Today, more than ever, the pharmacist is a full-member of the health team and many of the pharmacist’s patients are using a host of other devices from various specialty areas of medicine and surgery. Medical Devices for Pharmacy and Other Healthcare Professions presents a comprehensive review of most devices that pharmacists and pharmacy personnel encounter during practice. The devices covered are relevant to pharmacists working in various work settings from hospitals, community pharmacies, and health insurance sector, to regulatory bodies, academia, and research institutes. Even if a pharmacist does not come across each of these devices on a regular basis, the book is a valuable reference source for those occasions when information is needed by a practitioner, and for instructing interns and residents.


The book discusses devices needed for special pharmaceutical services and purposes such as residential care homes and primary care based with GPs, pharmacy-based smoking cessation services, pharmacy-based anticoagulant services, pain management and terminal care, medication adherence and automation in hospital pharmacy.


Additional features include:

  • Provides information on devices regarding theory, indications, and procedures concerning use, cautions, and place, in therapy.
  • Assists pharmacists in understanding medical devices and instructing patients with the use of these devices.
  • Focuses on providing the available evidence on effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of devices and the latest information in the particular field.
  • Other healthcare providers interested in medical devices or involved in patients care where medical devices represent part of the provided care would benefit from the book.


Foreword ix

Preface xi

Editors xiii

List of Contributors xv

Chapter 1 Introduction: Medical Devices History, Current Perspectives, and Shortages 1

Ahmed Ibrahim Fathelrahman and Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim

SECTION I Medical Devices for Specialized Services and Purposes

Chapter 2 Medical Devices for Pharmacy-Based Anticoagulant Services 9

Hazem Fathy Elewa

Chapter 3 Self-Testing Medical Devices for the Detection, Diagnosis, or Management of Health Conditions: A Public Health Perspective 15

Silvia E. Rabionet

Chapter 4 Medical Devices for Management of Tobacco Use Disorder 21

Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed and Ahmed Ibrahim Fathelrahman

Chapter 5 Medical Devices to Improve Medication Adherence 39

Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim and Nor Fatin Farhani Mohamed Izham

Chapter 6 Automation in Hospital Settings 57

Mohammed Alshennawi and Ahmed Al-Jedai

SECTION II Medical Devices for Clinical Specialties

Chapter 7 Medical Devices for Psychiatry 69

Monica Zolezzi

Chapter 8 Medical Devices for Neurology 95

Abderrezzaq Soltani

Chapter 9 Medical Devices for Pediatrics 137

Binaya Sapkota and Sunil Shrestha

Chapter 10 Medical Devices for Urology 171

Subish Palaian and Kadir Alam

Chapter 11 Medical Devices for Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders 185

Amir Babiker and Mohammed Aldubayee

Chapter 12 Medical Devices for Cardiology 215

Sowndramalingam Sankaralingam, Farhat Naz Hussain, and Ahmed Awaisu

Chapter 13 Medical Devices for Surgery 241

Kadir Alam and Subish Palaian

Chapter 14 Medical Devices for Infectious Diseases 259

Elhassan Hussein Eltom and Mohamed Awad Mousnad

Chapter 15 Medical Devices for Oncology 285

Sunil Shrestha, Asmita Priyadarshini Khatiwada, Binaya Sapkota, Sajin Rajbhandari, and Bhuvan KC

Chapter 16 Medical Devices for Nephrology 315

Mohammed Abdelrahim Idris and Ahmed Ibrahim Fathelrahman

Chapter 17 Medical Devices for Orthopedics 331

Binaya Sapkota, Sunil Shrestha, Salina Sahukhala, and Rishi Ram Poudel

Chapter 18 Medical Devices for Gastroenterology and Hepatology 377

Syed Furrukh Jamil and Haafiz Allah-Bakhsh

Chapter 19 Medical Device Issues 389

Albert I. Wertheimer

Index 391