For medical devices that must be placed inside the body, the right choice of material is the most important aspect of design. To ensure such devices are safe, reliable, economical, and biologically and physiologically compatible, the modern biomedical engineer must have a broad knowledge of currently available materials and the properties that affe

chapter 1

Metallic Biomaterials

ByJoon B. Park, Young Kon Kim

chapter 2

Ceramic Biomaterials

ByW.C. Billotte

chapter 3

Polymeric Biomaterials

ByHai Bang Lee, Gilson Khang, Jin Ho Lee

chapter 4

Composite Biomaterials

ByRoderic S. Lakes

chapter 8

Soft Tissue Replacements

ByK.B. Chandran, K.J.L. Burg, S.W. Shalaby

chapter 9

Hard Tissue Replacements

BySang-Hyun Park, Adolfo Llinás, Vijay K. Goel, J.C. Keller