Ophthalmic Epidemiology: Current Concepts to Digital Strategies provides a comprehensive guide to graduate students, ophthalmologists, and researchers in ophthalmic epidemiology. It covers recently developed new methodologies, technologies and resources in ocular epidemiological research, such as telemedicine, disease registries, EMR, bio-banks and omics. This book also summarizes recent epidemiological findings and provides up-to-date data on ocular diseases. Furthermore, it introduces and discusses the uses of epidemiology in the evaluation of health services and population screening programs and reviews the application of epidemiology in intervention trials in the communities.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive guide to the epidemiology of common eye diseases.
  • Provides updates on the prevalence and risk factors of eye diseases.
  • Outlines how epidemiological techniques can be utilized to evaluate ophthalmic health services and programs.


PART 1: Current and Future Epidemiological Approaches to Ophthalmology

Chapter 1. Use of Electronic Health Records, Disease Registries, and Health Insurance Databases in Ophthalmology

Chapter 2. Application of Mobile and Wearable Technology in Data collection for Ophthalmology

Chapter 3. Telemedicine in Ophthalmology

Chapter 4. Biochemical Markers in Ophthalmology

Chapter 5. Statistical Methods for Big Data

Chapter 6. Common Statistical Issues in Ophthalmic Research

PART 2: Updates on Epidemiology of Eye Diseases

Chapter 7. Refractive Errors, Myopia and Presbyopia

Chapter 8. Corneal Disorders

Chapter 9. Dry Eye Disease

Chapter 10. Cataract and Cataract Surgical Coverage

Chapter 11. Glaucoma

Chapter 12. Age-related Macular Degeneration

Chapter 13. Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy

Chapter 14. Diabetic Retinopathy

Chapter 15. Non-DR Retinal Vascular Disease

Chapter 16. Uveitis

Chapter 17. Ocular Tumors

PART 3: Epidemiological Methods for Evaluation and Intervention

Chapter 18. Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Chapter 19. Assessment of Vision-Related Quality of Life

Chapter 20. Screening Programs

Chapter 21. Community Intervention Trials in Eye Health