Smart Sensor Networks (WSNs) using AI have left a mark on the lives of all by aiding in various sectors, such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, and monitoring of the environment and industries. This book covers recent AI applications and explores aspects of modern sensor technologies and the systems needed to operate them.

The book reviews the fundamental concepts of gathering, processing, and analyzing different AI-based models and methods. It covers recent WSN techniques for the purpose of effective network management on par with the standards laid out by international organizations in related fields and focuses on both core concepts along with major applicational areas.

The book will be used by technical developers, academicians, data sciences, industrial professionals, researchers, and students interested in the latest innovations on problem-oriented processing techniques in sensor networks using IoT and evolutionary computer applications for Industry 4.0.

Chapter 1 Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks using Bio-Inspired Algorithm

Ayusee Swain, K. P. Swain, G. Palai, and Soumya Ranjan Nayak

Chapter 2 An Improved Genetic Algorithm with Haar Lifting for Optimal Sensor Deployment in Target Covers Based Wireless Sensor Networks

T. Ganesan and Pothuraju Rajarajeswari

Chapter 3 Lifetime Enhancement of Wireless Sensor Network Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Jayashree Dev and Jibitesh Mishra

Chapter 4 Research Issues of Information Security Using Blockchain Technique in Multiple Media WSNs: A Communication Technique Perceptive

Nihar Ranjan Pradhan and Akhilendra Pratap Singh

Chapter 5 Modified Artificial Fish Swarm Optimization Based Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network

Biswa Mohan Sahoo, Ramesh Chandra Sahoo, Nabanita Paul, Abhinav Tomar, and Ranjeet Kumar Rout

Chapter 6 Survey: Data Prediction Model in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Machine Learning and Optimization Methods

S. Ramalingam, K. Baskaran, and Umashankar Subramaniam

Chapter 7 Strategic Sink Mobility Based on Particle Swarm Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network

Ramandeep Kaur and Roop Lal Sharma

Chapter 8 A Study on Outlier Detection Techniques for Wireless Sensor Network with CNN Approach

Biswaranjan Sarangi and Biswajit Tripathy

Chapter 9 NEECH: A Novel Energy-Efficient Cluster Head Selecting Protocol in a Wireless Sensor Network

Shelly Bhardwaj and Gurpreet Singh Saini

Chapter 10 An Efficient Model for Toxic Gas Detection and Monitoring Using Cloud and Sensor Network

A. M. Senthil Kumar, Yamini Pemmasani, Haritha Venkata Naga Siva Sruthi Addanki, Vasantha Sravani, and Dama Srinu

Chapter 11 Particle swarm Intelligence-Based Localization Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks

Ravichander Janapati, Ravi Kumar Jatoth, A. Brahmananda Reddy, and Ch. Balaswamy

Chapter 12 A Review on Defense Strategy Security Mechanism for Sensor Network

Amara SA L G Gopala Gupta and G. Syam Prasad

Chapter 13 Securing Wireless Multimedia Objects through Machine Learning Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

Rakesh Ahuja, Purnima, Ambuj Kumar Agarwal, Saira Bano, and Manish Sharma

Chapter 14 Low Power Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT

Pawan Kumar Sharma, Jaspreet Singh, Yogita, and Vipin Pal

Chapter 15 Localization Using Bat Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

Ramandeep Kaur and Gurpreet Singh Saini