Green engineering involves the designing, innovation, and commercialization of products and processes which promote sustainability without eliminating both efficiency and economic viability. This handbook focuses on sustainable development through green engineering and technology. It is intended to address the applications and issues involved in their practical implementation.

A new range of renewable-energy technologies, modified to provide green engineering, will be described in this handbook. It will explore all green technologies required to provide green engineering for the future.These include, but are not limited to, green smart buildings, fuel-efficient transportation, paperless offices, and many more energy-efficient measures. 

Handbook of Sustainable Development through Green Engineering and Technology acts as a comprehensive reference book to use when identifying development for programs and sustainable initiatives within the current legislative framework. It aims to be of great interest to researchers, faculty members, and students across the globe.

1. Achieving Sustainable Development through Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Green Engineering. 2. Environmental Performance Index Score: A Driving Force towards Green Business Model and Process Innovations. 3. Precursors and Impediments of Green Consumer Behaviour: An Overview. 4. Green Smart Farming Techniques and Sustainable Agriculture: Research Roadmap towards Organic Farming for Imperishable Agricultural Products. 5. Towards Circular Product Lifecycle Management through Technologies 4.0. 6. A Taxonomy on Smart Grid Technology. 7. Towards Urban Sustainability: Impact of Blue and Green Infrastructure on Building Smart, Climate Resilient and Livable Cities. 8. Smart Factories: A Green Engineering Perspective. 9. Electric Vehicle Research: Need, Opportunities and Challenges. 10. Sustainable Developments through Energy-Efficient Buildings in Smart Cities: A Biomimicry Approach. 11. Biomass derived Activated Biochar for Wastewater Treatment. 12. A Study on the Cause and Effects of Paddy Straw Burning by Farmers in Fields and Proposal of using Rice Husk as a Novel Ingredient in Pottery Industry. 13. Clay and Ceramics as Sustainable and Green Materials to Remove Methylene Blue from Water: A Critical Analysis. 14. Metal Chalcogenides based Nanocomposites for Sustainable Development with Environmental Protection Applications. 15. Renewable Energy in Smart Grid: Futuristic Power System. 16. Experimental Investigation on Different Supplementary Cementitious Materials as Smart Construction Materials to Produce Concrete: Towards Sustainable Development. 17. Solar Thermal Power Generation: Application of Internet of Things for Effective Control & Management.