This book contains keynote lectures and full papers presented at the International Symposium on Computational Modelling of Objects Represented in Images (CompIMAGE), held in Coimbra, Portugal, on 20-21 October 2006. International contributions from nineteen countries provide a comprehensive coverage of the current state-of-the-art in the fields of:

- Image Processing and Analysis;

- Image Segmentation;

- Data Interpolation;

- Registration, Acquisition and Compression;

- 3D Reconstruction;

- Objects Tracking;

- Motion and Deformation Analysis;

- Objects Simulation;

- Medical Imaging;

- Computational Bioimaging and Visualization.

Related techniques also covered in this book include the finite element method, modal analyses, stochastic methods, principal and independent components analyses and distribution models. Computational Modelling of Objects Represented in Images will be useful to academics, researchers and professionals in Computational Vision (image processing and analysis), Computer Sciences, and Computational Mechanics.

part 1|43 pages

Invited Keynotes/Lectures

chapter 2|7 pages

Digital geometry for image analysis and processing

ByValentin E. Brimkov

chapter 3|6 pages

Multimodality in brain imaging: Methodological aspects and applications

ByS.I. Gonçalves, J.C. Munck, F.H. Lopes Silva

chapter 4|5 pages

Perceptual users interfaces and their applications

ByFrancisco Jose Perales López

chapter 5|4 pages

Contour detection by surround suppression of texture

ByNicolai Petkov

chapter 7|5 pages

MR diffusion tensor imaging

ByM. Forjaz Secca

part 2|415 pages

Contributed papers

chapter 8|6 pages

Object contour tracking in videos by using adaptive mixture models and shape priors

ByMohand Saïd Allili, Djemel Ziou

chapter 9|4 pages

Image analysis methodology to study the evolution of chromium penetration in chromium tannage

ByA.L. Amaral, M. Mota, E.C. Ferreira, A. Crispim

chapter 10|6 pages

Surveillance and tracking in feature point region with predictive filter of variable state

ByD.A. Aracena-Pizarro, C.L. Tozzi

chapter 11|5 pages

Terrestrial laser technology in sporting craft 3D modelling

ByP. Arias, J. Armesto, H. Lorenzo, C. Ordóñez

chapter 12|5 pages

External anatomical shapes reconstruction from turntable image sequences using a single off-the-shelf camera

ByTeresa C.S. Azevedo, João Manuel, R.S. Tavares, Mário A.P. Vaz

chapter 13|5 pages

Patient specific heart models from high resolution CT

ByChandrajit Bajaj, Samrat Goswami, Zeyun Yu, Yongjie Zhang, Yuri Bazilevs, Thomas J.R. Hughes

chapter 14|4 pages

Exploring non-Gaussian behaviour in EEG data using random field methods

ByShangqi Bao, J.F. Ralph, G. Meyer, S. Wuerger

chapter 15|5 pages

Multimodal macula mapping by deformable image registration

ByP. Baptista, J. Ferreira, R. Bernardes, J. Dias, J. Cunha-Vaz

chapter 16|6 pages

Isogeometric analysis of blood flow: A NURBS-based approach

ByYuri Bazilevs, Yongjie Zhang, Victor M. Calo, Samrat Goswami, Chandrajit L. Bajaj, Thomas J.R. Hughes

chapter 17|4 pages

Computing statistics from a graph representation of road networks in satellite images for indexing and retrieval

ByAvik Bhattacharya, Ian H. Jermyn, Xavier Descombes, Josiane Zerubia

chapter 18|6 pages

3D visualization of radiosurgical treatment plans – experience with Java3D and VTK

ByO. Blanck, A. Schlaefer, A. Schweikard

chapter 19|4 pages

A 3-D mechanical model for the pelvic surgery

ByM. Boukerrou, C. Rubod, M. Cosson, M. Brieu, M. Vermandel, P. Dubois

chapter 20|5 pages

Monte Carlo simulations studies in small animal PET

ByS. Branco, P. Almeida, S. Jan

chapter 21|6 pages

Discrete volume polyhedrization: Complexity and bounds on performance

ByValentin Brimkov

chapter 22|6 pages

Contextual classification of remotely sensed images with integer linear programming

