate conditions

ByR. Pellicani, G. Spilotro, R. Ermini, F. Sdao

chapter 187|5 pages

Large scale rockslides in the Argentinean Andes. Distribution and forcing factors

ByI. Penna, R.L. Hermanns, M. Jaboyedoff, L. Fauqué

chapter 188|8 pages

Shallow landslide susceptibility analysis in relation to land use scenarios

ByM.G. Persichillo, M. Bordoni, C. Meisina, C. Bartelletti, R. Giannecchini, G. D’Amato Avanzi, Y. Galanti, A. Cevasco, P. Brandolini, J.P. Galve, M. Barsanti

chapter 189|7 pages

Debris flow hazard zonation in Serra da Prata range, Paraná State, Brazil: Watershed morphometric constraints

ByJ.L. Picanço, H.S. Tanaka, M.J. Mesquita, V.V. Costa, E.F.O. Luiz, A.B.B. Lopes, F.K. Afonso, V. Pimenta

chapter 192|9 pages

Evolution from creeping to catastrophic landslides

ByN.M. Pinyol, A. Zervos, E.E. Alonso

chapter 193|8 pages

Analysis of Safety Factor in unsaturated pyroclastic slope

ByM. Pirone, R. Papa, M.V. Nicotera, G. Urciuoli

chapter 194|6 pages

The influence of slope instability processes in demographic dynamics of landslide-prone rural areas

ByL. Pisano, V. Dragone, C. Vennari, G. Vessia, M. Parise

chapter 195|6 pages

Reactivation and performance of a landslide in alpine climate at low altitude

ByR. Poisel, M. Ahmadabadi

chapter 196|8 pages

Multidisciplinary approach for hydrogeologic hazard assessment in the territory of the Campania Region

ByS. Porfido, G. Alessio, G. Gaudiosi, R. Nappi, E. Spiga

chapter 197|9 pages

Effects of mica content on hydraulic anisotropy of unsaturated soil

ByPriono, H. Rahardjo, E.C. Leong, K. Chatterjea

chapter 198|9 pages

Uncertainty analysis of slope stability considering geological heterogeneity

ByX.H. Qi, W.H. Zhou, D.Q. Li

chapter 199|4 pages

Formation mechanism of the Hejiagou rock landslide triggered by Wenchuan earthquake

ByZhao QiHua, Ding Zihan, Han Gang

chapter 200|8 pages

Numerical simulation of Geobarrier System under rainfall infiltration

ByH. Rahardjo, F.R. Harnas, A. Satyanaga, E.C. Leong, C.L. Wang, J.L.H. Wong

chapter 202|7 pages

Rockfall risk mitigation in the Tramuntana range of Mallorca (Spain)

ByJ.M. Rius Gibert, R. Aguiló González, C. Massanet Giménez

chapter 203|8 pages

Damage-based long term modelling of a large alpine rock slope

ByF. Riva, F. Agliardi, G.B. Crosta, D. Amitrano

chapter 205|6 pages

Definition of a fully functional EWS based on rainfall thresholds

ByA. Rosi, A. Battistini, S. Segoni, G. Rossi, F. Catani, N. Casagli

chapter 206|6 pages

Integration of multicopter drone measurements and ground-based data for landslide monitoring

ByG. Rossi, M. Nocentini, L. Lombardi, P. Vannocci, L. Tanteri, G. Dotta, G. Bicocchi, G. Scaduto, T. Salvatici, V. Tofani, S. Moretti, N. Casagli

chapter 207|8 pages

High resolution quaternary geological map, assisting hazard evaluations in Norway

ByL.F. Rubensdotter, G. Sandøy, K. Sletten, K. Stalsberg

chapter 208|8 pages

Deep-seated landslide triggered by tunnel excavation

ByP. Ruggeri, V.M.E. Fruzzetti, A. Vita, A. Paternesi, G. Scarpelli, D. Segato

chapter 209|8 pages

Comparison of block size distribution in rockfalls

ByR. Ruiz-Carulla, J. Corominas, O. Mavrouli

chapter 210|8 pages

Application of an integrated monitoring system for rock failures in the Coroglio tuff cliff (Naples, Italy)

