This is the first book to present the idea of Industry 5.0 in biomanufacturing and bioprocess engineering, both upstream and downstream. The Prospect of Industry 5.0 in Biomanufacturing details the latest technologies and how they can be used efficiently and explains process analysis from an engineering point of view. In addition, it covers applications and challenges.


  • Describes the previous Industrial Revolution, current Industry 4.0, and how new technologies will transition toward Industry 5.0
  • Explains how Industry 5.0 can be applied in biomanufacturing
  • Demonstrates new technologies catered to Industry 5.0
  • Uses worked examples related to biological systems

This book enables readers in industry and academia working in the biomanufacturing engineering sector to understand current trends and future directions in this field.

1.1. Industrial Revolution 1.0 and 2.0 1.2. Industry 3.0 1.3. Industry 4.0 2.1. What Is Industry 5.0? 2.2. Significance of Industry 5.0 2.3. Transition of Bio-manufacturing Industry from 4.0 to 5.0: Advances and Challenges 3.1. Medicine and Pharmaceuticals Biomanufacturing – Industry 5.0 3.2. Food and Beverage Bio-manufacturing – Industry 5.0 3.3. Fuel and Biofuels: Incorporation of Industry 5.0 to Biofuel Industry 3.4. Application of Industry 5.0 on Fruit and Vegetables Processing 3.5. Application of Industry 5.0 in the Production of Fine Chemicals and Biopolymers 4.1. State-of-the-Art Technologies in Industry 5.0 4.2. Sustainability and Development of Industry 5.0 5.0. Industrial Perspective of Industry 5.0