Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources 2019 Vol. 1 contains the contributions in presented at the XV International Forum-Contest of Students and Young Researchers under the auspices of UNESCO (St. Petersburg Mining University, Russia, 13-17 May 2019). The Forum-Contest is a great opportunity for young researchers to present their work to the academics involved or interested the area of extraction and processing of natural resources. The topics of the book include:

• Geotechnologies of resource extraction: current challenges and prospects

• Cutting edge technologies of geological mapping, search and prospecting of mineral deposits

• Digital and energy saving technologies in mineral resource complex

• Breakthrough technologies of integrated processing of mineral hydrocarbon and technogenic raw materials with further production of new generation materials

• The latest management and financing solutions for the development of mineral resources sector

• Environment protection and sustainable nature management

• New approaches to resolving hydrocarbon sector-specific issues

Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources 2019 Vol. 1 collects the best reports presented at the Forum-Contest, and is of interest to academics and professionals involved in the extraction and processing of natural resources.

part |1 pages

Geotechnologies of resource extraction: Current challenges and prospects1. Solid minerals mining technologies. Industrial and labor safety

chapter |6 pages

Method to reduce harmful emissions when diesel locomotives operate in coal mines

ByA.M. Eremeeva, N.K. Kondrasheva, G.I. Korshunov

chapter |6 pages

Methods of regulation air temperature in the Russian oil mains

ByS.G. Gendler, I.R. Fazylov

chapter |9 pages

Performance evaluation of tele-remote underground drilling for sublevel caving

ByE.V. Gromov, E.E. Khomkin, S.A. Velichanskiy

chapter |5 pages

Possibilities of application of spoil container in coal mine

ByP. Kiljan, A. Kiljan, K. Kalinowski

chapter |6 pages

Ore-management system of ore quality management in underground mining

ByN.A. Tyrtigina, S.A. Sharov

chapter |9 pages

Development of an air classifier for the classification of crushed aggregates

ByC. Weigel, H. Tudeshki, P.K. Anapally

part |1 pages

Underground space development technologies. Rock mechanics and control of rock conditions

chapter |10 pages

The embankment formation for conveyor under harsh conditions

ByS.P. Bakhaeva, E.V. Chernych

chapter |8 pages

ULAPh as an alternative photogrammetric method of archaeological documentation

ByP.D. Cierpich, J.E. Ruchała

chapter |7 pages

Challenges of modern archaeology

ByHubert Dec, Paweł Ćwiąkała

chapter |7 pages

Studies of the volume expansion of concrete mix for lining vertical shafts of mines

ByN.D. Efimova, N.D. Barsuk, S.V. Borschevsky

chapter |10 pages

The analysis of interbed stability with mathematical modeling methods

ByA.O. Ermashov, O.O. Lebedeva, A.I. Rysin

chapter |6 pages

The application of similarity theory elements in geodesy

ByR. Gubaydullina, Yu.N. Kornilov

chapter |8 pages

The estimation of the rock mass stress state of the Zhdanovskoe deposit, Kola MMC

ByA.A. Kozyrev, A.V. Zemtsovskii, M.S. Kulkova

chapter |11 pages

Study of influence of temperature and relative humidity on thermal conductivity of geothermal injection grouts

ByMatěj Křístek, Petr Bujok, Martin Klempa

chapter |8 pages

Real-Time GNSS precise positioning with Trimble RTX in archaeological works

ByA. Ochałek, M. Bernaś, E. Puniach

chapter |6 pages

Seismic design of shallow tunnels

ByM.A. Petrukhin, P.V. Deev

chapter |10 pages

Research of the impact of external factors on the accuracy of positioning GNSS stations

ByA.S. Tyutyukov, E.S. Bogdanets

chapter |8 pages

Controlled directional drilling of boreholes in glacial mass using carrying cable tool

ByN.I. Vasiliev, A.V. Podoliyk, A.N. Dmitriev, A.V. Bolshunov, D.A. Vasiliev

part |1 pages

Cutting edge technologies of geological mapping, search and prospecting of mineral deposits

chapter |6 pages

Mendeleev’s scientific contribution to the mining sciences

ByD.A. Vedrova, Yu.L. Voytekhovsky

chapter |10 pages

Online quality control of aggregates based on the measurement of magnetic susceptibility

ByC. Weigel, K.C. Vogler, A. Ploch, H. Tudeshki

part |1 pages

Digital and energy saving technologies in mineral resource complex

chapter |7 pages

Body modernization as a way of improving the efficiency of mining dump tracks

ByY.A. Bazyleu, R.А. Basalai

chapter |7 pages

The application of search methods for solving optimization problems

ByN.N. Eliseeva, A.V. Zubov

chapter |7 pages

Increasing the life of tires and dump tracks

ByK.V. Fanin, R.А. Basalai

chapter |10 pages

Comparative studies of drilling efficiency for small diameter boreholes with two different drilling methods

ByA.J. Gritsaenko, S.V. Borschevskiy, S.V. Kononychin, I.V. Kupenko

chapter |7 pages

Integration of microplasma sensor CES into oil and gas industry and mining industry

ByF.G. Arslanova, E.N. Kamenev, E.E. Odintsov

chapter |7 pages

Determination of factors affecting on grooving corrosion

ByA.V. Kasyanov, A.E. Belousov, G.G. Popov, V.I. Bolobov

chapter |6 pages

Oil and gas sector products cold working process

ByA.I. Keksin, I.A. Filipenko

chapter |10 pages

Improving the efficiency of petroleum transport systems by operative monitoring of oil flows and detection of illegal incuts

ByA.V. Kopteva, V.V. Starshaya, V.I. Malarev, V.Yu. Koptev

chapter |7 pages

Solar technologies in household applications

ByD. Kosowska, Mirosław Kwiatkowski

chapter |4 pages

Well controlling using fiber-optic gyroscopes in the rotary steerable system design

ByS. Krivoshchekov, A. Melekhin, A. Shcherbakov, Y. Melekhina

chapter |7 pages

The new concept of road construction for the difficult to access oil-producing regions

ByV.Yu. Piirainen, E.Yu. Troshina, I.M. Malyushin

chapter |8 pages

Functionalized nanostructured materials for novel plasma energy systems

ByR.S. Smerdov, A.S. Mustafaev, Yu.M. Spivak, V.A. Moshnikov

chapter |8 pages

Heavy duty machines design optimisation

ByM. Wąsik, J. Śliwka

chapter |8 pages

Improving the efficiency of dump trucks operation. Air monitoring in the quarry

ByA.V. Yankouskaya, I.А. Basalai