This work presents the proceedings from the International Conference on Differential Equations and Control Theory, held recently in Wuhan, China. It provides an overview of current developments in a range of topics including dynamical systems, optimal control theory, stochastic control, chaos, fractals, wavelets and ordinary, partial, functional and stochastic differential equations.

Inverse spectral problems for elliptic operators and fractal drums; on a difference equation with last conditions; the estimates of Eigenvalues for Laplace operator; on second order linear differential systems; periodic/quasiperiodic solutions of second order Duffing's equations; positive radial solutions to nonlinear boundary value problems for semilinear elliptic problems; on the uniqueness of solution of integral equations; the asymptotic expansion for spline-on-spline collocation of nonlinear two point boundary problem; stability of nonlinear measure differential large scale systems with impulsive effect; on the existence of symmetric periodic solutions of a differential difference equation; stochastic perturbations of dynamical systems; the measure properties of a class of general subordinators and the random re-orderings of the Cantor set; oscillation theorems for certain first-order nonlinear neutral differential equations; direction and stability of bifurcating periodic solutions in predator-prey systems with discrete delay; five-dimensional cooperative systems with every equilibrium stable; some problems of optimal control and estimation for stochastic hereditary systems; numerical analysis of some stochastic suboptimal controlled systems; bifurcations of a class of nongeneric quadratic Hamiltonian systems under quadratic perturbations; generaic Hamiltonian systems with small perturbations; dimensions of measure supported on generalized MW construction; contributions to the theory of optimal stochastic controls; higher order abstract Cauchy problems in locally convex spaces; Ekeland's variational principle and maximum principle of time-delay system; stability problems of impulsive systems; temporal and spatial pattern formations; Pth moment exponential stability of large-scale stochastic delay systems in hierarchical form.