Since the first edition was published, this book has become the standard text for trainees in oral and maxillofacial surgery preparing for their exit examinations (intercollegiate FRCS). This third edition represents a major advance with each chapter thoroughly revised and updated and relevant new topics added, such as robotics, laser resurfacing and face transplantation. Once again, the editors have selected renowned experts from around the world to author the chapters, ensuring that the book continues to reflect international best practices.

Print Versions of this book also include access to the ebook version.

part 1|41 pages

Diagnostic Investigations

chapter 2|7 pages

Ultrasound imaging, including ultrasound-guided biopsy

ByRachel S Oeppen, Rhodri Evans

chapter 3|8 pages

Surgical and other investigations

ByGillian L Hall

chapter 4|9 pages

3D modelling for head and neck surgery

ByStephanie J Drew, Salvatore L Ruggiero

part 2|133 pages

Oral Surgery and Implantology

chapter 5|13 pages

Tooth extraction

ByCatherine Bryant

chapter 6|15 pages

Removal of unerupted teeth

ByCatherine Bryant, Clare Gleeson

chapter 7|7 pages

Nerve injuries and repair

ByJohn Zuniga, Andrew Bg Tay

chapter 8|5 pages

Surgical endodontics

ByHelen Spencer

chapter 9|10 pages

Cysts of the jaws, face and neck

ByEric R. Carlson

chapter 10|7 pages

Basic implantology – An American perspective

ByJaime Brahim

chapter 11|9 pages

Adjunctive office-based techniques for bone augmentation in oral implantology

ByGary Warburton, Abhishake Banda

chapter 12|10 pages

Basic and advanced implantology – A European perspective

ByJohn Cawood, Mohan Francis Patel

chapter 13|11 pages

Major preprosthetic surgery, incorporating implants

ByEugene E Keller

chapter 14|25 pages

Craniofacial implantology

ByGreg Boyes-Varley, Dale Howes

chapter 15|11 pages

Tissue engineering

ByMiller H. Smith, Kenji Izumi, Stephen E. Feinberg

part 3|142 pages

Surgical Techniques

chapter 16|10 pages

Emergency procedures

ByDavid W Macpherson, Clive A Pratt

chapter 17|7 pages

Reconstructive surgery – Local and pedicled orofacial flaps

ByNabil Samman

chapter 18|5 pages

Pectoralis major

ByAndrew Lyons

chapter 19|15 pages

Reconstructive surgery – Harvesting, skin mucosa, bone, cartilage

ByPeter A. Brennan

chapter 20|7 pages

Microvascular surgery – Principles

ByCyrus J Kerawala

chapter 21|7 pages

Radial forearm flap

ByChristopher M Avery

chapter 22|4 pages

Scapula and parascapular flaps

ByPhil Pirgousis, Rui Fernandes

chapter 23|8 pages

Rectus abdominis

ByJoshua E. Lubek

chapter 24|6 pages

Latissimus dorsi flap

ByAndrew W Baker

chapter 25|7 pages

Anterolateral thigh flap

ByAndrew Lyons

chapter 26|6 pages

Gracilis flap

ByHenning Schliephake

chapter 27|7 pages

Fibular flap

ByPeter A. Brennan, Mark Singh

chapter 28|8 pages

Vascularized iliac crest grafts

ByAndrew Lyons

chapter 29|6 pages

Facial reanimation

ByHenning Schliephake

chapter 30|4 pages

Laser: General principles

ByMadangopolan Ethunandan, Colin Hopper

chapter 31|19 pages

Computer-assisted reconstruction of the facial skeleton

ByFrank Wilde, Alexander Schramm

chapter 32|6 pages

Transoral robotic surgery

ByJoshua E Lubek

part 4|120 pages

Malignant Disease of the Mouth and Jaws

chapter 33|7 pages

Assessment and principles of management of head and neck cancer

ByPeter A Brennan, Kishore Shekar

chapter 34|5 pages

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy

ByPeyman Alam

chapter 36|19 pages

Access surgery

ByMadangopolan Ethunandan, Barrie T Evans, Dorothy A Lang

chapter 37|17 pages

Excision of skin lesions and orbital and nasal reconstruction

ByBruce Horswell

chapter 38|9 pages

Local resection and reconstruction of oral carcinomas and lip cancer

ByRobert A. Ord, Donita Dyalram

chapter 39|9 pages

Jaw resection

ByJames S. Brown

chapter 40|14 pages

Orbital resection and reconstruction

ByAlexander D. Rapidis

chapter 41|7 pages

Neck dissection

ByPeter A Brennan, Mark Singh

chapter 42|5 pages

Sentinel node biopsy

ByMoni Abraham Kuriakose, Nirav Pravin Trivedi

chapter 43|12 pages

Tumours of the skull base

