Dynamic economics, technological changes, increasing pressure from competition and customers to improve manufacturing and services are some of the major challenges to enterprises these days. New ways of improving organizational activities and management processes have to be created, in order to allow enterprises to manage the seemingly intensifying competitive markets successfully. Enterprises apply business optimizing solutions to meet new challenges and conditions. But also ensuring effective development for long-term competitiveness in a global environment. This is necessary for the application of qualitative changes in the industrial policy.

New Trends in Process Control and Production Management” (MTS 2017) is the collection of research papers from authors from seven countries around the world. They present case studies and empirical research which illustrates the progressive trends in business process management and the drive to achieve enterprise development and sustainability.

chapter 1|4 pages

Options for the use of energy crops in the process of renewable energy production

ByP. Adamišin, E. Huttmanová, J. Chovancová

chapter 2|6 pages

Ecological aspects of manufacturing enterprises activity: Analysis methods

ByB.A. Amanzholova, E.V. Khomenko

chapter 3|5 pages

Identification of the risks of PPP projects and their valuation

ByE. Augustínová

chapter 4|4 pages

Comparison of the development of waste generation and waste management in the EU

ByM. Bačová, M. Stričík

chapter 5|6 pages

Management styles as a basic assumption of maximizing the company’s value

ByP. Badura, K. Vavrová, M. Bikár, M. Kmet’ko

chapter 6|6 pages

Analysis of ergonomics risks using the RULA method for a selected profession

ByM. Balážiková, M. Dulebová

chapter 8|4 pages

Management of technological inovation introducing in mineral industry

ByV. Bauer, M. Herman, J. Zápach

chapter 10|6 pages

Changes to transportation systems and socio-economic impacts

ByH. Bínová, D. Heralová, R. Vokáč

chapter 11|6 pages

Financial reporting as a tool for enhancing the efficiency of SMEs

ByS. Blahútová, M. Sedliačiková

chapter 12|4 pages

Management of production in the manufacturing enterprise

ByM. Bosák, A. Tarča, A. Belasová, V. Rudy

chapter 13|5 pages

A new requirement of ISO 9001:2015 standard

ByK. Čekanová, M. Rusko

chapter 14|6 pages

Peculiarities of managing social enterprises

ByE. Černá, J. Syrovátková

chapter 15|6 pages

Internal and external audit: Relationship and effects

ByM. Daňová

chapter 16|4 pages

Key factors of mining sustainability of chosen mineral raw material

ByL. Domaracká, M. Taušová, M. Shejbalová Muchová, B. Benčőová

chapter 18|3 pages

Implementation of business intelligence tools in companies

ByJ. Dugas, A. Seňová, B. Kršák, V. Ferencz

chapter 19|4 pages

The use of the geographic information system for instrument approach design

ByS. Ďurčo, J. Sabo, D. Čekanová, T. Puškáš

chapter 20|4 pages

The issue of sustainable industrial growth concerning mineral resources

ByJ. Dvořáček, R. Sousediková, S. Matušková, Z. Kudelová

chapter 23|4 pages

Management for operation of the aviation electronic security systems

ByM. Džunda, D. Čekanová, Ž. Miženková, Z. Šusterová

chapter 24|5 pages

Development and trends in airlines business models

ByE. Endrizalová, M. Novák, I. Kameníková

chapter 25|5 pages

Verbal expressions of mental imbalance among air traffic controllers

ByL. Fábry, R. Rozenberg, L. Socha, V. Socha

chapter 26|4 pages

Logistics management of airports

ByJ. Ferencová, P. Koščák, J. Ferenc, P. Puliš

chapter 29|5 pages

Modern business models and prediction in tourism

ByP. Gallo, M. Karahuta, D. Matušiková, A. Šenková

chapter 30|5 pages

Using the balanced scorecard concept with the mining industry as example

ByP. Gallo, B. Mihalčová

chapter 31|6 pages

Research and development of a new ergonomie tool in the meaning of the Industry 4.0 concept

ByM. Gašová, M. Gaso, A. Štefánik

chapter 32|5 pages

Dependence quantification of comparative advantage on V4 export performance

ByM. Hambálková, Z. Kádeková

chapter 33|6 pages

Ergonomie programs based on the HCS model 3E as integral part of sustainable CSR strategy

