An examination of how silt has a major impact on the operation of hydropower projects in terms of the silting of reservoirs, with particular reference to India where one-third of the Earth's silt material originates. An effort is made to raise awareness of silt issues in the minds of hydropower engineers, considering silting problems in hydropower projects on the Indian sub-continent. Also under discussion are environmental and economic aspects of silt management; reduction of silt by implementing ISO 1400 for hilly projects; technical treatments of reservoir sedimentation, desilting and its economic optimization, damage mechanisms and their analysis, and design criteria. Although this book considers the problem of silting from several viewpoints, it focuses on the design of hydropower plants in India.

Background Paper. Technical Sessions- 1 Reservoir Sedimentation, 2 Desilting & Its Economic Optimisation, 3 Damage Mechanism and Their Analysis, 4 Design Criteria, 5 Material Technology.