Since the first reports on metastable defects in III-V and II-VI compound semiconductors appeared in the late 1960s, the number of reports on defects with metastable states has been growing at an ever increasing rate. D(X)-center and other metastability defects cause many technical problems that are exacerbated by the uncertainty and controversy surrounding the mechanisms that cause them.

A lively mix of theoretical and experimental discussions, D(X)-Centres and other Metastable Defects in Semiconductors presents a timely investigation of these systems. The book discusses topics such as, the validity of negative or positive U models, as well as alternative views that challenge existing ideas. The richness and precision of experimental data now emerging in the field is chronicled as are new investigative techniques. Based on an INT symposium, this book provides a successful forum where an extraordinary variety of ideas, including new perspectives, are examined critically.

B1 Donor-related levels in GaAs and Al;i:Ga1-:i:As /PM Mooney -- B9 Comparison of three DX structural calculations presented at Thessaloniki /GA Baraff -- B16 Theoretical treatments of DX and EL2 /M Lannoo -- B23 The DX centre /TN Morgan -- B27 Hall measurements under weak persistent photoexcitation in Si-doped Al;i:Ga1-:i:As /A Baraldi, C Ghezzi, A Parisini, A Bosacchi and S Franchi -- B31 The influence of the DX centre C-V and 1-V characteristics of Schottky barriers in n-type AlGaAs /C Ghezzi, E Gombia and R Mosca -- B34 Appearance and destruction of spatial correlation of DX charges in GaAs /Z Wilamowski, J Kossut, T Suski, P Wisniewski and L Dmowski -- B38 DX centres and Coulomb potential fluctuations /Z Wilamowski, J Kossut, W Jantsch and G Ostermayer -- B47 Photoconductivity saturation of AlGaAs:Si-a new criterion for negative U /W J antsch, Z Wilamowski and G Ostermayer -- B51 Ionization and capture kinetics of DX centres in AlGaAs and GaSb: approach for a negative-U defect /L Dobaczewski and P Kaczor -- B58 Local-environment dependence of the DX centre in GaAlAs: alloy and superlattice studies /S Contreras, V Mosser, R Piotrzkowski, P Lorenzini, J Sicart, P Jeanjean, J L Robert and W Zawadzki -- B62 Direct study of kinetics of free-electron capture on DX centres /I E Itskevich and V D Kulakovskii -- B66 X-ray diffractometer as a tool for examining lattice relaxation phenomena /M Leszczynski, G Kowalski, M Kaminska, T Suski and E R Weber -- B70 Bistability, local symmetries and charge states of Sn-related donors in Al;i:Ga1-:i:As and GaAs under pressure studied by Mossbauer spectroscopy /D L Williamson and P Gibart -- B78 Observation of a local vibrational mode of DX centres in Si doped GaAs /J A Wolk, MB Kruger, J N Heyman, W Walukiewicz, R Jeanioz and EE Haller -- B84 Electron paramagnetic resonance of the shallow Sn donor in GaAs /Alo.6sGao.s2As:Sn heterostructures /W Wilkening, U Kaufman a.nd E Bauser -- B88 ODMR investigations of DX centres in Sn- and Si-doped Ala:Ga1-a:As /M Fockele, J-M Spaeth, H Overhof and P Gilbart -- B92 Magneto-optical properties of the DX centre in A10 _35Ga0 _65As:Te /R E Peale, Y Mochizuki, H Sun and G D Watkins -- B97 Studies of donor states in Si-doped Ala:Ga1_a:As using optically detected magnetic resonance with uniaxial stress /E R Glaser and T A Kennedy -- B101 Magnetic resonance of Sn-doped Ala:Ga1_a:As detected on photoluminescence /T A Kennedy, E R Glaser and T F Kuech -- B105 Magnetic resonance studies of group IV and VI donors in Ga1-a:Ala:As /HJ von Bardeleben -- Blll Metastable defects in silicon: hints for DX and EL2? /GD Watkins -- B121 Negative-U properties of off-centre substitutional oxygen in gallium arsenide /H Ch Alt -- B130 A spectroscopic study of a metastable defect in silicon /J H Svensson, E Janzen and B Monemar -- B134 New mechanism for metastability of the 'red' luminescence in electron-irradiated CdS /S S Ostapenko -- B137 The utilization of DX centres in high-pressure studies of low-dimensional doping structures in GaAs /RA Stradling, EA Johnson, A Mackinnon, R Kumar, E Skuras and J J Harris -- B143 Shift of the DX level in narrow Si delta-doped GaAs /P M Koenraad, W de Lange, F A P Blom, M R Leys, J A A J Perenboom, J Singleton and J H Wolter -- Bl46 Te-related DX centre of GaAs and AlGaAs /P Wisniewski, E Litwin-Staszewska, T Suski, L Koriczewicz, R Piotrzkowski and W Stankiewicz -- B150 The effect of high hydrostatic pressure on DX centres in GaAs and GaAsP /V Smid, J Kristofik, J Zeman and J J Mares -- B154 Closing address /R A Stradling.