ByK. Hatiar, H. Fidlerová, P. Sakál

chapter 34|5 pages

Cross-border M&A activity within the European area

ByJ. Hečková, A. Chapčáková, E. Litavcová, S. Marková

chapter 35|6 pages

Business performance improvement applying controlling tools

ByJ. Horváthová, M. Mokrišová

chapter 36|6 pages

Manager’s ability to make the right decisions in industrial enterprises

ByH. Hrablik Chovanová, D. Babčanová, S.A. Firsova, J. Samáková

chapter 37|6 pages

Building competitive advantage

ByD. Hrušovská, M. Matušovič

chapter 38|6 pages

Moral decision-making of business managers

ByJ. Hvastová

chapter 39|4 pages

RFID as innovation for improvement of manufacturing plant performance

ByE. Hyránek, A. Sorokač, B. Mišota

chapter 40|4 pages

Suppression of unfair competition in Poland

ByK. Chochowski

chapter 42|7 pages

Analysis of reported information about liabilities in financial statements in Slovakia

ByZ. Juhászová, M. Mateášová, M. Kicová

chapter 44|6 pages

Modeling of automobile components and spare parts demand by probability theory methods

ByK. Kabdi, T. Suleimenov, A. Abay, M. Bosák

chapter 45|6 pages

Development of a pricing system providing efficient price management

ByA.M. Kashirina

chapter 46|4 pages

Regulation of remaining deficit in subsystems of discrete manufacturing

ByM. Khayrullina, V. Mamonov

chapter 48|5 pages

WIP inventory optimization in electrode production

ByO. Kislitsyna, A. Chuvaev, M. Khayrullina

chapter 51|6 pages

Tourism information flows in destination management

ByG. Kol’veková, E. Liptáková, C. Sidor, B. Kršák

chapter 52|5 pages

Economic aspects of inspection of pipelines with unmanned aerial vehicles

ByC. Kovács, S. Szabo, S. Absolon

chapter 53|5 pages

Corporate reputation in the automotive industry

ByM. Kozáková, J. Lukáč

chapter 54|6 pages

Use of modern technologies in the ergonomics application in logistics

ByM. Kramárová, Ľ. Dulina, I. Čechová, M. Krajčovič

chapter 55|6 pages

Safety, quality and reliability in operations and production

ByA. Lališ, P. Vittek, J. Kraus

chapter 56|6 pages

Application of computer aided technology in production system planning

ByŠ. Václav, P. Košťál, Š. Lecký, D. Michal

chapter 57|4 pages

Creative quality management

ByA. Linczényi, R. Nováková

chapter 58|6 pages

Higher education of Ukraine and the needs of consumers

ByP. Maciaszczyk, I. Chaika, I. Britchenko

chapter 59|6 pages

Municipal companies

ByH. Marcin Jakubíková

chapter 60|6 pages

Legislative changes concerning VAT in the context of e-commerce

ByS. Martinková, A. Bánociová

chapter 61|6 pages

The sector of biotechnology in Poland

ByP. Marzec, G. Krawczyk

chapter 62|4 pages

Shared services centers and their task at enterprise financial management

ByM. Mateášová, J. Meluchová

chapter 63|6 pages

Endogenous and exogenous effects of R&D in enterprise innovations activity

ByM. Matušovič, D. Hrušovská

chapter 64|5 pages

Risk resources of decision-making in small and medium enterprises

ByV.T. Mika, M. Hudáková

chapter 65|5 pages

Economic conditionality of law and responsibilities associated with it

ByT. Mikhaylina, D. Palaščáková

chapter 67|5 pages

Sustainable development of region in decline with the support of tourism

ByL. Mixtaj, A. Csikόsová, E. Weiss, R. Weiss

chapter 68|4 pages

The fee policy and the financing of air navigation services in the Czech & Slovak Republic

ByŽ. Miženková, E. Jenčová, A. Tobisová, J. Vagner

chapter 69|5 pages

Transition from functional to process management of the selected company

ByZ. Nižniková, E. Manová, J. Lukáč, J. Simonidesová

chapter 70|5 pages

Types of unmanned aerial vehicles for package transport

ByM. Novák, D. Hulek

chapter 71|6 pages

Towards alliance’s cooperation of low-cost carriers?

