This comprehensive handbook serves as a professional reference and practitioner’s guide to today’s most complete and concise view of private cloud security. It explores practical solutions to a wide range of private cloud computing security issues. The knowledge imparted will enable readers to determine whether the private cloud security solution is appropriate for their organization from a business and technical perspective, to select the appropriate cloud security model, and to plan and implement a cloud security adoption and migration strategy.

Introduction to Private Cloud Security. Private Cloud Computing Essentials. Private Cloud Security Baselines. Software as a Service (SaaS). Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas). Platform as a Service (Paas). Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Software and Data Segregation Security. Achieving Security in a Private Cloud. Taking Full Responsibility for Cyber Security. Selecting the Appropriate Product. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The Hybrid Cloud Alternative. Identification and Privacy in Cloud. Implementing Security in a Private Cloud. Characteristics of Private Cloud Security Solutions. Transitioning Security to a Private Cloud. Secure Management of Virtualized Resources. Improving Utilization with Virtualization. Deploying an On-Premises System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) Private Cloud. Monitoring Private Cloud Resources with a System Center Operations Manager. Continuous Private Cloud Monitoring. Managing a Private Cloud With a System Center Services Manager. Deploying a Hosted Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Securing the Private Cloud. Cloud Security Assessment and Authorization. Creating a Hybrid Cloud Solution. Joint Security and Privacy Aware Protocol Design. Preparing for Disaster Recovery. Implementing a Plan to Sustain Availability. Exploiting the Private Cloud for Disaster Recovery Options. Secure Data Management within and Across Data Centers. Availability, Recovery and Auditing. Advanced Private Cloud Computing Security. Advanced Private Cloud Computing Security. Advanced Failure Detection and Prediction. Future Directions in Private Cloud Computing Security – Risks and Challenges. Private Cloud Computing with Advanced Security Services. Advanced Security Architectures for Private Cloud Computing. Appendices. Appendix A: List of Top Private Cloud Computing Security. Implementation and Deployment Companies. Appendix B: List of Private Cloud Computing Security Products. Appendix C: List of Private Cloud Computing Security Standards. Appendix D: List of Miscellaneous Private Cloud Computing Security Resources. Appendix E: Frequently Asked Questions. Appendix F: Case Studies. Appendix G: Glossary. Index.