Until now, books addressing Halal issues have focused on helping Muslim consumers decide what to eat and what to avoid among products currently on the market. There was no resource that the food industry could refer to that provided the guidelines necessary to meet the Halal requirements of Muslim consumers in the United States and abroad.

Handbook of Halal Food Production answers this need by summarizing the fundamentals of Halal food production, serving as a valuable reference for food scientists, food manufacturers, and other food industry professionals. This text delivers a wealth of information about Halal food guidelines for food production, domestic and international food markets, and Halal certification.

Among chapters that cover production requirements for specific foods such as meat and poultry, fish and seafood, and dairy products, there are other chapters that address global Halal economy, Muslim demography and global Halal trade, and comparisons among Kosher, Halal and vegetarian. In addition, the book presents Halal food laws and regulations, HACCP and Halal and general guidelines for Halal food Production.

For persons targeting the Halal food market for the first time, this book is particularly valuable, providing understanding of how to properly select, process, and deliver foods. In light of the increasing worldwide demand for Halal food service, branded packaged food, and direct-marketed items, this volume is more than an expert academic resource; it is a beneficial tool for developing new and promising revenue streams.

Both editors are food scientists who have practical experience in Halal food requirements and Halal certification and the contributors are experts in the Halal food industries.

Halal Food Guidelines. Halal Food Laws. Poultry Slaughtering and Processing. Meat Slaughtering and Processing. Halal Cereal Food Guidelines. Halal Fats and Oils Guidelines. Halal Bakery Food Guidelines. Halal Confectionary Guidelines. Packaging and Coating Material. Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements. Dairy Products Guidelines. Texturizing Ingredients in Food Industry. Ingredients from Insect. Ingredients from Animal. Alcohol in Halal Food. Enzymes in Halal Food Processing. Flavors in Halal Food. Seasoning, Spices and Salad Dressing, Condiments, and Processing Aids in Halal Food. Condiments and Accompaniment. Seafood. GMO in Halal. Animal Feeds. Halal Assurance System and Auditing. Hot to Get Halal Certification. Halal Auditing.