ByManuel Lameiras Campagnolo, Jorge Orestes Cerdeira

chapter 23|5 pages

Two methodologies for iris detection and location in face images

ByFrancisco Jose, Soares Carvalho, João Manuel, R.S. Tavares

chapter 24|6 pages

Accessing earth observation data using JPEG2000

ByHélder Carvalho, Carlos Serrão, António Serra, Miguel Dias

chapter 25|6 pages

Generating segmented tetrahedral meshes from regular volume data for simulation and visualization applications

ByAlex J. Cuadros-Vargas, Luis G. Nonato, Eduardo Tejada, Thomas Ertl

chapter 26|6 pages

Microstructure features identification in ferritic-paerlitic ductile irons

ByA. De Santis, O. Di Bartolomeo, D. Iacoviello, F. Iacoviello

chapter 27|5 pages

Discrete level set segmentation for pupil morphology characterization

ByA. De Santis, D. Iacoviello

chapter 28|5 pages

3D watershed transformation based on connected faces structure

BySébastien Delest, Romuald Boné, Hubert Cardot

chapter 29|3 pages

Computer-aided detection of pulmonary nodules in low-dose CT

ByP. Delogu, M.E. Fantacci, I. Gori, A. Preite Martinez, A. Retico

chapter 30|6 pages

Analyzing objects in images for estimating the delamination influence on load carrying capacity of composite laminates

ByL.M. Durão, A.G. Magalhães, João Manuel, R.S. Tavres, A.T. Marques

chapter 32|4 pages

3D reconstruction of the middle ear for FEM simulation

ByFátima Alexandre, Fernanda Gentil, Casimiro Milheiro, P. Martins, A.A. Fernandes, R. Natal Jorge, A.J.M. Ferreira, M.P.L. Parente, Teresa Mascarenhas

chapter 33|6 pages

Acquisition of 3D regular prismatic models in urban environments from DSM and orthoimages

ByJoão Ferreira, Alexandre Bernardino

chapter 35|7 pages

Physical simulation using FEM, modal analysis and the dynamic equilibrium equation

ByPatrícia C.T. Gonçalves, Raquel R. Pinho, João Manuel, R.S. Tavares

chapter 36|6 pages

An evolution model of parametric surface deformation using finite elements based on B-splines

ByManuel González-Hidalgo, Arnau Mir, Gabriel Nicolau

chapter 37|4 pages

Influence of sphericity parameter on the detection of singularities in synthetic images

ByCéline Gouttière, Ghislain Lemaur, Joël De Coninck

chapter 38|6 pages

3D morpho-topological analysis of asymmetric neuronal morphogenesis in developing zebrafish

ByS. Härtel, J. Jara, C.G. Lemus, M.L. Concha

chapter 39|5 pages

Applied methods for transparent materials inspection

ByK. Horák, I. Kalová

chapter 40|5 pages

Region growing segmentation approach for image indexing and retrieval

BySuhendro Irianto, JianMin Jiang, Stan S. Ipson

chapter 41|7 pages

Vehicles measuring and classification

ByI. Kalová, K. Horák

chapter 42|6 pages

Textual description of images

ByS. Larabi

chapter 43|7 pages

Optimal image registration via efficient local stochastic search

ByQ. Li, I. Sato, Y. Murakami

chapter 44|6 pages

Rapid prototyping technology in medical applications: A critical review

ByP. Lopes, P. Flores, E. Seabra

chapter 45|6 pages

Road extraction from high-resolution satellite images using level set methods

ByZhen Ma, Ji-Tao Wu, Zhong-Hua Luo

chapter 46|7 pages

Multimedia interface with an intelligent wheelchair

ByBruno Martins, Eduardo Valgôde, Pedro Faria, Luís Paulo Reis

chapter 48|7 pages

Automatic analysis of dermoscopy images–a review

ByT. Mendonça, A.R.S. Marçal, A. Vieira, L. Lacerda, C. Caridade, J. Rozeira

chapter 49|6 pages

Fast estimation of skeleton points on 3D deformable meshes

ByJulien Mille, Romuald Boné, Pascal Makris, Hubert Cardot

chapter 50|6 pages

AD3RI a tool for computer – automatic Drusen detection

ByFernando Moitinho, André Mora, Pedro Vieira, José Fonseca

chapter 51|6 pages

Best multiple-view selection: Application to the visualization of urban rescue simulations