ByA. Novák Sedláčková, A. Tomová

chapter 72|5 pages

Effect of personality traits (BFI-10) and gender on self-perceived innovativeness

ByC. Olexová, F. Sudzina

chapter 73|5 pages

The significance of emergency planning in crisis management

ByM. Ostrowska, S. Mazur

chapter 74|6 pages

Reporting of sustainable development of enterprises in Slovakia

ByR. Pakšiová, D. Oriskóová, K. Lovciová

chapter 75|6 pages

Comparison of the fee tools in the area of waste management in the EU

ByD. Palaščáková, M. Janošková

chapter 76|6 pages

Consumer credit relations in the Slovak Republic

ByL. Pelegrinová, L. Štofová, P. Szaryszová

chapter 78|8 pages

Deficits in social disasters’ management and tasks for future research

ByD. Procházková, S. Szabo

chapter 79|5 pages

Customers’ motivation through personal sales with good grooming

ByM. Pružinský

chapter 80|5 pages

Changes in the attitudes towards consumers entailed by marketing 3.0

ByM. Rzemieniak, M. Maciaszczyk

chapter 82|6 pages

Accounting statements in the financial decision making

ByJ. Sedláček, R. Skalický

chapter 83|5 pages

Process of supplier’s evaluation and selection through software support

ByA. Seňová, A. Csikósová, M. Janošková, K. Čulková

chapter 84|7 pages

Flight simulators use efficiency in flight training

ByV. Socha, L. Hanakova, L. Socha, S. Vlcek

chapter 85|6 pages

Critical elements in the area of possible improvement and development of flight training effectiveness

ByL. Socha, P. Kalavsky, S. Kusmirek, V. Socha

chapter 86|4 pages

Incremental innovation and implementation of concept industry 4.0

ByA. Sorokač, B. Mišota

chapter 87|5 pages

Succession and generational change in family businesses

ByP. Srovnalíková, E. Šúbertová

chapter 88|6 pages

The improvement of the bank infrastructure of Ukraine

ByV. Stoika, P. Maciaszczyk, I. Britchenko

chapter 89|4 pages

Application of graduates in the Slovak labour market

ByM. Stričík, M. Bačová

chapter 90|9 pages

Road design by taking into account the analysis of stress-strain state of bare boards

ByT. Suleimenov, T. Sultanov, G. Tlepiyeva, Y. Sovet

chapter 91|6 pages

Cost-benefit analysis of VFR to IFR airport change

ByK. Svoboda, J. Kraus, M. Štumper

chapter 92|4 pages

Risk-based indicators and economic efficiency

ByS. Szabo, V. Plos, Š. Hulínská, P. Vittek

chapter 93|6 pages

The “Family 500 plus” programme and the expenditure structure of households

ByA. Szromnik, E. Wolanin-Jarosz

chapter 94|6 pages

Improving the quality of production by the eight disciplines problem solving method

ByM. Šolc, L. Girmanová, J. Kliment, A. Divoková

chapter 95|6 pages

Assessing the impact of current trends in payment services

ByL. Štofová, P. Szaryszová, V. Serzhanov

chapter 96|5 pages

University education as a motivation towards one’s own business

ByE. Šúbertová, D. Halašová

chapter 97|4 pages

Options of increasing the flexibility of air traffic management

ByZ. Šusterová, D. Čekanová, L. Socha, S. Hurná

chapter 98|5 pages

Evaluation of processes focused on efficiency and functionality

ByK. Teplická, J. Kádárová, S. Hurná

chapter 99|4 pages

Energy clusters as a tool for enhancing regional competitiveness

ByA. Tokarčik, M. Rovňák, G. Wisz

chapter 100|6 pages

Risk analysis of firefighting lifts and safety rules

ByM. Tomašková, M. Nagyová

chapter 101|6 pages

Trends in corporate environmentally related taxes

ByK. Vavrová, P. Badura, M. Bikár, M. Kmeťko

chapter 102|4 pages

The potential of using event marketing

ByJ. Wyrwisz

chapter 103|4 pages

Evaluation of financial situation in tourism company through summary index

ByJ. Zuzik, K. Čulková, M. Janošková, A. Seňová