The Second International Conference on Press-in Engineering (ICPE) 2021 was organized by the International Press-in Association (IPA). The conference is held every three years and the main theme this time is "Evolution and Social Contribution of Press-in Engineering for Infrastructure Development, and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation". These proceedings contain 2 keynote lectures, 3 state-of-the-art lectures and about 60 papers from more than 10 countries.
This publication provides good practice guidance on the application of the press-in piling method, to satisfy the requirements of geo-structures which are embedded utilizing prefabricated piles. It covers actual examples of the press-in piling method applied to various geo-structures, such as temporary and permanent retaining walls, cofferdams, cut-off walls, foundation piles etc.
The content addresses the technical and construction issues relating to the selection of the appropriate type of press-in piling method, in accordance with required structural design criteria and soil and working conditions.
The aim of this publication is to concisely describe practical uses of the press-in piling method for project owners, designers, contractors, academic researchers and other people in the construction industry.

1. Disaster prevention and mitigation; 2. Renovation and development of infrastructure (roads, railways, adjacent constructions, rural area development); 3. Improvement of productivity and environmental issues; 4. Methods and case studies of project evaluation; 5. Performance assessment of structures; 6. Education.