The basic principles of geomechanical processes occurring in mine workings during the extraction of minerals are discussed in this monograph. Particular attention is paid to the support system, specifically to the various roof-bolt and frame support designs, and also to the modern means providing resource-saving conditions for ensuring mine workings sustainability. The basic principles of the computing experiment performance at the modelling of geomechanical processes are also presented and the stress-strain state of "rock massif – mine working support" systems are investigated. Finally, the results of field studies are discussed and illustrated. Modern studies are presented in this work, the advanced support systems are introduced and the solution to the problem of low-cost rock pressure control in mine workings is described. Further the unique study in the thin-layer massif of weak rocks is conducted and the technical and economic aspects of mine workings maintenance during rocks heaving are described. The book will be of interest to scientists in research and design organizations in the mining sector, engineers and technological workers in mines, as well as university academics and students.

1. Research into stability of reusable in-seam workings when mining thin coal seams; 2. Structural transformations of the rock massif and stability of mine workings under the downward and joint mining of C8l and C9 cola seams; 3. Research into heaving of mine workings bottom when mining the flat-lying seams of the Western Donbas.