This book looks at the synthesis of polyaniline by different methods, under different conditions, for various applications, and presents studies of its properties by a wide range of the modern physic-chemical methods. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of experimental results from the point of view of the correlations in the triad synthesis conditions–structurephysico–chemical properties. It combines the results of experimental investigations and original methodology of the description of physical–chemical and electrochemical phenomena at interface surfaces, showing an influence of such phenomena on the applied aspects of the polyaniline and nanocomposites on its basis applications.

chapter 2|30 pages

Morphology of Polyaniline’S Films Electrochemically Deposited on the Surface of Al-Based Amorphous Metal Alloys

ByM. M. Yatsyshyn, L. M. Boichyshyn, I. I. Demchyna, Yu. A. Hnizdiukh

chapter 3|60 pages

Electrooptic Phenomena in Conjugated Polymeric Systems Based on Polyaniline and its Derivatives

ByO. I. Aksimentyeva, O. I. Konopelnyk, D. O. Poliovyi

chapter 4|28 pages

An Investigation of Monomolecular Films of Polyanilines

ByI.Y.E. Opaynych, O.I. Aksimentyeva, Yu. Yu. Horbenko

chapter 5|40 pages

Epoxy–Polyaniline Composites: Synthesis, Structure, Properties

ByV. P. Zakordonskiy, O. I. Aksimentyeva, A. I. Krupak

chapter 6|23 pages

Thermochromic Effect in the Films of Conjugated Polyaminoarenes

ByO. I. Konopelnyk, O. I. Aksimentyeva

chapter 7|44 pages

Polyaniline in Chemo- and Biosensorics: Overview

ByYa. S. Kovalyshyn, O. V. Reshetnyak

chapter 8|43 pages

Corrosion Protection of Aluminum and Al-Based Alloys by Polyaniline and Its Composites

ByO. V. Reshetnyak, M. M. Yatsyshyn

chapter 9|39 pages

Synthesis and Physico–Chemical Properties of Composites of Conjugated Polyaminoarenes with Dielectric Polymeric Matrices

ByO. I. Aksimentyeva, O. I. Konopelnyk, G. V. Martyniuk, O. M. Yevchuk

chapter 10|26 pages

Polyanilines: Generation of Electrochemiluminescence

ByO. V. Reshetnyak

chapter 11|26 pages

Synthesis and Properties of Composites Based on Polyaniline and Poly(Anilineco-Nitroaniline) with Xerogel of Vanadium (V) Oxide

ByB. B. Ostapovych, O. V. Reshetnyak, M. V. Buzhans–ka

chapter 12|50 pages

Surface Modification of Polymeric Materials by Poiyaniline and Application of Polyaniline/Polymeric Composites

ByYu. A. Hnizdiukh, M. M. Yatsyshyn, O. V. Reshetnyak

chapter 13|24 pages

Hybrid Nanosystems Based on Conjugated Polyaminoarenes Doped by Ferrum–Containing Compounds

ByO. I. Aksimentyeva, Yu. Yu. Horbenko, O. I. Konopelnyk

chapter 14|24 pages

Structure and Thermal Stability of Silica–Glauconite / Polyaniline Composite

ByM. M. Yatsyshyn, V. M. Makogon, O. V. Reshetnyak, J. Błażejowski