ByM. Sacchi, F. Matano, M. Caccavale, G. Esposito, T. Caputo, R. Somma, C. Troise, G. De Natale, A. Minardo, L. Zeni, G. Zeni

chapter 211|8 pages

Use of a borehole shear test method for geotechnical mapping of landslide risk areas

ByM.Y. Sakamoto, L.H. Guesser, R.J. Contessi, R.A.R. Higashi, V.S. Müller, R.M. Sbroglia

chapter 213|7 pages

Mapping of areas susceptible to landslides in the watershed of Ribeirão Baú, Ilhota, Santa Catarina, Brazil

ByR.M. Sbroglia, R.A.R. Higashi, E.R. Tomazzoli, M.Y. Sakamoto, V.S. Müller

chapter 214|9 pages

Exploring possibilities of including detailed ALS derived biomass information into physically-based slope stability models at regional scale

ByElmar Schmaltz, Stefan Steger, Rainer Bell, Thomas Glade, Rens van Beek, Thom Bogaard, Di Wang, Markus Hollaus, Norbert Pfeifer

chapter 215|5 pages

Combination of rainfall thresholds and susceptibility maps in regional-scale landslide warning systems

ByS. Segoni, A. Rosi, V. Tofani, D. Lagomarsino, S. Moretti

chapter 216|6 pages

Site investigation and modelling of earthquake-induced rock slides in central-southern Chile

ByS.A. Sepúlveda, C. Pastén, S. Moya, M. García, M. Lara, G. Montalva, J. Quiroz, R. Hermanns, F. Yugsi-Molina, T. Oppikofer, I. Penna

chapter 218|8 pages

Stability analysis of the cliffs of Ponta Pirambu, Northeastern Brazil

ByR.N.F. Severo, R.Q. Coutinho, O.F. Santos Jr., J.R.C. Ribeiro

chapter 219|7 pages

Failure of a shear pile wall used for the stabilization of a long landslide

ByVincenzo Silvestri, Claudette Tabib

chapter 220|8 pages

Assessment of the stability conditions of a large-volume sandstone block in the northern sector of the Siq of Petra

ByD. Spizzichino, C. Margottini, V. Chiessi, D. Boldini

chapter 222|8 pages

Large moving landslide inside a lignite mine in northern Greece

ByC. Steiakakis, E. Apostolou, G. Papavgeri

chapter 223|8 pages

Residual strength of cemented kaolin clays from ring shearing testing

ByM. Suzuki, N.V. Hai

chapter 224|5 pages

Geomorphological analysis for landslide dams

ByC. Tacconi Stefanelli, S. Segoni, N. Casagli, F. Catani

chapter 225|8 pages

Physical modelling of landslides into reservoirs: Effect of capillarity on rheology of granular landslide at impact

ByW.A. Take, R.P. Mulligan, E.P. Stevenson, G.S. Miller

chapter 226|6 pages

Assessment of the 2006 to 2015 Corvara landslide evolution using a UAV-derived DSM and orthophoto

ByB. Thiebes, E. Tomelleri, A. Mejia-Aguilar, M. Rabanser, R. Schlögel, M. Mulas, A. Corsini

chapter 228|8 pages

Comparative analysis of heuristic and probabilistic landslide susceptibility models on the basis of a MORLE

ByE.R. Tomazzoli, J. Pellerin, D. Parizoto, J. Bonachea, J. Remondo, A. Cendrero

chapter 229|4 pages

Examination of hydrological indices for predicting landslides in regions with heavy snowfall

