This book covers the fundamentals of IoT and healthcare systems for carrying out system architectures, protocols, wearable devices, and interoperability. It explores major challenges in artificial intelligence (AI) and smart computing in resource-constrained IoT-based applications along with cost, energy efficiency, and the availability of quality service.

Healthcare Systems and Health Informatics: Using Internet of Things explores the role of AI and smart computing in health informatics and healthcare with an emphasis on clinical data management and analysis for precise prediction and prompt action. It presents cutting-edge tracking, monitoring, real-time assistance, and security for IoT in healthcare and broadly discusses wearable sensors and IoT devices and their role in smart living assistance. The book goes on to describe a system model and architecture for a clear picture of energy conservation–based IoT in healthcare and explains the challenges and opportunities with IoT-based healthcare industries. A study of the threats and impacts, along with the need for information security, is also included.

The chapters are written by experts in the field, and this book provides a comprehensive description of the important aspects of IoT and health from a beginner- to advanced-level perspective and is ideal for researchers, academicians, students, persons in industry, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

Unit 1: Introduction to IoT-Based Healthcare Devices 1. Internet of Things: A Smart Technology for Healthcare Industries 2. IoT Devices for Measuring Pulse Rates and ECG Signals Unit 2: IoT-Based Systems for Healthcare Sector: AI and Smart Computing 3. Machine Learning and Deep Learning in IoT-Based Healthcare Support Systems 4. An IoT-Based Smart Environment for Sustainable Healthcare Management Systems 5. Predictive Model for Brain Tumour Detection Based on IoT MRI Scan 6. A Comparative Analysis of Parametric and Non-Parametric Video Object Segmentation Methods for IoT and Other Applications Areas 7. IoMT-Based Computational Approach for Semantic Segmentation of Brain Tumour MRI Images Unit 3: IoT-Based Systems for Healthcare Industries: Opportunities and Challenges 8. Internet of Medical Things: Smart Healthcare Monitoring Systems and Their Potential Implementations 9. How Artificial Intelligence and IoT Are Facing Covid-19: An Overview 10. IoT-Based Healthcare Monitoring Practices during Covid-19: Prospects and Approaches 11. Impact of IoT-Based Urban Agriculture on Healthcare: Smart Farms for Homes 12. Identification of Heavy Drinking by Using IoT Devices and Artificial Intelligence Unit 4: Security and Privacy in IoT-Based Systems for Healthcare Sector 13. Cyber Security for Handling Threats in Healthcare Devices 14. Security Challenges and Solutions for Healthcare in the Internet of Things