Geoinformatics for Marine and Coastal Management provides a timely and valuable assessment of the current state of the art geoinformatics tools and methods for the management of marine systems. This book focuses on the cutting-edge coverage of a wide spectrum of activities and topics such as GIS-based application of drainage basin analysis, contribution of ontology to marine management, geoinformatics in relation to fisheries management, hydrography, indigenous knowledge systems, and marine law enforcement. The authors present a comprehensive overview of the field of Geoinformatic Applications in Marine Management covering key issues and debates with specific case studies illustrating real-world applications of the GIS technology. This "box of tools" serves as a long-term resource for coastal zone managers, professionals, practitioners, and students alike on the management of oceans and the coastal fringe, promoting the approach of allowing sustainable and integrated use of oceans to maximize opportunities while keeping risks and hazards to a minimum.

Foreword. Preface. Editors. Contributors. Geoinformatics for Applied Coastal and Marine Management. Mapping the Seabed. A GIS-Based Application of Drainage Basin Analysis and Geomorphometry in the Submarine Environment: The Gollum Canyon System, Northeast Atlantic. Recent Developments in Remote Sensing for Coastal and Marine Applications. Current and Future Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Trends in Coastal and Marine Management. Ontologies and Their Contribution to Marine and Coastal Geoinformatics Interoperability. Applied Marine Management with Volunteered Geographic Information. Geoinformatic Applications in Marine Management. Navigating a Sea of Data: Geoinformatics for Law Enforcement at Sea. Geospatial Technologies and Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Spatial Information and Ecosystem-Based Management in the Marine Arctic. Geospatial Technologies for Siting Coastal and Marine Renewable Infrastructures. Geoinformatics for Fisheries Management. Geoinformatics in Hydrography and Marine Navigation. The Use of Geoinformatics by the Irish Naval Service in Maritime Emergency and Security Response. Spatial Analysis for Coastal Vulnerability Assessment. Index.