ByM. Touhei, T. Toriumi, S. Katsura, Y. Ishii

chapter 231|8 pages

Kinematic analysis of the 7250 cal BP Betsiamites landslide

ByDominique Turmel, Jacques Locat

chapter 232|7 pages

An investigation on landslide stabilizing piles by using 3-D finite element analyses

ByO.F. Usluogullari, E.S. Duman

chapter 233|6 pages

Experimental study for the design of flexible barriers under debris flow impact

ByF. Vagnon, A.M. Ferrero

chapter 234|8 pages

Pre and post 2015 Nepal earthquake landslide inventories

ByA. Valagussa, P. Frattini, G.B. Crosta, E. Valbuzzi

chapter 235|6 pages

Dynamic response of prone-to-fall rock compartments to ambient vibrations: Application for rock-fall hazard assessment

ByJ. Valentin, A. Capron, D. Jongmans, L. Baillet, E. Larose

chapter 236|8 pages

Probabilistic analyses of Rapid Drawdown

ByD.R. VandenBerge

chapter 238|7 pages

The effect of thermal fatigue in a limestone—a laboratory study

ByC.J. Villarraga, M. Gasc-Barbier, V. Gendre, J. Vaunat

chapter 240|6 pages

On the hydrogeological modelling of complex rockslides

ByG. Volpi, G.B. Crosta, P. Frattini, M. De Caro

chapter 241|6 pages

Experimental modelling of successive slope failures due to heavy rainfall

ByC. Voulgari, S. Utili

chapter 242|9 pages

A model for earthquake driven slope instabilities and morphologic landscape evolution

ByC. Voulgari, S. Utili, G.B. Crosta, G. Dattola, R.L. Hermann

chapter 243|6 pages

Minor landslides and floods events affecting transportation network in Switzerland, preliminary results

ByJ. Voumard, M.H. Derron, M. Jaboyedoff, N. Andres

chapter 244|7 pages

What happens when extreme weather conditions combine with inappropriate man activity?

ByI. Vukadinovic, G. Radjen

chapter 245|6 pages

Preliminary analysis of rainfall-induced slope failures using the material point method

ByB. Wang, P.J. Vardon, M.A. Hicks

chapter 246|6 pages

Comprehensive study on failure prediction of landslide dams by piping

ByF.W. Wang, Y. Kuwada, A.C. Okeke, M. Hoshimoto, T. Kogure, T. Sakai, H. Hayashi

chapter 247|4 pages

Features and evolution of Mahu landslide group, Sichuan

ByYunsheng Wang, Xinze Li, Jianxian He, Yonghong Luo, Qingxiong Lei

chapter 249|6 pages

The economic impact of landslides affecting the Scottish road network

ByM.G. Winter, B. Shearer, D. Palmer, D. Peeling, C. Harmer, J. Sharpe

chapter 251|8 pages

The centrifuge model test for the sliding mechanism of Suo’ertou landslide

ByWu Ye, Huang Runqiu, Han Wenxi

chapter 252|8 pages

Internal rock damage during landsliding: Kinematic effects

ByA. Yerro, N.M. Pinyol, E.E. Alonso

chapter 253|9 pages

Modelling the initiation and run-out of rainfall-induced slope instability

ByA. Yerro, E.E. Alonso, N.M. Pinyol

chapter 256|7 pages

DEM simulations of simple fragmentation experiments

ByT. Zhao, F. Dai, G.B. Crosta, F. De Blasio, S. Utili

chapter 257|7 pages

Rock mass structures of slopes at a proposed large hydropower station dam site in Southwestern China

ByW.H. Zhao, M. Yan, R.Q. Huang, Z.g Yang

chapter 258|9 pages

Landslide induced by colluvial loading of rockfall due to underground mining

ByDa Zheng, Ran Xiao, Wenlong Li, F.Z. Liu

chapter 259|8 pages

Data requirements for the assessment of shallow landslide susceptibility using logistic regression

ByT. Zieher, F.E. Gruber, M. Rutzinger, G. Meißl, C. Geitner, F. Perzl