When it comes to electronics, demand grows as technology shrinks. From consumer and industrial markets to military and aerospace applications, the call is for more functionality in smaller and smaller devices. Culled from the second edition of the best-selling Electronics Handbook, Microelectronics, Second Edition presents a summary of the current state of microelectronics and its innovative directions.

This book focuses on the materials, devices, and applications of microelectronics technology. It details the IC design process and VLSI circuits, including gate arrays, programmable logic devices and arrays, parasitic capacitance, and transmission line delays. Coverage ranges from thermal properties and semiconductor materials to MOSFETs, digital logic families, memory devices, microprocessors, digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, digital filters, and multichip module technology. Expert contributors discuss applications in machine vision, ad hoc networks, printing technologies, and data and optical storage systems. The book also includes defining terms, references, and suggestions for further reading. This edition features two new sections on fundamental properties and semiconductor devices.

With updated material and references in every chapter, Microelectronics, Second Edition is an essential reference for work with microelectronics, electronics, circuits, systems, semiconductors, logic design, and microprocessors.

chapter 1

Semiconductor Materials

ByStuart K. Tewksbury

chapter 2

Thermal Properties

ByDavid F. Besch

chapter 3


Edited BySidney Soclof

chapter 4

Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor

Edited ByJohn R. Brews

chapter 5

Integrated Circuits

Edited ByTom Chen

chapter 6

Integrated Circuit Design

BySamuel O. Agbo, Eugene D. Fabricius

chapter 7

Digital Logic Families

ByRobert J. Feugate

chapter 8

Memory Devices

ByShih-Lien Lu

chapter 9


ByJames G. Cottle

chapter 10

D/A and A/D Converters

BySusan A. Garrod

chapter 11

Application-Specific Integrated Circuits

ByConstantine N. Anagnostopoulos, Paul P.K. Lee

chapter 12

Digital Filters

ByJonathon A. Chambers, Sawasd Tantaratana, Bruce W. Bomar

chapter 13

Multichip Module Technology

ByPaul D. Franzon

chapter 14

Testing of Integrated Circuits

ByWayne Needham

chapter 15

Semiconductor Failure Modes 1

ByVictor Meeldijk

chapter 16

Fundamental Computer Architecture

ByJoy S. Shetler

chapter 17

Software Design and Development

ByMargaret H. Hamilton

chapter 18

Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems

ByBogdan M. Wilamowski

chapter 19

Machine Vision

Edited ByDavid A. Kosiba, Rangachar Kasturi

chapter 20

A Brief Survey of Speech Enhancement 1

ByYariv Ephraim, Hanoch Lev-Ari, William J.J. Roberts

chapter 21

Ad Hoc Networks

ByMichel D. Yacoub, Paulo Cardieri, Élvio João Leonardo, Álvaro Augusto Machado Medeiros

chapter 22

Network Communication

ByJames E. Goldman

chapter 23

Printing Technologies and Systems

ByJohn D. Meyer

chapter 24

Data Storage Systems

ByJerry C. Whitaker

chapter 25

Optical Storage Systems

ByPraveen Asthana

chapter 26

Error Correction

Edited ByFabrizio Pollara