ByMadangopolan Ethunandan, Barrie T Evans, Dorothy A Lang

part 5|51 pages

Salivary Gland and Thyroid Surgery

chapter 44|13 pages

Submandibular, sublingual and minor salivary gland surgery

ByJohn D. Langdon

chapter 45|9 pages

Management of stones and strictures and interventional sialography

ByMichael P Escudier, Jacqui E Brown

chapter 46|11 pages

Facial nerve dissection and formal parotid surgery

ByJohn D. Langdon

chapter 47|5 pages

Extracapsular dissection

ByMark Mcgurk, Luke Cascarini, Rabindra P Singh

chapter 48|7 pages


ByRui Fernandes, Jacob Yetzer

part 6|26 pages

Vascular Lesions

chapter 49|13 pages

Treatment techniques, surgery and sclerosants

ByMaria E. Papadaki, Leonard B. Kaban

chapter 50|10 pages

Interventional radiology of the head and neck

ByJohn S Millar

part 7|95 pages


chapter 51|8 pages

Assessment and initial management

ByMohan Francis Patel

chapter 52|9 pages

Contemporary maxillofacial fixation techniques

ByDomenick P. Coletti

chapter 53|5 pages

Management of facial soft-tissue injuries

BySiavash Siv Eftekhari, R. Bryan Bell

chapter 54|6 pages

Dentoalveolar trauma

ByElizabeth A. Kutcipal

chapter 55|9 pages

Mandibular fractures

ByChris Vinall, Michael Perry

chapter 56|6 pages

Management of condylar fractures including endoscopic reduction

ByRoger Currie

chapter 57|9 pages

Middle third fractures

ByJoe Mcmanners, Jeremy Mcmahon, Ian Holland

chapter 58|10 pages

Orbital trauma

ByMichael Williams

chapter 60|9 pages

Zygomatic fractures

ByChris Vinall, Michael Perry

part 8|41 pages

Temporomandibular Joint Diseases

chapter 61|9 pages

Temporomandibular joint arthroscopy: Diagnostic and operative technique

ByJoseph P. Mccain, King Kim

chapter 62|13 pages

Surgery to the temporomandibular joint

ByGeorge Dimitroulis

chapter 63|7 pages

Treatment of temporomandibular joint ankylosis

ByAndrew J. Sidebottom

chapter 64|7 pages

Total prosthetic replacement of the temporomandibular joint

ByAndrew J Sidebottom

part 9|78 pages

Cleft Lip and Palate

chapter 65|14 pages

Primary closure of the unilateral cleft lip

BySerryth Colbert, David Drake

chapter 66|10 pages

Primary closure of bilateral cleft lip

ByKrishna Shama Rao

chapter 67|9 pages

Primary repair of cleft palate

ByChristoph T. Huppa

chapter 68|11 pages

Secondary cleft surgery

ByJohn F Caccamese

chapter 69|18 pages

Alveolar bone grafting in cleft patients

BySerryth Colbert, Adrian Sugar

chapter 70|12 pages

Cleft rhinoplasty

ByV Ilankovan, Tian Ee Seah

part 10|82 pages

Cranio Facial Surgery

chapter 71|9 pages

Segmental surgery of the jaws

ByPaul JW Stoelinga

chapter 72|6 pages

Orthognathic surgery of the mandible

ByPaul A Johnson

chapter 73|9 pages

Orthognathic surgery – maxilla (Le Fort I, II and III)

ByGeorge Obeid

chapter 76|9 pages

Surgical management of craniosynostosis

ByG E Ghali, Jennifer E Woerner

chapter 77|11 pages

Surgical management of orbital hypertelorism

ByDavid M Yates, Jennifer E Woerner, G E Ghali

chapter 78|6 pages

Hemifacial microsomia

ByJanice S Lee

chapter 79|10 pages

Sleep apnoea and snoring, including non-surgical techniques

ByJoseph R Deatherage, Peter D Waite

part 11|104 pages

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

chapter 80|12 pages

Nonsurgical techniques: Botox and fillers

ByN Ravindranathan

chapter 81|15 pages

Hair transplantation

ByN Ravindranathan, E Antonio Mangubat

chapter 82|10 pages

Brow lift and facelift, including endoscopic surgery

ByTirbod Fattahi

chapter 83|8 pages

Aesthetic blepharoplasty

ByV Ilankovan, Tian Ee Seah

chapter 84|7 pages

Aesthetic otoplasty (bat ear correction)

ByLeo Fa Stassen

chapter 85|12 pages

Rhinoplasty and septoplasty: Closed and open rhinoplastic techniques

ByLuc Cesteleyn, N Ravindranathan, Corazon Collantes-Jose

chapter 86|6 pages

Rhinoplasty for Southeast Asian noses: Open and closed approaches

ByCorazon Collantes-Jose, Eduardo C Yap, Konrad P Aguila

chapter 87|8 pages

Post-traumatic rhinoplasty

ByLuc Cesteleyn

chapter 88|5 pages

Laser skin resurfacing

ByNavin Vig

chapter 89|10 pages

Face transplantation

ByAhmed M Hashem, Bahar Bassiri Gharb, Risal Djohan