ByPedro Miguel Moreira, Luís Paulo Reis, A. Augusto Sousa

chapter 52|6 pages

Automatic vertebra detection in X-ray images

ByC. Moura Daniel, Miguel V. Correia, Jorge G. Barbosa, Ana M. Reis, Manuel Laranjeira, Gomes Eusébio

chapter 53|6 pages

Line-based pose estimation through rotational motion analysis

ByA. Navarro, J. Aranda

chapter 54|6 pages

A region growing approach for pulmonary vessel tree segmentation using adaptive threshold

ByD.A.B. Oliveira, G.L.A. Mota, R.Q. Feitosa, R.A. Nunes

chapter 55|6 pages

Active surfaces acceleration methods

ByJulien Olivier, Julien Mille, Romuald Boné, J.-Jacques Rousselle

chapter 56|6 pages

Artery-vein separation of human vasculature from 3D thoracic CT angio scans

BySangmin Park, Chandrajit Bajaj, Gregory Gladish

chapter 57|6 pages

LVQ acrosome integrity assessment of boar sperm cells

ByNicolai Petkov, Enrique Alegre, Michael Biehl, Lidia Sánchez

chapter 58|5 pages

Reconstruction of 3D models from medical images: Application to female pelvic organs

BySoraia Pimenta, João Manuel, R.S. Tavares, Renato Natal Jorge, Fátima Alexandre, Teresa Mascarenhas, Rania F. El Sayed

chapter 59|6 pages

Efficient approximation of the mahalanobis distance for tracking with the Kalman filter

ByRaquel R. Pinho, R.S. Tavares João Manuel, Miguel V. Correia

chapter 60|6 pages

Defect detection in raw hide and wet blue leather

ByHemerson Pistori, William A. Paraguassu, Priscila S. Martins, Mauro P. Conti, Mariana A. Pereira, Manuel A. Jacinto

chapter 61|5 pages

Biomodels reconstruction based on 2D medical images

ByP. Lopes, P. Flores, E. Seabra

chapter 62|6 pages

Robust vision algorithms for quadruped soccer robots

ByLuís Paulo Reis

chapter 64|6 pages

Morphological dynamic study of human vocal tract

ByS.M. Rua, D. Freitas

chapter 65|5 pages

Implant trajectory estimation during femoral screw-plate osteosynthesis operation

ByT. Ben Saïd, F. Chaieb, F. Ghorbel, V. Burdin, H. Rajhi

chapter 66|6 pages

The use of virtual reality models in Civil Engineering training

ByA.Z. Sampaio, P.G. Henriques

chapter 67|6 pages

A system for the acquisition and analysis of the 3D mandibular movement to be used in dental medicine

ByIsa C.T. Santos, João Manuel R.S. Tavares, Joaquim Mendes, Manuel P.F. Paulo

chapter 68|6 pages

Hierarchical morphological analysis for generic detection of shapes in grayscale images

ByAlexandre G. Silva, Roberto A. Lotufo

chapter 69|6 pages

LSAVISION a framework for real time vision mobile robotics

ByHugo Silva, J.M. Almeida, Luís Lima, A. Martins, E.P. Silva, A. Patacho

chapter 70|6 pages

A gait analysis laboratory for rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal impairments

ByDaniela Sofia S. Sousa, João Manuel R.S. Tavares, Miguel Velhote Correia, Jorge G. Barbosa, Carolina Vila Chã, Emília Mendes

chapter 71|6 pages

Visual assessment of image representations on mobile phones

ByW. Tang, A. Hurlbert, T.R. Wan

chapter 72|6 pages

Mass lesion detection in mammographic images using Haralik textural features

ByS. Tangaro, F. De Carlo, G. Gargano, R. Bellotti, U. Bottigli, G.L. Masala, P. Cerello, S. Cheran, R. Cataldo

chapter 73|6 pages

Methodologies to build automatic point distribution models for faces represented in images

ByMaria João M. Vasconcelos, João Manuel R.S. Tavares

chapter 74|7 pages

Locally adaptive smoothing method based on B-splines

ByG. Vidal-Cassanya, A. Muñoz-Barrutia, M. Unser

chapter 75|4 pages

Acquisition and filtering of digital video in real time using Matlab® GUIs

ByJ.M. Vilardy, J.E. Calderon, C.O. Torres, L. Mattos

chapter 76|7 pages

Integration of skin segmentation methods using ANNs

ByA. Viloria-Lanero, V. Cardeñoso-Payo