Blinded by emotional rhetoric, political posturing, and genuine fear, previous efforts to defend our way of life against aggressors intent on inflicting personal and economic destruction have proven, in hindsight, to be misguided, panicked, and reactionary. Evaluation and assessment to date is largely focused on reviewing government documents, doin

INTRODUCTION AND THEORETICAL CONSTRUCTS. The New Normal. Lessons Learned: A Comparison of the Uniform Militia Act of 1792 and the Homeland Security Act of 2002. Homeland Security: A One-Stop Shop Approach. Securing Homeland Security: Immigrant Responses to State and Citizenship. Homeland Security Agencies in Selected Southern States: Case Studies in Politics, Organizations, and Policies. Homeland Security: Emerging Discipline, Challenges, and Research. TERRORISM, EXTREMISTS MOVEMENTS, AND WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Understanding New Global Multicellular Terrorism. The Abu Sayyaf Group and Maritime Terrorism. Promise and Perils of Politicized Islam in Africa. Environmental Terrorism: A Weapon of Mass Destruction for the Future. Pandemics and Biological/Chemical Terrorism Attacks: A New Role for Disaster Mental Health. Terrorism as Societal Conflict Resulting in Response. PLANNING, PREVENTION, PREPAREDNESS, RECOVERY, AND ASSISTANCE. Profiling. Metropolitan Medical Response Systems: Coordinating the Healthcare Response to Terrorist Incidents. eSAFE: The Knowledge Management System for Safe Festivals and Events. Collaborative Preparedness: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security‘s Ready Campaign. CASE STUDIES. Homeland Security Preparedness and Planning in City Governments: A Survey of City Managers. Reorganizing for Homeland Security: The Case of Norway. Behavioral Change and Border Crossing: The Effects of 9-11 on Cross-Border Traffic Five Years Later. Continuity and Change in Disaster Response: Victim Management in the Case of the World Trade Center Collapse. FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC IMPACTS. Homeland Security Administration and Finance: A Survey of Texas County Officials. Border Closures in the Southern United States: Measuring the Economic Impact of a Sustained Crisis. Index