Sustainable practices within the mining and energy sectors are assuming greater significance due to uncertainty and change within the global economy and safety, security, and health concerns. This book examines sustainability issues facing the mining and energy sectors by addressing six major themes: Mining and Mineral Processing; Metallurgy and Recycling; Environment; Energy; Socioeconomic and Regulatory; and Sustainable Materials and Fleets. Emphasizing an integrated transdisciplinary approach, it deliberates on optimizing mining productivity and energy efficiency and discusses integrated waste management practices. It discusses risk management, cost cutting, and integration of sustainable practices for long-term business value. It gives a comprehensive outlook for sustainable mineral futures from academic and industry perspectives covering mine to mill optimization, waste, risk and water management, improved efficiencies in mining tools and equipment, and performance indicators for sustainable developments. It covers how innovation and research underpin management of natural resources including sustainable carbon management.

•Focuses on mining and mineral processing, metallurgy and recycling, the environment, energy, socioeconomic and regulatory issues, and sustainable materials and fleets.

•Describes metallurgy and recycling and uses economic, environmental and social parameter analyses to identify areas for improvement in iron, steel, aluminium, lead, zinc, copper, and gold production.

•Discusses current research on mining, performance indicators for sustainable development, sustainability in mining equipment, risk and safety management, and renewable energy resources

•Covers alternative and conventional energy sources for the mineral sector as well water treatment and remediation and energy sustainability in mining.

•Provides an overview of sustainable carbon management.

•Offers an interdisciplinary approach with international focus.

section |103 pages

Mining and Mineral Processing

chapter |11 pages

New Paradigms for Sustainable Mineral Processing

ByS. Komar Kawatra

chapter |11 pages

Assessment of Sustainability of Mineral Processing Industries

ByVladimir Strezov, Tim Evans

chapter |8 pages

A Step Change in Mining Productivity

Time to Deliver the Promise*
ByJoe Pease, Stephen Walters, Luke Keeney, Greg Shapland

chapter |16 pages

An Approach to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Mining Projects

BySarma S. Kanchibotla, Tapiwa Chenje

chapter |22 pages

Energy Use in Comminution in a Global Context

ByMichael J. Daniel

chapter |31 pages

Mill-to-Melt Energy Efficiency Opportunities

BySheila Devasahayam

section |119 pages


chapter |30 pages

Processing of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Zero-Waste Materials Recovery

ByD. Marinos, Brajendra Mishra

chapter |15 pages

Selective Leaching

An Ecological Solution for Recovering Metals from Complex Minerals and Materials?
ByGretchen T. Lapidus

chapter |15 pages

Reductive Leaching of Metal Oxides in Hydrometallurgical Processing of Nickel Laterite Ores, Deep Sea Manganese Nodules, and Recycling of Spent Batteries/Catalysts

ByGamini Senanayake, Alexander Senaputra, L. C. S. Dharmasiri, Dong-Jin Kim, S. M. Shin, Jeong-Soo Sohn, Kyung-Ho Park, Jim Avraamides

chapter |16 pages

Sustainable Recycling Technology for Electronic Waste

BySandip Chatterjee, Archana Kumari, Manis Kumar Jha

chapter |19 pages

Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from e-Wastes (Nd-Fe-B Spent Magnets) Using Magnesium Chloride Salts

A Preliminary Study
ByKomal Babu Addagatla, Sheila Devasahayam, M. Akbar Rhamdhani

section |119 pages


chapter |17 pages

Building Suitable Restoration Approaches in the Brownfields

BySingarayer K. Florentine, Patrick Graz, Augustine Doronila, Rachael Martin, Kim Dowling, Nimesha Fernando

chapter |16 pages

Mining and the Environment

ByGreg You, Dakshith Ruvin Wijesinghe

chapter |26 pages

Sustainable Management of Mine Induced Water

ByMuhammad Muhitur Rahman, Dharmappa Hagare, Muttucumaru Sivakumar, Raghu N. Singh

chapter |18 pages

Bioflocculants Relevant for Water Treatment and Remediation

ByK. A. Natarajan, K. Karthiga Devi

chapter |15 pages

Sustainability and Regional Development

When Brownfields Become Playing Fields
ByKim Dowling, Singarayer K. Florentine, Rachael Martin, Dora C. Pearce

chapter |8 pages

Sustainability of Minerals Processing and Metal Production for European Economies in Transition

ByVladimir Strezov, Natasa Markovska, Meri Karanfilovska

chapter |15 pages

Toward Sustainable Design of Landfill Clay Liners

A Case Study
BySamudra Jayasekera

section |216 pages


chapter |29 pages

Water and Energy Nexus

Impact of Energy Development on Water Resources
ByMichael Hightower

chapter |27 pages

Alternative Energy Sources for the Mineral Sector

An Overview
BySheila Devasahayam, Raman Singh

chapter |32 pages

Nuclear Power

Current Status and Prospects
ByGail H. Marcus

chapter |16 pages

Carbon Capture and Storage

ByJim Underschultz, Kevin Dodds, Karsten Michael, Sandeep Sharma, Terry Wall, Steve Whittaker

chapter |22 pages


Current and Emerging Technologies and Materials for Solar Power Conversion
ByVenkata Manthina, Alexander Agrios, Shahzada Ahmad

chapter |24 pages

Improving Process Efficiency by Waste Heat Recuperation

An Application of the Limaçon Technology
ByIbrahim A. Sultan, Truong H. Phung, Ali Alhelal

chapter |31 pages

Urban Waste (Municipal Solid Waste—MSW) to Energy

ByMoshfiqur Rahman, Deepak Pudasainee, Rajender Gupta

chapter |14 pages

Electrochemical Energy Systems and Efficient Utilization of Abundant Natural Gas

ByManoj K. Mahapatra, Boxun Hu, Prabhakar Singh

chapter |16 pages

Unconventional Gas

ByJim Underschultz

section |67 pages

Socio-Economic, Regulatory

chapter |14 pages

A Research and Education Framework to Support the Development of a Sustainable and Socially Responsible Mining Industry in Africa

ByJennifer Broadhurst, Susan T. L. Harrison, Jochen Petersen, Jean-Paul Franzidis, Dee Bradshaw

chapter |16 pages

Electronic Waste Processing through Copper Recycling

An Economic Analysis
ByMaryam Ghodrat, M. Akbar Rhamdhani, Geoffrey Brooks, Syed Masood, Glen Corder

chapter |12 pages

Integrating Sustainability for Long-Term Business Value

ByLiza Maimone, Kerryn Schrank

section |62 pages

Sustainable Materials, Fleets

chapter |19 pages

Sustainability Allusion, Societal Marketing, and the Environmental Footprint of Hybrid Autos

ByChristopher S. Wright, Alex Kouznetsov, Sarah Kim

chapter |20 pages


From the Origin of the Concept to the Fabrication Methodologies for Applications in Pipeline Coatings
ByShihao Huang, Sagar Cholake, Wen Lee, Kenaope Maithakimako, Divya Eratte, Sheila Devasahayam, Sri Bandyopadhyay