"Presenting the proceedings of a conference held recently at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, on the occasion of the retirement of noted mathematician Daniel Zelinsky, this novel reference provides up-to-date coverage of topics in commutative and noncommutative ring extensions, especially those involving issues of separability, Galois theory, and cohomology."

Preface -- Contributors -- Daniel Zelinsky: An Appreciation /Andy R. Magid -- The Centralizer on H-Separable Skew Group Rings /Ricardo Alfaro and George Szeto -- Contributions of PI Theory to Azumaya Algebras /S. A. Amitsur -- Cocycles and Right Crossed Products /M. Beattie -- Engel-type Theorems for Lie Color Algebras /Jeffery Bergen and Piotr Grzeszczuk -- Constructing Maximal Commutative Subalgebras of Matrix Rings /William C. Brown -- Galois Extensions over Local Number Rings /Lindsay N. Childs -- Infinite Extensions of Simple Modules over Semisimple Lie Algebras /Randall P. Dahlberg -- Smoothing Coherent Torsion-free Sheaves /Amassa Fauntleroy -- Projective Covers and Quasi-Isomorphisms /Mark A. Goddard -- On Dihedral Algebras and Conjugate Splittings /Darrell E. Haile -- On H-Skew Polynomial Rings and Galois Extensions /Shuichi Ikehara and George Szeto -- Separability and the Jones Polynomial /Lars Kadison -- A Note on Grobner Bases and Reduced Ideals /T. Kambayashi -- Bicomplexes and Galois Cohomology /H. F. Kreimer -- Adjoining Idempotents /Andy R. Magid -- Separable Polynomials and Weak Henseliz.ations /Thomas McKenzie -- Faithful Representations of Lie Algebras over Power Series /Graydon Nelson -- Idealizers of Fractal Ideals in Free Group Algebras /Amnon Rosenmann -- Elements of Trace Zero in Central Simple Algebras /Myriam Rosset and Shmuel Rosset -- Canonical Modules and Factorality of Symmetric Algebras /Aron Simis, Bernd Ulrich, and Wolmer V. Vasconcelos -- Splitting Properties of Extensions of the Wedderburn Principal Theorem /Joseph A. Wehlen -- Index.