Regionalization and Harmonization in TVET contains the papers presented at the 4th UPI International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET 2016, Bandung, Indonesia, 15-16 November 2016).

1. Standardization in Regionalization and Harmonization
2. Skill and Personal Development
3. Social and Cultural Issues
4. Teaching Innovations in TVET
5. Innovations in Engineering and Education.

part 2|46 pages

Skill and personal development

chapter 5|3 pages

Life-skill education model for empowering elderly people

ByA. Hufad, J.R. Pramudia, M.I. Hilmi

chapter 6|4 pages

Developing national core standard for TVET personnel in the Malaysian education system

ByA. Ismail, R. Hassan, M.M. Mohamad, D.I. Rosli

chapter 7|5 pages

Transferable skills of engineering students and lecturers at universities in Indonesia and Malaysia

ByA. Setiawan, M. Bukit, I. Kuntadi, J.M. Yunos, K.M. Salleh, L.C. Sern, N.L. Sulaiman, M.F. Mohamad

chapter 8|4 pages

Work-oriented vocational learning

ByA. Ana, A.G. Abdullah, I. Widiaty, S. Subekti, Saripudin

chapter 9|2 pages

Skills development and employment within the TVET context in Timor Leste

ByG.S. Ximenes, M.L. Soares

chapter 11|4 pages

English language training in the TVET context in Timor-Leste

ByJ.P. Martins

chapter 12|6 pages

Malaysian teachers’ competency in technical vocational education and training: A review

ByK. Ismail, Z.M. Nopiah, M.S. Rasul, P.C. Leong

part 3|62 pages

Social and cultural issues

chapter 16|2 pages

Entrepreneurial intentions: A review of self efficacy of tourism vocational school students

ByA. Ana, Y. Rostika, Y. Rahmawati, R. Hurriyati

chapter 18|4 pages

Finding Sudalarang as an architecture vocational village

ByD.P. Mulyana, L. Widaningsih, T. Megayanti

chapter 19|4 pages

Perception of vocational high school students on the transformation of local wisdom value

ByE.E. Nikmawati, I. Widiaty, R. Hurriyati, Y. Achdiani

chapter 20|3 pages

Developing content of curriculum based on local wisdom in a vocational high school

Edited ByI. Widiaty, I. Kuntadi, Y. Achdiani, A. Ana

chapter 21|5 pages

Developing training and vocational education for achieving gender equality

ByI.D.A. Nurhaeni, Y. Kurniawan, Supartiningsih

chapter 23|8 pages

English as a second language for an international nursery student in United Kingdom

ByMukhaiyar, S. Utari, R. Mukhaiyar

chapter 25|4 pages

Traditional game to educate togetherness by Anak Bawang Community

ByS.H. Pujihartati, M. Wijaya

part 4|114 pages

Teaching innovations in TVET

chapter 30|4 pages

The socio-cultural learning in an Indonesian Polytechnic

ByA. Abduh, R. Rosmaladewi

chapter 31|4 pages

The development of an android-based English vocabulary introduction education game for early childhood

ByA.B. Utomo, G.D. Robbani, S. Nurmasitah

chapter 32|5 pages

Development of graphic design learning model based on multimedia

ByA. Huda, K. Rukun

chapter 36|3 pages

Peer tutoring as a way of improving students’ achievement in the digital drawing subject

ByH. Juniati, T. Aryanti, T. Megayanti

chapter 39|5 pages

Integration model of employability skills in vocational education to support competitive industry

ByI. Hanafi, M. Ma’sum, R. Febriana

chapter 40|4 pages

Vocational learning tools based on scientific learning

ByJ. Kustija, D. Fauziah

chapter 43|4 pages

The learning model development of higher order thinking on electronics system subject

ByM. Anwar, N. Jalinus, Pardjono

chapter 44|4 pages

The implementation of multimedia animation to improve the mastery of material about crystal defects in engineering courses

ByM. Komaro, A. Djohar, A. Setiawan, B. Hasan, A. Wibi

chapter 46|4 pages

Attention cueing in developing Simplified Data Encryption Standard (SDES) simulation

ByP.W. Yunanto, A. Diamah, Soeprijanto

chapter 49|5 pages

Upgrading student creativity in computing subjects by synectics application

ByS.C. Wibawa, R. Harimurti, B. Sujatmiko, F.I. Sari, S. Dwiyanti

chapter 52|4 pages

Interactive multimedia-based learning to improve students’ creative thinking skills

ByY. Irawati, L. Nurlaela, M. Wahini

part 5|80 pages

Innovations in engineering and education

chapter 54|5 pages

Network planning software development for wireless communication system subject learning media

ByA.B. Pantjawati, E.A. Juanda, B. Mulyanti, M. Mutasimbillah

chapter 56|4 pages

Performance improvement of a domestic refrigerator using parallel expansion device

ByD. Supriawan, E.T. Berman, M.M. Al Gifari, M. Mutaufiq

chapter 57|5 pages

Internship program in higher vocational education: Students’s performance evaluation

ByD. Zakaria, A.G. Abdullah, M. Somantri, A.A. Danuwijaya

chapter 58|3 pages

Effect of installation of a T-junction on the performance of an air-conditioning system

ByE.T. Berman, A. Setiawan, S. Hasan, M. Mutaufiq

chapter 60|4 pages

The implementation of radio frequency identification as a learning tool to increase a student’s creativity

ByG.R. Dantes, K. Sudarma, G. Nurhayata, N. Dantes

chapter 61|4 pages

Face-expression detection: Detection of facial expression for optimizing the role of the e-learning system

ByG.R. Dantes, N.K. Suarni, P.H. Suputra, N.K.A. Suwastini, I.N. Jampel

chapter 62|4 pages

Performance investigation of an air-cooled chiller system using pure hydrocarbons as refrigerant

ByK. Sumardi, E.T. Berman, M. Mutaufiq

chapter 65|2 pages

Vocational education with multi-competency based on community needs

ByMukhidin, S. Prihartiningsih, A. Mustikawanto

chapter 70|4 pages

Multimedia learning to increase student achievement in metal corrosion and coating subject material

ByY. Sukrawan, R.A. Hamdani, M. Komaro